Best Clay Tea kettle- A Definitive Guide to Top 5 Picks (Fully Updated)

Today, everything we buy for our kitchen is screened, processed with chemicals. For this reason, I always get a little worried about unsafe cookware for my family. Moreover, the main struggle is for tea or coffee lovers. Many kettles are food unsafe and contaminate the tea. Thus, one of the best ways to enjoy a safe and delicious cup of tea is with the best clay tea kettle. Clay is one of the oldest materials to be used in the kitchen and cookware. Furthermore, it is one of the safest materials to cook food in.

Best Clay tea kettle will preserve your food’s nutrition and do not contaminate it with other bacteria or processed chemicals. Moreover, clay is a healthy element for our bodies. Thus, there are no worries even if some parts get mixed with your food. So, do not wait and purchase the best clay tea kettle for your tea time. But, earlier, I used to struggle a lot while finding the best one for my family. As many brands do not use pure clay in the product, contaminating the tea. Therefore, I have done rigorous research and have reviewed some of the best clay tea kettles in this post. I have also discussed buying guides, reviews, and FAQs.

Thus, what are your waiting for? Read this post and find the right match for your safe tea time.

Why use a clay tea kettle?

Tea is the best part of my day. It is my go-to when I am feeling cold, hot, lazy, or having Monday blues. Thus, having a perfect tea kettle is a significant part of tea making. The tea kettle boils the water quickly and eases up the tea-making process. I use my best tea kettle at my home, workplace and even use it for traveling. It will offer you a perfectly brewed tea avoiding over or under brewing. But, selecting from the lot can be a stressful task balancing utility and looks. Keeping this in mind, our experts have endeavored to present the best products, so check out our expert listings of the best tea kettle.

Furthermore, you can find a Turkish clay tea kettle in the market to fulfill both your needs- safety and looks. It will surprise you with its beautiful looks and optimum functions. Sometimes, I even use my Turkish tea kettle as a showpiece in my house. Furthermore, it develops a beautiful patina over time and makes the tool antiquity. It is a simple brilliance of utility, looks, functions, and safety. To have some more alternatives, you can glance at our expert listings of the best turkish tea kettle.

Furthermore, I was delighted after having a clay kettle in my kitchen. It meets all of my requirements and satisfies me with its safe and healthy tea. If you are thinking about why to buy a clay kitchen tool, then look at the following-

1. Soften the texture of water

A clay tea kettle is the best one to extract the flavor of the tea leaves purely. The unglazed clay softens the texture of water and makes infusion perfectly. Moreover, the drink looks delicious and silkier on your cup. I prefer a clay tea kettle for all my tea and housewarming parties. Furthermore, you can buy an electric one with an infuser to extract the pure flavor from the leaves and serve your guests a luscious shot of tea. I also like to use an infuser when I am having Monday blues to extract the flavor adequately. Thus, if you also want this tool for your Monday blues, here’s your ready reckoner of the best electric tea kettle with infuser.

2. It retains all the aromatic oils

This benefit is what prompted me the most to buy a clay tea kettle. Gradually, the porous clay retains all the oils of tea you brewed in it. I was pretty delighted to see that you can also use a programmable tea kettle to save your requirements for future use. Moreover, there is no need to set the specifications repeatedly. Thus, set the specifications the first time, and voila! You can brew the same tea again with ease. The programmable tool can also retain all the aromatic oils of your tea leaves. Thus, no need to waste your time and have a delectable tea while working at your desk.

Now that we have talked about programmable kettles, you can visit our website and check out the best programmable tea kettle listings.

3. Makes every tea, including green tea

As mentioned above, you can make any tea in this kettle. This feature blows my mind as earlier I used to buy different products for different flavors. But, this will not be the case for you. Buy a clay tea kettle and brew any tea you want. Moreover, it is the best one to make green tea when you want something healthy. Thus, indirectly it can be your push to go healthy some days and make a tasty green tea with it. Moreover, brewing green tea is a breeze with this product. Here are our ready listings of the best kettle for green tea for more such fantastic options.

4. Portable for traveling

Are you tired of drinking different types of tea while traveling and crave your favorite one? So, no worries, this one will be a perfect product to carry with you on vacation. You can find some clay kettles in small sizes, perfect for traveling and holidays. Thus, stop floundering and take it with you to have a tempting cup of tea in chilling mountains. My grandmother and I used to carry our kettle on vacations and drink some delicious tea while chatting. To enrich your holidays and travel with friends and family, I am here with our expert listings of the best travel tea kettle.

