Homemade Organic Fruit & Vegetables Juice Recipes

Juicing is the favorite thing than can be done by everyone. Juicing recipe like the simple thing that everyone can create to have better fresh drink for our health. You will find many juice recipes from the book, magazine, restaurant and internet.

You know that fresh juice that you can make with your own recipes is very fascinating. It is because you know what you mix in and you know what benefits you will get. So it is good to create your homemade juice recipes to get better taste and benefits

The same like what we do, we would like to share our own juicer recipes that I collect from different resources like juicing books, healthy magazines, hotels and restaurants recipes, and internet.

Here are the best juicing recipes that I have created with different benefits:

Homemade Organic Fruit Juice

This juice is using organic fruits which are very good for our healthy drink. But if you think organic fruits are quite expensive, you can also use regular fruits. But the taste and benefits would be a little different which organic is always better.


homemade fruit juice recipes

  • Organic Apple ( pink apple is better)
  • Organic Cranberry
  • Organic Orange
  • Organic Honey

How to make it:

Clean the organic fruits but don’t peel out the apples because the skin of apple has very good benefit for our skin. Cut the apple and orange in quarter, but depends on the juicer machine you have. Start juicing them and ready. you can add honey for additional ingredient to make the juice tastier and healthier (it’s optional).

This juice is good for daily drink with the benefits of skin protector and cleanser. It is also good to promote the healthy skin to be smoother and brighter.

Homemade Organic Vegetable Juice

Vegetable is another healthy item to be consumed for daily food. It is also good to mix some vegetable to be a good benefit juice for your drink. You can make this vegetable organic juice that you have in your kitchen.

homemade vegetable juice recipe


  • Organic Celery Stalk
  • Organic Tomato
  • Medium Size Organic Cucumber
  • Organic Beets
  • Small Organic Red Cabbage

How to make it:

Wash all the ingredients above nicely and cut them in the good size of your juicer. Put them all inside your juicer and press it. leave for one minute to make ready to be served. This juice is good to have for day time or evening dinner.

The benefits of this juice are for skin complexion and metabolism, producing healthy energy and stamina, cleaning your body systems, and for the weight loss in the future.

Those juicer recipes above are the favorite juice that you can have every day. For the long term benefits, those juices are good for heart protection, cancer treatment and fat reducer. Actually there are many more good juicing recipes we created on this site, please explore our site based on category we provided.

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