Best Mini Rice Cooker: Top 6 picks with a full buying guide

Rice cookers are a great way to cook rice perfectly and in a short time. Unlike the usual method, a mini electric rice cooker has a timer, so you don’t have to monitor the rice every single second. Not to mention the space it saves on your countertop! These machines are great for small families and dorm rooms because of their compact sizes. The mini cup rice cooker, which is also an electric cooker, comes with instructions that help you get the right texture for your rice, and not overcook it in water. This article will help you through the essential factors to consider while purchasing the best small rice cookers for your kitchen. When your rice is cooked to perfection, it does not stick to the utensil and becomes easier to clean and reuse. You can also check out the Breville BOV800XL – The Smart Oven by Breville and improve your kitchen appliances even further. 

Cooking Rice Correctly Using A Small Rice Cooker

There are different methods to cook rice, some people prefer an open vessel with more water, and some with a cooker that keeps the pressure within. Also, the mini cooker is the only appliance that can cook rice using a ratio of 1:1 between water and rice. The device is specially designed to ensure your rice is not over cooked and that there is no wastage of water. Additionally, the product keeps your rice hot and works well for similar products like oats and quinoa. 

Did you know?

Because of the nonstick feature of small rice cookers, people often cook other products such as meat, eggs, and even porridge in the device. Furthermore, they not only get the right texture for the food but also save time. 

List of Top Mini Rice Cooker You Need to Consider – Summary

Take a look at this quick list of the best small rice cooker and make sure you read on the reviews for the complete description below:

1) Amazon Basics Multi-Functional Rice Cooker – As far as brands go, Amazon is taking over the kitchen appliance category. With this cooker, they are going all the way to get the top cooking rice out there!

2) 1.0L Mini Rice Cooker,WHITE TIGER Portable Travel Steamer Small,15 Minutes Fast Cooking, Removable Non-stick Pot, Keep Warm, Suitable For 1-2 People - For Cooking Soup, Rice, Stews & Oatmeal – With a nonstick coating and a beatiful digital display, the white tiger brand portable small rice cookers is easy to use and take it along when you travel.

3) Instant Zest Rice Cooker – From cooking oats to rice, this cooker gets you the perfect natural texture every time! It doesn’t get easier than this. 

4) Hamilton Beach Digital Programmable Rice Cooker & Food Steamer – Hamilton hits the spot with this different and unique portable rice cooker that can get you a fresh batch of cooked rice, on the go!

5) DCIGNA 1.2L Mini Rice Cooker – It’s more than an electric cooker – it’s a lunch a box! This compact wonder is good for smaller families and travel freaks. 

6) Aroma Housewares Digital Cool-Touch Mini Rice Cooker – With a 4.2-star review and taking barely any space in your kitchen, this Aroma product could just be the best mini rice cooker for every occasion and especially great for your kitchen. 

The Best 6 Mini Rice Cooker Experts Are Recommending

Numerous appliances can help you improve your experience in the kitchen. They help speed up the cooking and cleaning process and put you in a healthier lifestyle. Here, the best small rice cooker from amazon can help you, especially on those nights where time is not on your side. Moreover, they are also easy to clean, so you save a lot of time there. If you want to explore more appliances that can help you with a healthy lifestyle, check our list of the best juicers for leafy greens. Read on the reviews for more information on our top recommendation from amazon for the best mini rice cookers.

1) AmazonBasics Multi-Functional Small Rice Cooker, Small cooker

Amazon Basics Multi-Functional Rice Cooker - 5.5-Cup Uncooked (11-Cup Cooked), Silver
  • 5.5 Cups uncooked capacity (makes 11 cups cooked rice)
  • Aluminum alloy inner pot with non-stick coating
  • Accessories include scoop, measuring cup, food steamer
  • 24 hours preset timer and LED light display
  • Automatic keep warm function

Amazon is taking over kitchen appliances with devices that seem to meet the mark but do so with ease and perfection. Being on our list of the best rice cooker, the Amazon Basics cooker is straightforward to use. We added about five and a half cups of rice and used the 24-hour preset timer with the same water ratio. Moreover, after noticing that there was no water wastage and no rice stuck to the aluminum inside, we could not help but add it to the list. Additionally, there is an option to simply keep the rice warm if you are not eating immediately. Furthermore, don’t miss the LED light display in the front and the wonderful pre-cook settings in this amazon rice cookers. 

