Electric Tomato Juicer For Canning: Top 10 Electric Tomato Juicers (Complete Guide)

Tomato Juice is a healthy drink that fitness enthusiasts and dietitians encourage to clients all over the world. The numerous benefits of tomato juice make it an essential part of your daily nutrition. Using the right Electric Tomato Juicer for Canning and storing the juice for everyday use is a great way to keep your diet schedule in check. To get the maximum yield from tomatoes, you need to make sure you have a top-class juicer and follow the right technique. Additionally, it would help if you had excellent quality tomatoes and essential equipment. Furthermore, with the proper juicing methods, you can gain nutrition from the fruit. 

Equipment Required For Canning Tomato Juice

If you use the wrong equipment or follow an incorrect method to prepare the juice, you might be left with a bitter and unsatisfactory outcome. You will also lose out on essential nutrients. Having the right juicer is one thing, but you need the right equipment besides the juicer to get the best yield. 

For starters, you need to have a strainer to drain the liquid out of the press. A silicone strainer or colander can help you get the right amount of juice without any pulp. Additionally, you can use a cheesecloth of a milk bag to have the liquid separated. To prepare the juice, you will need a pot for boiling water to place cans for sterilization. The cans have to be ready, so you can immediately fill and preserve the juice once prepared. 

Making Tomato Juice With Your Juicer

Making homemade tomato juice is not as simple as it seems. To make tomato juice a highly nutritious drink, you need to follow the right method and technique. You can also add ingredients in the tomato juicer along the way to personalize the drink as you see fit. 

  • Wash your tomatoes and remove all the seeds and skin before you get ready to make tomato juice. 
  • Chop the tomatoes into small cubes to be placed in the juicer chute. 
  • Make sure your strainer is in place to get rid of all the extra pulp after juicing. 
  • You can also store the juice in a can for later use or enjoy your refreshing drink. You can also add leafy greens to add more nutrient value to the tomato juice. 

What is canning tomato juice?

To store tomato juice for an extended period, people opt for canning. Sterilized cans can extend the juice’s life for up to 12 months if you’ve made it right. You will need to be careful with the added leafy greens because they have an expiry date. If you use the right Electric Tomato Juicer For Canning, you can extract a good amount of juice which can be stored over a longer time. 

To increase the life of the juice, you need to slow cook the tomatoes and continually stir it. Remember to remove all the seeds and unwanted components of the tomatoes. By cooking the tomatoes, you will also be able to add more fruits to the batch. 

Our Top Picks For Juicing Tomatoes- Electric Tomato Juicers for Canning

1) Breville Juice Fountain Cold, Brushed Stainless Steel Centrifugal Juicer – With Cold Spin Technology, this juicer takes on all the other juicers in its league. Juicing fruits becomes an easy task with this.

2) TLLMOZ Blender Juicer Cup Electric Fruit Mixer – With a resident separator, this blender gives you a clear glass of juice with 0% pulp.  

3) Omega Nutrition Center Quiet Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer – The masticating tomato juicer that squeezes every ounce of goodness from your fruit. 

4) Kung Fu"Master" Electric Juicer – A powerful juicer that grinds every bit of fruit into a delicious glass of juice. 

5) OMRA Spremy Electric Tomato Strainer 1/4 HP Model 850 – A tomato strainer with a mesh filter to make sure no pulp falls into your glass of juice. 

6) Fabio Leornardi Mr0 1/2 Hp Tomato Milling Machine #5 Tomato Press And Strainer – For large scale productions, this Electric Tomato Juicer For Canning is great, especially if you want to store up juice for a long time. 

7) FonChef Commercial Grade Electric Tomato Strainer Milling Strain Press Machine – For everyday use or canning, this tomato press comes with a strainer to get the job done quickly. 

8) Model 250 Food Strainer and Sauce Maker, Electric Motor, and Accessories 4-Pack – With a sturdy clamp and a stainless steel strainer, this juicer is convenient for more than just tomato juice. 

9) SHARDOR Juicer, Juice Maker for Whole Fruits & Veggies – It’s easy to use and easy to clean, this tomato juicer is ahead of its league.  

10) KOIOS Centrifugal Juicer Machines, Juice Extractor – With a large chute and juicing space, this simple, sleek and pretty looking machine is on our recommended list of tomato juicers. 

