Best blender- Top 6 picks with Buyer’s Guide and Reviews (Fully Updated)

Did you crave smoothies and milkshakes in Lockdown? Well, I did crave these yummy drinks in this lockdown period. But, due to the situation, I was stuck in my house and couldn’t do anything about it. However, I soon began wondering as to why not make these at home and enjoy this summer season. And believe me, the best blender can really amaze you with the variety of tasty beverages you can make in your own kitchen. So, I started digging more to find one for myself. After all, making these blended drinks at home can be so easy and fun, right? Therefore, I will share with you the top 6 best blender recommendations I found during my rigorous research. Besides this, I will also be talking about buying guides, reviews of the products, benefits, etc.

Why go for the best blender

My relative gifted me a blender some time back, and I entirely liked it. After using it, I realized that I could use it for so many things. You can use blenders to make a wide range of items, like juices, dips, etc., and make your meals tasty and fun. Therefore, the following are some benefits of a good blender that will prompt you to buy one for yourself-

1. Make Mixed drinks and Smoothies

Do your kids abhor green vegetables and healthy fruits and this is giving you nightmares? In that case, a blender can come to your rescue. It can turn veggies and fruits into delicious drinks. And, most kids will love to drink these juices and smoothie combinations that you make from these same foods shunned by them earlier. Want a blender for mixed beverages for your kids? Then check out the best blenders for mixed drinks

2. Easy to clean

Another practical benefit is its easy cleaning. I put clean water, drop some liquid soap, and run it for some seconds. And here it is ready for use again for the kitchen chores. However, make sure not to put the unit’s motor in water to avoid any damage. You can scrub it with a wet cloth. To know more about how to clean your blender, then do check out here.

3. Variety of Drinks and Beverages

You can use a blender for making a varied range of drinks and beverages. It ranges from making sauces, dips, purees, baby food to grains and cereals.

4. Making Protein Shakes

I like to have protein shakes after my workout. Do you like them too? Thus, you can use the best blender to make your favorite protein shake. Moreover, this gadget will not cause any loss of the nutrients in your protein shake. Meanwhile, if you want to look for some fantastic blenders for shakes, check out our list of the best blenders for protein shakes. 

 5. Making your Nut butter

Imagine how amazing it will be if you could make tons of flavors of nut butter? I tried and loved my homemade nut butter. All you need are different nuts and a blender and enjoy delicious flavorings of nut butter. However, when using a blender, make sure not to overwork the motor.

6. Making some homemade Lotions

Another constructive use of a blender is to make some moisturizing lotions. Combine some essential oils, beeswax, almond oil, and coconut oil, and treat yourself with an enriching cream. Using a blender, you can make these lotions in a short period and store them for weeks.

Tips to Use the Best Blender

There are no calculations or complications while using a blender. However, you should keep some points in mind while handling them to avoid damages.

What goes in first?

When blending, make sure to put the liquids before any vegetable or fruit. Your vegetables and fruits should be in small pieces to enable them to circulate better around the blade.

Right holding style

I learned the hard way to ensure a strong grip on the lid when I forgot to hold it properly, and the puree came out of the pot. Therefore, firmly grip your hand over the blender, or else the cover can fly off.

Caring for the motor

I always fill only half of my blender with the ingredients to avoid the pressure on the product’s blades. After putting in all the ingredients, start at a lower speed and then move on quickly. Don’t overdo the motor, or it can damage your product. Be sure to open the lid between the cooking process and stir the food item with a spatula. You can also use blenders with glass jars to avoid scratches/damages to the product. I specifically liked their resistance to odor feature, which makes them my go-to one. If you want one for yourself, check out the best blenders with glass jars.

Handling hot liquids

A vital step to take care of is to be careful while handling hot liquids. When I work with hot beverages, I repeatedly open the lid for steam to escape. You can also use a towel to make sure your kitchen is mess-free. Moreover, don’t directly wash the hot jar; instead, wipe it from a wet cloth.  However, every product has its own working pace and features; thus, these tips can differ. For further information on how to use a blender, you can refer to this article. 

Myth Buster
Myth: Using a blender will destroy all the nutrients from the food.

Fact: No, blending will not destroy all the nutrients of your food. However, it can eliminate some, but there is no severe loss.

Buyer’s Guide- Best Blender

1. Size

It is a salient feature to keep in mind before making a purchase. Are you are a traveler just like me and love to have smoothies while traveling. Then you can buy a hand blender to carry around in your bag easily. Also, for more such products, you can read the best travel blendersHand blenders can help you save space in your kitchen as you can tuck them in the drawer. In contrast, Countertop Blenders will help you make a large number of items. Therefore, look at the size and your purpose with it before buying.