What we liked:

  • Stylish look with Digital LED display
  • Nonstick aluminum pot
  • Preset timers and tested auto-warming function
  • Very convenient and saves time to prepare rice
  • Compact; can be stored in a cabinet when not in use

Additional Features:

  • The Amazon device comes with a measuring cup and a scoop. It’s also easy to carry when traveling. Close the deal!

2) WHITE TIGER Portable Best Small Rice Cooker with Digital Display


1.0L Mini Rice Cooker,WHITE TIGER Portable Travel Steamer Small,15 Minutes Fast Cooking, Removable Non-stick Pot, Keep Warm, Suitable For 1-2 People - For Cooking Soup, Rice, Stews & Oatmeal
  • 🍚FEATURES:15 minutes to finish cooking;1.0L Capacity,suitable for 1-2 people,suitable for a family of two and busy office workers,can save time for you.
  • 🍚ALL in 1 Multi-cooker: A novice in the kitchen? It doesn’t matter. With this all-in-1 smart electric cooker,everyone can choose the most desired way to...
  • 🍚Keep Warm Function:This mini rice cooker has updated with a keep Warm function and indicator light,never overheat or overcook ingredients again,making for a...
  • 🍚UNIQUE DESIGN: The bottom of the rice cooker has a heat dissipation port ,so as to prevent the damage of the machine caused by the excessive temperature,so...
  • 🍚Package Includes:Our 110V mini rice cooker is backed by a 365 Days manufacturer service and includes a rice paddle,rice spoon,measuring cup,removable pot...

White Tiger brings you an intelligent device that uses a smart function to cook rice. There is a 24-hour reserved insulation function, and when we used it, we realized just how intelligent this device could be. You don’t have to keep monitoring this cooker. According to the presets, it’s easy to get that perfect, fluffy rice, ready to be eaten. It takes about 15-20 minutes, which is rather quick, and you can even make porridge or quinoa in this rice cooker steamer. Also, note the nonstick pan that makes cleaning the device so much easier. What we loved the most is the different anti-slip mat at the bottom a lot, which keeps the rice cooker check and safe.

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What we liked:

  • The handle on the top doesn’t let you burn your hands
  • Compact and easy to carry along when you travel
  • Quick-cooking and presets for different kinds of food
  • Easy to clean; nonstick pan
  • LED display and multi-function settings
  • Price is affordable 

Additional Features:

  • The micom rice cooker comes with a measuring cup, rice scoop, steam basket, and you can contact customer service 24 hours a day. Therefore, we love these rice cookers a lot!

3) Instant Zest Good Rice Cooker, Small Steamer, Best to Cook Rice, Fish


Instant Pot Zest 8 Cup Rice Cooker, Steamer, Cooks Rice, Grains, Quinoa and Oatmeal, No Pressure Cooking Functionality
  • 4 smart programs make cooking your favorite rice and grains to fluffy perfection super-fast and one touch easy
  • 4 smart programs for one touch cooking white rice, brown rice, quinoa and oatmeal
  • Quickly steams veggies, fish and more with the touch of a button: Makes 8 cups and doubles as a warmer for all kinds of foods
  • Built in protection against overheating: Compact, lightweight and easy to store
  • Accessories included: In addition to the non-stick ceramic coated pot, the Zest Plus also comes with a dishwasher-safe steamer tray, rice measuring cup and rice...

Your search for fluffy basmati rice ends with the Instant Zet rice cooker. We put this different device on our list of the best rice cookers because of how easy it is to use and because the rice was simply perfect. They call it a smart cooker with it’s four smart programs and presets. But here’s where it gets better – you can also cook fish, vegetables, meat and so much more! It makes up to 8 cups of any kind of food and works quickly. The nonstick interior will make you wonder if giving up the induction is an option. Convenience is key when considering this device, and we felt it hit all the points needed, with ease. Lastly, the overheating protection made it worth the money. 