Top 10 Electric Tomato Juicer Brands Available Online

1) Breville Juice Fountain Cold XL – Electric Tomato Juicer For Canning

Using Cold Spin Technology, Breville’s state of the art juicer is a cut above. This Electric Tomato Juicer for Canning and juicing a cold glass of juice takes a short prep time and ensures pure juice in your glass. The mesh net holds the pulp and separates it from the liquid. The Italian-made mesh also ensures a slow temperature increase, keeping your juice cold. The machine is silent as the noise is reduced by 40%. 

Breville BJE830BSS Juice Founatin Cold XL Centrifugal Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • The Breville Juice Fountain Cold XL features a bigger 3.5 inch feed chute and can extract 70 fl oz of nutrient rich juice up to five times faster than a 'cold...
  • COLD EXTRACTION SYSTEM: A Breville juicer with Cold Spin Technology and an Italian-made precision mesh filter, allows you to avoid damage to vitamins and...
  • SHORT PREP TIME: The Breville Juice Fountain Cold XL's unique 3.5 inch extra wide chute feed allows you to juice whole fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting
  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN: With the pulp bin located behind the product base, the Juice Fountain Cold XL features a new and unique space saving design for a better...
  • NOISE REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY: Imagine great performances that’s easier on the ear; Juicing on quiet setting reduces mechanical noise by 40%

Additional Features: 

  • 70. OZ Jar for storing the liquid (XL)
  • Powerful juicer at 1200 Watts
  • Cold-press keeps the juice five times more nutrient-rich. 

Precautions: Make sure you clean the device immediately after juicing. Instant cleanup after juicing prevents corrosion. 

2) LLMOZ Blender Juicer Cup Electric Tomato Juicer For Canning

If you are looking for an electric tomato juicer for canning, consider the LLMOZ blender with a 304 stainless steel grinding disc. The high and low gear modes give you the option of choosing the speed you require. This lets you get your juice quick and just right. Additionally, the product has a safety lock to keep the device sturdy while juicing and avoids any possible accidents. LLMOZ also provides 24-hour support in case you need any help. 

LLMOZ Blender Juicer Cup Electric Fruit Mixer Household Residue Juice Separation Pure Water Machine Without Fresh Squeezing for Smoothies and Shakes Home
  • Material: 304 stainless steel toothed grinding disc for food contact.
  • Double gear adjustment: high and low gear modes are optional. Choosing the right speed helps to increase the juice extraction speed.
  • Large-diameter: 65mm large-diameter feed inlet, no need to cut, faster.
  • Overheating protection: The juicer will automatically stop working after long time operation.
  • Safety lock: double safety lock buckle device. safer.

Additional Features: 

  • The juicer will switch off if it is overheated. This prevents any damage. 
  • The rubber feet prevent the device from slipping off while juicing. 
  • The feeding chute is 60MM wide. You can fit the entire tomato into the chute with no difficulty. 

Precautions: Make sure the product is switched off before plugging it into a socket. This helps avoid any injury. 

3) Omega Quiet Dual-Stage Tomato Juicer, Slow Masticating Juicer 

Omega slow masticating juicer is a leader in the industry with over 15-years of satisfactory service and fabulous products. The nutrition center is an electric juicer that can give you maximum yield with minimal heat and oxidation. This keeps the juice’s nutritional value intact. With a speed of just 80RPM, the cold press ensures you don’t miss out on any antioxidants and boosts your immunity. If you want to add leafy greens to your tomato juice, this is the juicer for you. 

Omega Juicer J8006HDS Quiet Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating 80 Revolutions per Minute with High Juice Output, 200-Watt, Silver
  • INDUSTRY LEADING 15-YEAR coverage on parts and performance
  • LONGER LASTING JUICES - Using a low speed of 80 RPMs results in minimal heat buildup and oxidation promoting healthy enzymes
  • BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY - Cold press juicing is one of the most effective ways to easily access nutritious enzymes and antioxidants that boost immunity and enhance...
  • HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS JUICES - Extracts the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, taste and juice from minimum amounts of celery, carrots, leafy greens and...
  • NUTRITION SYSTEM - Turn nuts into nut butter, extrude pasta, grind Coffee and spices, mince herbs and garlic, make baby food and frozen desserts, and whip up...

Additional Features: 

  • Nutrition Center – Can be used to make baby food, soy milk, grind coffee, and so much more. 
  • Produces extremely dry pulp with the slow press. 
  • The handle is built-in. This prevents leaking. 

Precautions: Clean out the pulp immediately to avoid any kind of corrosion. 