2. Material

A blender is usually designed from plastic, glass, and stainless steel. You should always check the product’s material before buying it.  Glass containers are heavy and stable than other blenders. But, on the limitation, it becomes difficult to pour the substances out from the jar. Plastic Jars are lighter, but they aren’t resistant to scratching and absorb the odor. Stainless Steel looks good. However, you can find it challenging to check the consistency of food in them. Every material has its pros and cons. Therefore, make sure to buy according to your needs and budget. For budget-conscious buyers, I have expert listings on the best blenders under $100. So, don’t wait and buy one for yourself!

3. Easy to Use and Clean

I feel many times we get confused in understanding the setup and features of the product. Therefore, I have always prioritized those blenders that are easy to use and clean. With its easy-to-use feature, you can use the product with one hand and make your chores simpler. Therefore, do a quick check before making a final purchase.

4. Power Range of the Blender

Are you tired of stirring and adding water to your blender to make a puree or smoothie? Then, this factor is a vital one you should look upon before buying the gadget. The best blender is the one with high wattage because it can make your work more straightforward. You do not have to add liquid or stir them manually. It can quickly crush large pieces into small ones. I also use one such blender to crush ice into smaller pieces. And it works without any damage to the product. In the meantime, you can check out our article on the best ice-crushing blenders. 

5. Blades of the Gadget

It is the crucial part as it processes your food. Therefore, I have included the blenders with sharp blades in my list above. Blenders come with two blades and four blades as well. Every edge has its blending type, as some designs convert your ingredients to powder. In comparison, other blades do an excellent job in turning your food into a silky-smooth texture.  I prefer more Stainless Steel blades as it offers better performance. Hence, I advise you to look at what type of blade you need.

6. Speed and Noise

It is so fun to have refreshing smoothies in the morning at sunrise. But, are you worried you might disturb the sleep of other people. Then, this is a critical factor to check before buying a blender. You can ensure that it does not make a lot of noise while blending. You can also check out our expert listings on the best quiet blenders and enjoy your peaceful and fun blending.

The Best blender – A summary list

#1. Blendtec Classic Fit Blender with FourSide JarAn innovative product for heating and blending simultaneously. It is a multi-tasker that can brighten up your kitchen.

#2. Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop BlenderThis product can give you a professional feel and nutritious drinks. This model stays true to its brand image.

#3. Professional Blender, Countertop Blender for Kitchen– A high-quality kitchen tool that will make the blending and cleaning effortless. Moreover, it comes with a unique tamper design to stir the mixture quickly.

#4. WantJoin Professional Blender, Countertop– This blender will provide you with a time set control feature. It comes with a whole package to make your chores easier. This one has an immense fan following!

#5. La Reveuse Personal Smoothie Blender 600 Watts– These blenders are best in class. Now, you can make a simplified breakfast. Moreover, these are easy on your pocket!

#6. – A multi-tasker that can brighten up your kitchen. You will not regret this purchase!

List of Best Blenders- Features and Ratings

#1. Blendtec Classic Fit Blender with FourSide Jar

Blendtec Classic Fit Blender with FourSide Jar (75 oz), 30-sec Pre-programmed cycle, High-Low Pulse, Professional-Grade Power, Black
367 Reviews
Blendtec Classic Fit Blender with FourSide Jar (75 oz), 30-sec Pre-programmed cycle, High-Low Pulse, Professional-Grade Power, Black
  • Elevate Your Blending Experience: High quality blender for smoothies, shakes, cocktail drinks, soups, crushed ice (snow cones, margaritas), juicer, ice cream...
  • 2 Year comprehensive warranty. An American company, family-owned and driven to build the best quality products - without compromise. Engineered and assembled in...
  • Includes BPA-free four-sided jar for smaller quantities, grinding grains, and heating soups and drinks through friction heat. The four-sided jar is a 75 oz...
  • Professional-quality: for years, blending Professionals have used Blendtec machines in the best coffee shops, juice bars and eateries around the world. The...
  • Features: 30-second cycle, +10 seconds, high pulse and low pulse. This exclusive blend cycle technology creates the perfect blends with the touch of a button.

Cooking meals and cleaning dishes takes up a lot of time. Are you also tired of putting so much effort into cooking and then in cleaning? In that case, I would highly recommend you this product as it can be your savior. I precisely like its advanced technology, motor, and jar design. Its design creates a vortex that makes your food blend effortlessly than being tampered with manually. Blendtec Store is a well-known brand that provides a consistency of kitchenware.