5. Modern looks with modern functions

Finding a kettle with modern looks and functions is quite a task. But, you do not have to struggle with this product. It will mesmerize you with its unique look and modern functions. You can find a product with some advanced modern functions that can ease up your tea-making process. Moreover, it will surprise you with a delectable beverage. You can also get an auto-shut-off feature and others with this kitchen utility. Moreover, if you want more alternatives for the best modern tea kettle, we have more in-store.

6. Large size

Having a giant tea kettle (3-4 quarts) can be very helpful in the kitchen. It can heat the base quickly. Moreover, the heat will distribute equally, offering a perfectly brewed tea. Another benefit of a 3-quart kettle is you can easily clean the tool from the inside. So, don’t wait and get one for yourself. Moreover, we have also collated a list of a large tea kettles on the best 3-quart tea kettle.

7. Rust-free

Another significant benefit of having a tea kettle is its rust-free feature. Finding a tool that will stay with you for decades is like hitting the jackpot. And, with this clay kettle, it looks like you hit the jackpot. Clay tea kettle is rust and corrosion-free. Moreover, it will offer you safe and healthy tea. Thus, you can put it anywhere and use it for your daily chores. As long as you take care of the tool, it will remain rust-free. Talking about rust-free products, copper will surprise you with its elegance and high functions. The copper kettle will be your best bud for a longer time. To make your shopping journey easier, take a look at our listings of the best copper tea kettle.

8. Eco-friendly

By using this tool, you can play a role in sustaining the environment. Its eco-friendly feature adds more charm to this par excellence tool. Clay is a natural material, and there is no chemical used in a clay tea kettle. Thus, it is an environment-friendly tool alongside offering high functions and elegant looks. Moreover, you can use it daily and protects the environment on an individual level (need of the hour). Furthermore, to have some unique eco-friendly options, here is a collated list of the best ecofriendly tea kettle.

Using a clay tea kettle is the best choice for your tea time. This one is the sheer brilliance of utility, safety, looks, functions, and eco-friendly material. For more additional information on clay cookware and its history, read this article.

Did You Know?
Though we use plastic containers with our microwaves, they can be harmful as they release toxins and chemicals. Thus, clay tea kettle and cookware is the best and safest choice to use in your microwave. Moreover, it is high heat-resistant.

Best Clay Tea Kettle Summarized

#1. Teapot 8.5Oz Chinese Yixing Zisha Clay Tea KettleBuy this kettle and carry it to your college. Moreover, this can be your savior with a glass-top stove. Undoubtedly, the features surpass the prices.

#2. Teapot 8.5Oz Chinese Yixing Zisha Clay Handmade Fanggu Plum Kettle It is a perfect blend of high quality, utility, and looks. Moreover, it is one of the pure clay tea kettles on the market. Thus, a big thumbs up from my side.

#3. Cuisinart Peak Porcelain Enamel on Steel Tea Kettle, White– It will make a perfect housewarming gift due to its enamel coating. Additionally, its whistling feature is quite handy when multitasking.

#4.ZENS Teapot with Infuser, Matte Ceramic Japanese Tea KettleThis is a high-quality tea kettle with a durable design. Moreover, the ceramic material is eco-friendly and perfect for brewing a luscious and nutritious tea.

#5.Authentic Yixing Teapot Dragon Clay Tea Set KettleThis clay tea kettle is best in class. Now, you can make a delectable and tempting cup of tea. Moreover, it is easy in your pocket!

Best Clay Tea Kettle- Features and Reviews

#1. Teapot 8.5Oz Chinese Yixing Zisha Clay Tea Kettle

Teapot 8.5Oz Chinese Yixing Zisha Clay Tea Pot Handmade Ceramic Shipiao Pottery Purple Mud Kungfu Kettle Filter Loose Puer
  • Product name:Shipiao pot. Raw material: zisha clay, purple mud,yixing raw ore.Add only air and water, healthy and eco-friendly. Capacity: about 250ml.suitable...
  • Design: Golden ratio ,framework perfect, multiple equilateral triangulation molding,mounth strong, dragon handle beautiful; comfortable to hold.14 hole...
  • Exquisite craft:The spout, lid and handle are connected into a line. exquisite workmanship,Nesting technology design, good sealing.Vertical 90 degrees, the lid...
  • Suitable for soaking oolong tea, puer tea, green tea, tieguanyin Dahongpao tea, black tea, etc all kinds of loose tea.
  • Warranty: we provide authentic purple sand pot warranty, gift bags and safety ropes are given to our customers

Do you also crave a luscious cup of tea when tired from college work? Now, stop craving and have a delicious drink with a Chinese Yixing Zisha tea kettle. Due to its portability, you can take it to your college. Moreover, keep it in the college dorm room and drink tasty tea on lazy mornings. I was pretty pleased with its feature of carrying it in college and brewing tea in few minutes. You can make enough cups of tea from this utility at one time. Thus, make tempting tea and drink it with your college buddies. To have more best tea kettle for college options, do visit our website and read the article.