What we liked:

  • Stainless steel, Nonstick interior
  • Saves time with presets for cooking rice
  • Multi-function for quinoa, brown rice, and other foods
  • Delay start and warm function
  • Good protection from overheating 
  • At affordable price

Additional Features:

  • The device is compact, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Additionally, you can try out the smart program settings to prepare more dishes for you and your family.  

4) Hamilton Beach Digital Rice Cooker & Small Cup Rice Cooker


Hamilton Beach Digital Programmable Rice Cooker & Food Steamer, 20 Cups Cooked (10 Uncooked), With Steam & Rinse Basket, Stainless Steel (37543)
  • Great for oatmeal, grits and Cream of Wheat cereal
  • With rice rinse/steam basket
  • Versatile 4-20 cup capacity
  • Delay start makes breakfast and meal planning easier
  • Use your own recipe or packaged pasta & rice mixes

It’s compact, simple, and looked simply stunning in the kitchen. Hamilton never fails to produce an appliance that meets all the requirements for a ‘modern’ kitchen and eases your lifestyle when it comes to cooking. You can make up to twenty cups of cooked foods, including rice, oats, and more. Additionally, it has digital pre-programmed setting to get you fluffy rice cooked perfectly. What’s more? The sleek design works well in any kitchen environment and is a great way to quickly get breakfast on the table. However, you can’t use it on induction. Make sure you check out our list of the best blenders for protein shakes.

What we liked:

  • Comes along with steam basket
  • Keeps warm after cooking
  • Automatic shut off and timer
  • Cold wrap 
  • Can be used to prepare many types of dishes
  • Saves time and works hassle-free

Additional Features:

  • Hamilton’s rice cookers allows you to explore culinary arts and create dishes ranging from dumplings to brown rice. Try something different by making banana chocolate chip cookies in the device; you’ll be surprised. 

5) DCIGNA 1.2L Small Rice Cooker, Steam rice in Micom Rice cooker


DCIGNA 1.2L Mini Rice Cooker, Electric Lunch Box, Travel Rice Cooker Small, Removable Non-stick Pot, Keep Warm Function, Suitable For 1-2 People - For Cooking Soup, Rice, Stews, Grains & Oatmeal
  • Portable Rice Cooker - Size: 7.9"H x 6.8"W; Capacity: 1.2L, suitable for 1-2 people; Cooking Rice Time: About 30mins, 200W, 110V.
  • Multifunction Mini Rice - Our mini electric cooker can not only cook rice, but also cook oatmeal, stew, Soup, quinoa, pasta, and even steamed veggies.
  • Keep Warm Function - This mini rice cooker has updated with a keep Warm function and indicator light, never overheat or overcook ingredients again, making for a...
  • Portable & Compact Design - This mini rice cooker has a comfortable handle, suitable for you take it to everywhere. A must have for that first apartment,...
  • Package Includes - Our 200-watt mini rice cooker is backed by a 30 Days manufacturer warranty and includes a rice paddle, steaming pan, measuring cup, removable...

If you are looking for a small rice cookers on a budget and need to get food out for 1-2 people. The DCIGNA is a cooking pot your kitchen needs. You can cook rice, quinoa, pasta and so much more with these small cookers, and save so much time! Don’t worry about the food going cold after it’s made. The device has a wonderful function to keep it warm and not to overheat the cooked ingredients. You can also take it along wherever you go, and if you find yourself in a pickle, just call up the customer service available 24 hours a day. The bonus is the 30-day manufacturing warranty so that you can use the device with ease. Take a look at our list of the best quiet blenders available online and start upgrading your kitchen today. 

What we liked:

  • Cooks rice in about 20 – 30 minutes
  • Compact and very light to carry
  • One-touch function, used for a wide range of foods
  • Easy cleaning over the lid
  • Automatically shifts to warm function after cooking
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Affordable price

Additional Features:

  • We loved how we could make different kinds of foods ranging from rice to meat and have a clean device at the end (easy to clean)

6) Aroma Housewares Digital Cool-Touch Mini Rice Cooker


Aroma Housewares (MRC-903D) Mi 3-Cup (Cooked) (1.5-Cup UNCOOKED) Digital Cool Touch Mini Rice Cooker,White
  • Capacity: 2 to 3 cups of cooked rice
  • sleek handle design that easily lifts up and snaps down
  • Easy-to-use, programmable digital controls with automatic Keep-Warm and White Rice and Brown Rice functions
  • Removable nonstick Cooking Pot with Cooking Lid
  • Top rack dish washer safe