Furthermore, I was pretty impressed with its feature of heating while blending. It is just so amazing that you can mix and heat your soup simultaneously. Markedly, Blendtec Classic fit blender work best when making varied flavors of juices. In my opinion, it is undoubtedly a great product to use for making juices, smoothies, cocktails, and hot soups.

User Experience

I found that some users gifted it to their friends, and they entirely liked it. Many were impressed with its advanced features, digital and button-based control panel. Some share their past experiences of inconsistent pulse blends. But, by using this one, they were able to have a good pulse blend for salsa. But, some users find it expensive as compared to other blenders. And they also complained about its leaking issues from the bottom.


  • Digital technology and strong motor
  • It is best for juices and smoothies
  • It saves time and effort
  • Moreover, it can blend and heat simultaneously


  • Expensive
  • However, it has some leaking issues

My Verdict- This combination of looks and utility is hard to find. I highly recommend this product from my side, especially for making juices. Undoubtedly, the features exceed the price of the product.

If you are a juice enthusiast, you can visit the best juice blenders to check out more options.

#2. Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender

Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base, 72 Oz Total Crushing Pitcher and (2) 16 Oz Cups for Frozen Drinks and Smoothies, Gray
  • Ninja professional blender with Nutri Ninja Cups has 1100 watts of professional performance power with 3 speeds, pulse, and single serve functions
  • 72 ounce total crushing pitcher pulverizes ice to snow in seconds for creamy frozen drinks and smoothies
  • 2 16 ounce Nutri Ninja cups with to go lids are perfect for creating personalized, nutrient rich drinks to take on the go
  • XL. capacity to create creamy, frozen drinks and smoothies for the whole family
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free parts single serve blade assembly

Next on my list is a Ninja blender with Nutri cups. It has 1100 watts of professional performance and a strong motor. So if you want to crush ice cubes and pulverize hard ingredients, this will do the job well.  It has a 6-blade power, which allows you to turn ice into snow. Who does not love nutritious smoothies and juices after a workout? This product is best suited for these needs. It has blades that break down all the veggies and fruits into a consistent texture.

I sometimes find it tiring while making drinks for my guests due to the less capacity of my blender. Therefore, I specifically liked its feature of the XL capacity. So, now, you can perfectly entertain your guests with amazing smoothies. Moreover, with your ninja blender, it is easy to make your favorite dips, sauces, purees in a short period.

User Experience

The reviews of this appliance are pretty outstanding. Many users were impressed with its design and quality of the jar. They even found it helpful while working with ice, peanuts, fruits, sherbet, celery, etc. Its property of making juices, smoothies, desserts, puddings, and shakes makes the users fan. They vouch for this product in confidence. However, I found some complaints about its leaking issues. After using it for some time, many users found that the base of the appliance cracked.


  • You can use it for varied ranges of drinks.
  • Well-designed
  • It has an XL capacity.
  • Moreover, it has an 1100 watt base.


  • However, it has some leaking issues
  • Not durable

My Verdict- It is a perfect choice if you want to make varieties of drinks and beverages. I liked this product, so a thumbs up from my side.

Likewise, you can look up the list of the best ninja blenders to make your chores easier and enjoyable.

#3. Professional Blender, Countertop Blender for Kitchen

Professional Blender, Countertop Blender for Kitchen with Max 1800-Watt and Variable Speed for Smoothies, Ice and Frozen Fruit, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container(Black)
  • Variable Speed + Pulse Control - Our smoothie blender designed with a variable speed control and pulse mode. Easily adjust speed to achieve a variety of...
  • Large Batches - This countertop blender has 64-ounce container for blending medium to large batches. It has a 2L large capacity which is perfect for family...
  • 1400W Powerful Motor + 6 Blades - The powerful 1400W(Max 1800W) professional blender with up to 48000 RPM can break the cell walls of both soft and hard...
  • All In One Appliance - Ice crush,smoothie, frozen desserts, soups, nuts,sauces, humus, dips, shakes, juicers and salsas could be made- many functions waiting...
  • Scientific design - Design the pitcher cover according to the principle of impact mechanics, and in order to fix the pitcher better, we have deepened the...

Cleaning the dishes while working in the kitchen is a significant task. I find it challenging to manage all these tasks simultaneously. But now, this professional blender got it covered for you. It has the unique feature of self-cleaning. Just blend some warm water and pour some drops of liquid soap, and watch it self-clean. You can clean it without any effort and use it again in just 60 seconds. Additionally, this blender has a 2200 professional watt base that can easily crush large ingredients.