4) Kung Fu”Master” Electric Juicer, Powerful Tomato Juicer For Canning and Commercial Use

Simple, Sleek, and effective – This juicer gets the job done right. It is easy to install and more comfortable to clean. This feature can save you much juicing time during those busy mornings where you need to juice your tomato and run to work. It works with all kinds of fruits and leafy greens, which can be added to your tomato juice for more flavor. All these features make it one of the best electric tomato juicers.

Kung Fu"Master" Electric Juicer
  • Powerful 400W Motors
  • 1.5L Pulp Container & 550 Juice Cup
  • 65mm diameter of feeding tube available for juicing whole carrot, Apple, Pear, and more placement
  • Stainless Steel filter basket for much housing
  • Stainless Steel blade assembly

Additional Features: 

  • Chopping the tomato is not required. The chute can fit the tomato whole. 
  • It can squeeze a variety of ingredients like carrots, apples, etc. 
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Sturdy and durable.

Precautions: After juicing, make sure you clean the machine to avoid fruit components from drying in the device.  

5) OMRA Spremy Electric Tomato Strainer

This tomato juicer cuts down the time needed by half when juicing. The electric tomato juicer machine is simple to use and automatically extracts the tomato puree and separates it from the seeds and skin. You can either add the tomatoes cooked or uncooked. This device can juice upto 150 kgs of tomatoes in an hour. This is good for mass canning of tomato juice. The motor and cooling fan are made in Italy, and the design is reliable and durable. 

OMRA Spremy Electric Tomato Strainer 1/4 HP Model 850
  • Automatically Extracts the Tomato Puree, separating it from the seeds and the skin - Fresh or Cooked
  • Production up to 330 pounds (150 kg) of tomatoes for hour
  • Die-cast metal housing, stainless steel hopper, Food Grade Nylon Auger (worm)
  • Rotation of the worm 110 RPM - masticating style to preserve enzymes
  • (1/4 HP) Motor with Cooling Fan - Made in Italy

Additional Features: 

  • Comes with an in-built stainless steel strainer and Iron Spiral with a 1/4 HP motor
  • 110 RPM masticating juicer – Slow speed for maximum nutrient yield. 
  • It can be used at home or commercially. 

Precautions: Take out the leftover waste after juicing before starting a consecutive juicing session. 

6) Fabio Leornardi Tomato Milling Machine, Tomato Juicer 

With a 380 Watts Motor running the Squeezer, the simple to use device produces 120 revolutions per minute. This means you will be producing pure tomato juice with no change in the nutritional value. As an Electric Tomato Juicer For Canning, the product works well with boiled or uncooked tomatoes, plus you can add other ingredients to enhance the flavor of your juice. The screen keeps the pulp, seeds, and skin from falling into the juice collected and gives you just the puree for consumption. This device is ideal for people who want to can their juices and retain nutrients while doing so. 

Fabio Leornardi Mr0 1/2 Hp Tomato Milling Machine #5 Tomato Press And Strainer
4 Reviews
Fabio Leornardi Mr0 1/2 Hp Tomato Milling Machine #5 Tomato Press And Strainer
  • 1/2 Horse Power - 380 Watts made in Italy SP5 - 3" Diameter Neck Tomato Milling Attachment
  • 18/10 Stainless Steel Screen Double Threaded Screw Feeder
  • Heavy Cast Iron Neck Treated with Special Resins - your choice on diameter
  • Extra Large Stainless Feed Bowl Output Revolutions: 120 per minute
  • Permanently Lubricated Spheroidal Cast Iron Main Gear Motor: Asynchronous with Condenser

Additional Features: 

  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • The screw-feeder automatically pushes the fruit against the screen.
  • You can throw in the seeds and skin back into the machine to juice it and secure maximum yield. 

Precautions: Lubricate and clean your device regularly to avoid corrosion or damage. 

7) FonChef Commercial Grade Tomato Juicer For Canning With Strainer

The Electric Tomato Juicer for Canning from FonChef is a wonder that leaves you with fresh tomato puree away from skin and seeds. The machine is perfect for commercial use in restaurants and food prepping services. It can squeeze upto 150 kgs of tomatoes within an hour and produces sauce or juice as required. The robust and easy-to-use device has a corrosive resistant finish, which lets you relax after using the product over a long period. 

FonChef Commercial Grade Electric Tomato Strainer Milling Strain Press Machine Iron Cast Boyd Stainless Steel Hardware 300-370W 160RPM
  • Extracts large quantities of tomatoes, separating the seeds and skin, leaving you with a fresh tomato puree.
  • Perfect for italian restaurants, small businesses, professional cooks, catering companies, or food prepping.
  • Stainless steel hopper and powerful motor that can squeeze up to 330-lbs of tomato sauce per hour
  • Strong, sturdy, and easy-to-use Cast iron body with food grade epoxy coated corrosive resistant finish.
  • Electric Tomato Press & Strainer Machine is for use with fresh or cooked tomatoes.