What’s interesting is you can use it with any stovetop. So, stop floundering about finding one for your glass top stove and buy it. Moreover, it transfers the heat fastly, preventing the glass from cracking. I am pretty happy with the feature, as many other kettles lack it. Moreover, the pure brown color and a classy look prompted me to put the tool on the list. It is undoubtedly a fantastic choice for your big tea parties. Another feature that sways me is its comfortable handles alongside being beautiful with Chinese engravings.

What’s else to expect is a risk-free and satisfactory purchase from the brand’s side. Furthermore, you will get a warranty on the tool on any quality issues. Therefore, no need to worry and put all your trust in this kitchen tool. Another quite exciting detail is its versatility. Now, you can make oolong, puer, green, black, and Dahongpao tea. So, buy it before thinking twice, and you will not regret it.

User Experience

There were excellent and positive reviews about this product. Moreover, I found many users pleased with its packaging, firm and comfortable grip. They adored its portability, best for use in college. In addition, others were delighted with the gorgeous dragon handles and well-built. Many vouch for this product with confidence. Other customers were quite pleased with its easy usage on glass top stove. Many buyers applaud the tool for its versatility and elegant looks. I found many customers who ordered this and are now excited to use the tool.

Moreover, the brand’s honesty and quality add charm to the product. To my surprise, I did not find any complaint regarding the tool. Thus, it looks like this one is everyone’s favorite.


  • This clay tea kettle is an excellent choice for college.
  • It offers beautiful and comfortable handles.
  • Versatility
  • Immense fan following
  • Best one for glass top stove
  • Additionally, the brand offers a warranty

My Verdict- It can make your tea time fun, vibrant and enriching. Moreover, versatility comes as a complimentary with this one.

Kettle for glass top stove is hard to find but is a simple brilliance of utility, quality, and functions. It can transfers the heat fast and brew tea in few minutes. But, are you tired of finding one for your glass top stove? Then, stop seeing as I am here with our collated list of the best tea kettle for glass top stove.

#2. Teapot 8.5Oz Chinese Yixing Zisha Clay Handmade Fanggu Plum Kettle

Teapot 8.5Oz Chinese Yixing Zisha Clay Handmade Fanggu Plum blossom Pot Dahongpao Mud Kungfu Kettle Pottery Filter Loose Tea
  • Product name: Fanggu Plum flower pot. Raw material: zisha clay, Dahongpao mud,yixing raw ore.Add only air and water, healthy and eco-friendly. Capacity: about...
  • Beautiful: Artist Wang guowang(王国望) Painted Plum Blossoms Classic Retro Pot.Ear handle, seven-hole water filter
  • Exquisite craft:hand-made,exquisite workmanship,Clear seal in pot Inner wall cover bottom,Collection of high-quality Zisha teapot.
  • Suitable for soaking oolong tea, puer tea, green tea, tieguanyin Dahongpao tea, black tea, etc.all kinds of loose tea.
  • Warranty: we provide authentic purple sand pot warranty, gift bags and safety ropes are given to our customers

Are you frustrated with the slow boiling process while making tea? Then this product will be your solution to the problem. You can use a Chinese Yixing Zisha Clay Kettle to heat the water faster and maintain heat longer. Moreover, it is famous for its durability and elegant look. Furthermore, it will blow your mind with its versatility. You can make oolong, green, black tea, and all kinds of loose tea. But, the Yixing Clay tea kettle is much more than being just a clay tool. It has a great capacity, perfect for 3-4 people and everyday use. However, make sure not to fill the kettle till the top to avoid overflowing.

Moreover, I am excited about its healthy and delicious tea, backed by its natural and pure clay material. This product is made from Dahongpao mud that can enhance the taste of any tea you brew in it. I was pretty pleased to brew any tea in this kettle with an enriching and delectable taste. Furthermore, it offers broad functional scope to use beyond boiling water. You can use the kettle to flush scented and fruit tea and also brew oolong tea. So, why are you waiting to have this versatile and unique product? Go and buy this Chinese kettle for yourself.

Chinese Yixing tea kettle can soften the texture of water, making it sweet and soft. Moreover, it looks beautiful in a classic plum blossom pattern. Furthermore, it is food and BPA-safe and offers a healthy tea to you. Its feature of gifting blows my mind. Comes in a beautiful wooden box, this kettle is perfect for gifting at housewarming parties. As a bonus, this one is easy to wash with hands. However, make sure not to wash it in the dishwasher.