Moreover, this product comes with a specially designed tamper. The tamper helps to process thick blends, so you do not have to do it manually.  Sometimes, I find it difficult to blend my frozen fruits in the blender. But, with this one, it is easy considering its feature of chopping and blending frozen fruits altogether. Now, you can make varieties of drinks with just one appliance.

User Experience

The users of this product found it extremely useful. They appreciated the fact that the drinks were quite delicious and easy to make. Many users also liked the material of the product and have recommended others to use it. Some were impressed with its high power and easy to pulverize feature. However, some people complained about an awful smell when using it. In my opinion, the smell can be of the surface coating of the motor as the product is new. Using it for a long time will diminish the scent.


  • Easy to use with frozen fruits
  • It has a strong motor.
  • You can pulverize all the ingredients.
  • Additionally, it has a specially designed tamper.


  • It has an awful smell while blending

My Verdict- This is a perfect choice when working with frozen fruits as it has a strong motor. And, it provides easy to clean and unique designed tamper property.

For more such blenders for frozen fruits, refer to the best blenders to chop frozen fruits. 

#4. WantJoin Professional Blender, Countertop

WantJoin Professional Blender, Countertop Blender ,Blender for kitchen Max 1800W High Power Home and Commercial Blender with Timer, Smoothie Maker 2200ml for Crushing Ice, Frozen Dessert, Soup,fish
  • Professional home and commercial Countertop Blender -adopt Max 1800W power (3 peak horsepower)and hardened stainless-steel blade, up to 30,000 RPM and makes...
  • Easy to use and easy cleaning - Speed control to achieve a variety of textures,besides the common materials ,with these even raw fish could be made into mashed...
  • Timer controlling- safe using and automatically stops when setted time (1-5 minutes for your choice) reached. And you could move to another room to escape from...
  • Ice crush,smoothie, frozen desserts, soups, nuts,sauces, humus, dips,shakes,juicers,salsas and Hot soup could be made- many functions waiting for your varied...
  • What You Get: Comes with a motor base, 2L Thickened PC container with rubber handle, manual guide, tamper.

This awesome blender appears on my list for its speed to control feature. It helps the users to achieve different textures of the beverages. I specifically liked its time-controlling quality. Now, you can set the minutes for blending, and it automatically stops. And, you can go to another room to avoid the noise. Moreover, I was pretty impressed with its strong motor and 1800 Watts power. With this, you can even crush raw fish and mince ice in just 10 seconds.

Additionally, this appliance comes with a whole package of accessories. It includes a motor base, thick blades, tamper, rubber handles, and a manual. You can clean it with one button, so now you can focus on your drinks. Another key feature is that it is a versatile gadget and you can make many things with it.

User Experience

Users were delighted with its versatility and easy-to-clean features. I found some to be too happy with its delicious frozen fruit ice cream. As expected, the feedback was swamped with positive reviews about the product. The average rating by global users was 4.5 out of 5. Undoubtedly, this product has a good fan following. Nevertheless, the only limitation worth mentioning is that it makes a lot of noise while blending.


  • It is a versatile product.
  • You can even crush raw fish and ice with it.
  • Moreover, it has a time-controlling feature.
  • high-user ratings


  • However, it makes a lot of noise.

My Verdict- It is an excellent buy for the price and features. Users were pleased with this product and vouched for it with confidence.

#5. La Reveuse Personal Smoothie Blender 600 Watts

La Reveuse Personal Smoothie Blender 600 Watts with 20 oz Tritan BPA-Free Travel Bottle-Dishwasher Safe (1 bottle)
987 Reviews
La Reveuse Personal Smoothie Blender 600 Watts with 20 oz Tritan BPA-Free Travel Bottle-Dishwasher Safe (1 bottle)
  • BPA FREE SINGLE SERVE BLENDER- With food grade material 20 oz / 600 ml blending cup, easy clean, dishwasher safe (blender base is excluded)
  • POWERFUL SMOOTHIE BLENDER - 600 Watts,6 Leaves high speed extractor blade, great blender for making smoothies,shakes,frozen drinks
  • EASY TO USE BLENDER - Simple operation, completely hands free.Compact design fits nicely in the corner of your counter
  • CONVENIENT MIXER - Blend and drink from the same bottle,with extra travel lid. Great for smoothies on the go
  • SAFE TO USE - It comes with an overheating overload protection & automatic recovery function.FOR HOUSEHOLD USE ONLY

Another product on my list is from La Reveuse. It comes with a whole package of a 600-watt motor base, jar, solid lid, and user manual. Its feature of BPA free prompted me to put it on my list. I have sometimes stressed whether the product is safe for health and cooking! But, La Reveuse gives you a food-grade material lid that keeps your food healthy and nutritious. Additionally, it has thick blades that can break off all the hard ingredients easily.