Additional Features: 

  • Commercial grade – With a 375 Watt Motor for producing large quantities of juice. 
  • Comes with an electric press and strainer – An all-in-one device for tomato juice. 
  • Works with cooked or uncooked tomatoes. 
  • Easy to use juicer

Precautions: Make sure you remove all the waste from the device before starting a new session. 

8) Model 250 Food Strainer and Sauce Maker, Electric Motor, and Accessories 4-Pack

With a Five Year Warranty, this device is a promise of efficiency and durability while juicing. The Mesh Stainless steel screen is of premium quality and will never rust. You have a large chute and a pusher to produce more juicer faster and efficiently. The waste spout is extended to let you catch the waste as it flows away. And lastly, the clamp on the device comes with a hard grip, which keeps it sturdy during the entire process. All these features make it one of the best electric tomato juicers.

Johnny Apple Sauce Maker Model 250 Food Strainer with Electric Motor, and Accessories 4-Pack
  • Complete Model 250 Food Strainer, with Strainer Motor, and Accessories 4-Pack
  • 5 Year Warranty on all items

Additional Features: 

  • The device comes with a strainer, strainer motor, and accessories pack. 
  • Multi-use: Can be used to make baby food, juices, sorbets, and smoothies
  • You can purchase this product with a Canning Kit. 
  • It can be used to produce sauces, purees, or jams. 
  • Separates puree from the skin, seeds, and other waste. 

Precautions: Make sure the device is held on a surface correctly with the clamp to avoid accidents. 

9) SHARDOR Juicer, Juice Maker for Whole Fruits & Veggies

From start to finish, the SHARDOR juicer is convenient all the way. The device is easy to install, use, and clean once done. The two-speed juicer allows you to juice as per your convenience and lets you retain the required nutrients from the tomato extract. You can throw in leafy greens for added flavor and nutritional benefits. Additionally, you don’t even have to chop the tomatoes before getting them into the machine making it an all-rounder electric tomato juice extractor.

Juicer, Juicer Machines, SHARDOR Centrifugal juicer with Big Mouth 3" Feed Chute, Juice Maker for Whole Fruits & Veggies, Juice Extractor with Dual Speeds, Easy to Clean, Anti-drip, BPA-Free, White
  • [GET MORE JUICE IN LESS TIME] - Juicer machines equips a powerful motor to easily handle different kinds of fruit and vegetable in 10 seconds. Compared to other...
  • [SAVE PREP TIME] - Easy to install, just a few steps to install the juice extractor. Extra Large 3 inch feed chute can fit whole apples, oranges, kale and...
  • [SAFETY FEATURES] - Overload and overheat protection will ensure safety and extend service life. Locking arm prevents the juicer from operating without the lid...
  • [EASY TO CLEAN] - Removable parts of the juice maker are dishwasher safe and BPA-Free, make cleaning easier and faster. Spout with anti-drip design can prevent...
  • [2 YEARS WARRANTY] - SHARDOR has a professional after-sales service team, provides 2-years guarantee. Just try it risk-free! In the unlikely event that you...

Additional Features: 

  • Retains the nutritional value of tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables. 
  • Easy to clean after use
  • Sturdy and Durable. 

Precautions: You might need an external strainer to separate the pulp and retain 100% liquid.  

10) KOIOS Centrifugal Juicer Machines, Juice Extractor

The simple and sleek centrifugal juicer from KOIOS has a pure copper Motor running at 1200 Watts. This tomato juicer has a stainless steel filter and packs a punch while juicing. The durability and stability of the juicer is incredible. KOIOS guarantees the device remains noiseless even after ten years of use and 13-row saws, evenly distributed, this device is delicate and precise. 