What are the basic functions you need to look for in a rice cooker? Getting the rice cooked perfectly, automatic shut-off, cooking other foods, no water wastage, and the speed of cooking the rice. This Aroma product, a good rice cooker, meets all these requirements and looks incredible. The budget-friendly appliance is on our list because of its simple use and the wonderful nonstick feature within the device. It is dishwasher safe and keeps rice warm after use. What impressed us in the Aroma small rice cooker was how you could make desserts in the pot and set timers for vegetables and meat. 

What we liked:

  • Cooks 2-3 cup of rice in one session
  • Nonstick inner pot, easy to clean
  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • One-touch design
  • Multi-function for rice, quinoa, vegetable, and cooking meat
  • Light and portable

Additional Features:

  • Expect a measuring cup and scoop along with the device. If you are thinking of starting a good lifestyle without cooking food in too much water, start with this product. 

Interesting Fact:

The rice cooker usually takes much less power than an electric stove and gets you fluffy rice with half the water requirement. Additionally, these devices are also easy on the bank and work with a wide range of food products.  

Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Small Rice Cookers

Small rice cooker get fluffy rice cooked out in a matter of minutes. That said and done, other factors can separate the best products online from cheaper alternatives. Here’s our list of factors that make our list of the best mini cooker for rice:

  1.  Capacity: If your rice cooker cooked at most 2 cups of rice, which would efficiently serve two people, the mini rice cooker is clearly too small to handle the task. 
  2.  Water ratio: Mini cookers work quickly and keep the water from escaping too soon. Make sure your mini stove works with a 1:1 rate for rice and water. 
  3.  Multi-function: To save time, pick a device that can do more than just cook rice. The best mini cooker for rice is a device that can cook vegetables and meat as well. This gives you more bang for your buck. 
  4.  Price: Consider the cost of your device as paying too much for too little ruins your investment. The products listed above cover all the vital requirements of a mini rice cooker and so much more, all at a budget.  
  5.  Ease of use: One button functions save you time. Choose a device that does not require complex operations to handle and can be cleaned easily after use. This way, you can prepare more than one dish quickly and clean out the device with ease. 

Did you know?

The electric rice cooker was developed in Japan around 1955 as an automatic device. Before this, electric cooker development started in 1926. It looks like it took quite a while to get the formula right!


1) Can I cook vegetables in the mini rice cooker right after cooking rice?

A) We suggest rinsing out the device before preparing a new dish. This way, the flavor and taste of the previous dish do not stay inside the machine. You won’t have a problem as cleaning these cookers is easy.  

2) Are mini rice cookers better, or is a larger cooker better?

A) Purchasing this device is an investment and should be bought as per your requirement. If you have a large family or requirement, the more significant option is always better. However, if you are cooking for 2-3 people, the best mini cooker for rice is your best option. 

3) How do I clean the mini cooker for rice?

A) Clean the machine the same way you would any other utensil. It is a nonstick pot that works with electricity, so make sure you dry it out before it’s next use. Additionally, you can use a dishwasher to clean out the product. Take a look at our list of the best commercial dishwashers for home use.  

4) What is the size of smallest rice cooker? 

A) Most common rice cooker brands like Tiger, Zojirushi, etc provide size of minimum 3 cup rice. However, you can find rice cookers with the capacity of as little as 1 cup of rice as well. Small rice cookers are in demand as they are portable, good for travel freaks and therefore available in different sizes. Moreover. It is recommended to buy a rice cooker of at least 3 cup size. 


The best mini rice cooker available on the market can ease your time spent in the kitchen. For working professionals, these devices are a real boon and help you spend time on your work, rather than monitoring the machine in the kitchen. Additionally, you choose from our list above with detail reviews, and you’ll see how much simpler life can be. Sprout and Press have worked on easing life in the kitchen and at home, ensuring you are always up to date and informed on new healthy practices and appliances for your everyday life. Lastly, check out the health benefits of juice on the skin and your body, and begin your healthy journey. 

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