Do you also get confused with the complicated features of blender just like me? Then, this product is perfect for you. It has pulse technology with a simple operation. You just have to push the button down to start it. Moreover, it can make some delicious and varied flavors of smoothies. You can use it to make blueberry, mango, avocado, and banana smoothies.

User Experience

Once again, it is a highly rated product with users full of adoration of its looks, quality, and use. The audience applauded its features of easy-to-use and pulse technology. Many choose this over other blenders due to its strong blades and variety of smoothies. Some even called this product their simplified breakfast. However, others were little concerned about its durability. They also complain that the base of the tool was holding water and making it difficult to use.


  • Comprises a whole package of accessories
  • Moreover, it is BPA-free.
  • It has a pulse technology with simple operation
  • Additionally, it has strong blades


  • However, water gets stuck in the base of the tool.
  • Not durable

My Verdict- This is a valuable appliance to have, especially if you are looking for a quick breakfast. Moreover, it is affordable.

Meanwhile, check out our expert listings on the best portable smoothie blenders and choose one for yourself.


Is your old product taking a lot of time to make your smoothie? Then, I am here with a fantastic option for you. Sboly Store provides you with a single-serve blender to make smoothies and shakes in just some seconds. I particularly liked its feature of multi-tasking of blending and drinking in the same jar. So, now remain mess-free and enjoy your delicious smoothie! Moreover, the appliance has an automatic recovery feature. It can restart after the motor stops due to overheating in 15-20 seconds.

Additionally, the appliance comes with two spare O-rings to avoid any leaking from the bottom. Since it is lightweight you can easily lift it. Moreover, it is easy to clean and comes with a cleaning brush. It also comes with two spare bottles to make two smoothies.

User Experience

Many Users were pleased with this product and even regretted not buying it before. Some specifically liked the quality of the product, its rubber grommets that are easy to move. Many others were quite impressed with its lightweight and single-serve property. Additionally, its anti-leaking feature made it very popular with all. However, it has some limitations as well. I found some users complaining that the lid keeps tightening, and it is difficult to open. In my opinion, it might be due to water stuck in the cover that creates a tight suction. Therefore, make sure to dry the lid before using it again.


  • It comes with the two bottles
  • Moreover, the package includes O-rings
  • Easy to use and clean
  • lightweight
  • Appropriately priced


  • The lid keeps tightening.

My verdict- Do you want a fun break for a delicious smoothie without any mess in your kitchen? Then, this will be your go-to product.

Meanwhile, you can check out our expert listings on the best single-serve blenders for more options.


1. I have a Food processor; do I need a blender?

Food processors are best to use when cutting, chopping and dicing. Blenders can do the same thing. However, blenders can mix and grind the ingredients to give you a good puree. To make your work easier, you can also purchase a blender food-processor combination. Moreover, you can visit the best blender food-processor combination and find yourself a perfect one!

2. How to Maintain a Blender?

It is easy to maintain a simple gadget like a blender. All blenders have the same accessories. Nevertheless, please read the manual book first. A vital point is not to immerse the product’s motor or base in the water. You can clean it with a wet cloth and dry it then for subsequent use.

3. Are there some standard pre-programmed functions?

Based on their model and price, functions may change. However, blenders do have some standard default functions. These functions include grinding, stirring, mixing, ice crushing, and making smoothies/milkshakes. You can also use blenders for making puree quickly. We have collated for you the best puree blenders. Don’t forget to visit our collection.

4. At what speed should I use my blender?

It would help if you always initially use your blender at a slower pace. It can help you in avoiding any ingredient coming out from the container. Make sure to place your hand over the cover to prevent the lid from flying off.

5. What is Acai puree? How can I make it in Blender?

Acai puree is made from frozen acai berries served with other frozen fruits for a healthy breakfast. You can use various Acai Blenders to make yourself a perfect Acai meal. Additionally, you can check out our best blender for Acai bowls to find a good one for your breakfast.


To sum it up, I suggest you look at your needs and requirements before making a purchase. All the blenders mentioned above are of good quality and have a powerful motor. Along with keeping top brands, I have also included affordable products. Overall, I would highly suggest you go for Blendtec Classic Fit Blender with FourSide Jar and Professional Blender, Countertop Blender for KitchenBoth are good products in terms of their quality and utility. For budget-conscious buyers, I would recommend  as it has a good utility and price.

Now, you have an enormous list of the best blenders to select. So, don’t wait and choose a perfect one for yourself and enjoy tasty beverages.


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