KOIOS Centrifugal Juicer Machines, Juice Extractor with Big Mouth 3” Feed Chute, 304 Stainless-steel Fliter, Best Seller Juicer 2021, High Juice yield, Easy to Clean&100% BPA-Free, 1200W&Powerful, Dishwasher Safe, Included Brush
2,700 Reviews
KOIOS Centrifugal Juicer Machines, Juice Extractor with Big Mouth 3” Feed Chute, 304 Stainless-steel Fliter, Best Seller Juicer 2021, High Juice yield, Easy to Clean&100% BPA-Free, 1200W&Powerful, Dishwasher Safe, Included Brush
  • HIGHER JUICE YIELD - Strong Motor With Extra 1300 Watt Power& Stainless Steel Juicer : KOIOS JE-70 juicer was designed in a fraction of the size with 1300w watt...
  • EXTRA LARGE FEED CHUTE - 3’’ Inch Feed Chute allows you to juice the whole apple, no need to cut into pieces, omitting the cutting process, completely hands...
  • 2 GEARS+PULSE MODE - "1" low speed runs from 12000 to 15000 RPM for softer fruits like oranges, tomatoes and others; "2" fast speed runs from 15000 to 18000 RPM...
  • CLEAN-UPS ARE A SNAP - 100% BPA FREE MATERIAL - Culinary grade stainless-steel cutting disc and 304 mesh filter promise extracting more juice, vitamins and...
  • EUROPEAN ENGINEERED – AMERICAN GUARANTEE - 100% 3 Year Warranty so you can buy with confidence and juice happily ever after.

Additional Features: 

  • 3 Inch, extra-large chute for whole tomatoes to be juiced. 
  • FDA Approved, European engineering with a 10-year warranty
  • Easy to use and easy to clean

Precautions: The device has a breakneck speed for chopping and juicing harder fruits. Take care while using this feature to avoid damage to the product or injury to yourself. 

Benefits of Tomato Juice

The benefits of Tomato Juice are limitless. Not only are they rich in nutrients, but they have added antioxidants that can help your cardiovascular health. Here are some added benefits that Tomato Juice can bring to your day-to-day life:

  • Tomatoes are loaded with Vitamins, Minerals, and antioxidants.
  • They contain lycopene that destroys cancer-causing conditions. 
  • Tomato Juice aids in preventing skin wrinkles and slows down aging. 
  • It doubles your metabolism and aids in weight loss. 
  • Tomato Juice helps the body with anti-inflammatory reactions and properties. 
  • The juice reduces cholesterol and blood pressure. It is known to reduce heart disease significantly. 

Buyer’s Guide – Tomato Juicer

If you are unsure about what properties make the ‘best’ juicer in the market, here are some elements you need to look into:

  1. Type of Juicer – You can choose between a masticating or Centrifugal juicer depending upon your requirement. You also have the option of manual and electric juicers available online.
  2. Juicer Capacity – Make sure the chute of the juicer is large enough to fit all the tomato you need to add. Additionally, you can find a juicer that has a larger compartment to prepare more juice than others. 
  3. Product Features – Try looking for a product that does more than just juice. Choppers and blenders do a fantastic job of creating juices, especially when it comes to tomatoes. This gives you more value for your purchase. 

Additional Things to Consider While Purchasing An Electric Tomato Juicer For Canning

  1. The Price – We’ve done the dirty work of looking at juicers worth your money. Make sure you check price (latest), reviews and compare products to suit your needs. An Electric Tomato Juicer For Canning above 100$ is a good buy. 
  2. Warranty – If a brand gives you a warranty or refund on your purchase, it is a brand you can trust. Look for a warranty to use your product without any hesitation. 
  3. Brand – Purchasing a Juicer from a recognized brand takes care of half the work. You can make your decision easier when you have brand-value added to your purchase. 


1. Which Juicer is Best for Juicing Tomatoes?

A. Juicers of all kinds always get the job done. If you choose a masticating juicer, you will get more nutritional value. A blender will require an additional strainer to make sure no pulp enters the liquid collection. Choose a juicer that suits your requirements.

2. Which Leafy Greens can I add to my Tomato Juice?

A. You can add anything from spinach to kale; all leafy greens add additional nutrition to the juice, which is an excellent addition to your diet. But when canning the juices, leafy greens like spinach do not last very long. Make sure you finish it on time.

3. Does Tomato Juice help lose weight?

A. Yes, Tomato juice helps in weight loss and is very nutritious. It fills you and reduces any risk of heart disease or cancer. Moreover, the juice is thicker than usual juices, so it makes you feel fuller for longer.


Tomatoes are available easily and in plenty. Adding tomato juice to your diet is only going to make you healthier and much more fit. Once you prepare the juice, you will see how easy it is, and having them canned can store them over a long period. Make sure you take the time and figure out which juicer will be more suited for your needs. A versatile juicer will come in handy, especially one which has a strainer in-built. If you exercise daily, Tomato juice is the best refreshment you can give to your body. 

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