User Experience

I found users in admiration of this product in terms of its utility, quality, and features. Many buyers regretted not buying it earlier. However, many even show little doubt before buying but enough pleased after using it. I found many reviewers praising the tool for its pure clay material and adequate capacity. Moreover, many tea lovers were quite happy with this product. They adore its easy wash property and also the natural mud that enhances the flavor of any tea. Many customers applaud the brand for its consistency in kitchen products. However, on the other side, I found many people considering it expensive. In my opinion, features, without a doubt, surpass the price.


  • Large capacity
  • One of the best natural clay tea kettle
  • Moreover, it is easy to wash and use.
  • High quality and beautiful looks
  • Versatility
  • Furthermore, the dahongpao mud enhances the taste of any tea.
  • High fan following
  • Additionally, it makes a great gift.


  • However, it is expensive.
  • It is lightweight

My Verdict- If you are a fan of pure clay material and elegant looks, go for this unique product. Moreover, it will surprise you with enriching and delectable tea.

#3. Cuisinart Peak Porcelain Enamel Tea Kettle, White

Cuisinart Peak Porcelain Enamel on Steel Tea Kettle, White
  • Holds 2-quart of water
  • Porcelain enamel on steel
  • Net weight: 2-1/2-pound
  • Pleasant whistling sound reliably signals boiling water
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Earlier, I used to over-brew my tea while chatting with my friends. But, this will not be the case for you with the Cuisinart Peak tea kettle. It comes with a whistle that can signals you with a tone when the water is boiled. Thus, sit and chat with your buddies without worrying about the kettle kept on the stove. It will boil the water at an optimum rate and alerts you with a sweet and harmonica bell. Moreover, it is way too easy to use, perfect for your kids, thanks to the whistle feature. Thus, it is a great choice when multi-tasking. For more such excellent options, go to our website and read our article on the best whistling tea kettle.

Moreover, it offers a 2-quart space that can be a great help in the kitchen. So, do not flounder to make tea again for your guests and use this kettle. One feature that sways me is its pure white color and shiny look that can add magic to my kitchen. Washing and cleaning the product is a breeze! Pour the liquid soap, rinse in water, and voila! It looks new again. Moreover, it is made of porcelain (mixing of enamel and clay), best for brewing a delicious tea. Furthermore, this material will surprise you with its quick heating feature alongside looking elegant at the countertop.

You can use this kitchen utility with all of your stoves except the ceramic. Furthermore, it looks like you hit the jackpot with this clay kettle due to its high durability. You can be assured that the product will last for many generations as compared to other kettles. Additionally, the brand provides a lifetime warranty that enhances the value of the product. I was pretty surprised by its materials that include stainless steel, clay, and porcelain. Thus, it offers you varied benefits and uses in the kitchen and will enrich your tea-making adventures.

User Experience

Reviewers loved how heavy-duty the kettle is and works for decades. I was delighted to see such positive reviews about its utility and whistling feature. Its fan following is also visible in the global amazon rating of 4.5. For many users, this gadget has become their favorite one for summer evenings. Many users gifted it to their close ones and have entirely recommended the tool. I found some people treating the product like a jackpot for their kitchen chores. They admired the device for its shiny, glossy look and large capacity. In addition, this is one brand that inspired great products and honesty. But, an issue experienced by some users is that the plastic on top is melting when boiling water. Others also find out the water is dripping from the kettle.


  • It has a 2-quart large capacity
  • Whistling kettle
  • Moreover, it is an excellent choice as a gift.
  • It offers a shiny look.
  • Furthermore, it comes in a pure white beautiful color.
  • Washing is easy-peasy.
  • Easy to use
  • Additionally, the brand offers a lifetime warranty


  • However, the plastic melts while boiling.
  • Water is dripping from the kettle.

My Verdict- This combination of looks, advanced features, and utility is hard to find. Moreover, it is made from enamel and clay, perfect for all your tea chores. Thus, it is a fantastic buy!

An enamel tea kettle is a great choice when brewing different flavors in one pot. Backed by the feature of rust-free, it can stay with you for decades. Thus, to give you more choices, here is a listing of the best enamel tea kettle.

#4. ZENS Teapot with Infuser,Matte Ceramic Japanese Tea Kettle

ZENS Teapot with Infuser,Matte Ceramic Japanese Tea Pot for Loose Leaf Tea, 27 Ounces Porcelain Teapots White for Women Gift with Modern Bentwood Handle, 800ml
  • ✔ SMOOTH MATTE CERAMIC TEAPOT: Crafted with thicker porcelain and has a matte glazed surface that offers a very smooth touching.This teapot is 800ml, perfect...
  • ✔ MODERN CHINESE TEAPOT: The bentwood handle gives this ceramic teapot an oriental touch. It can be turned 90 ° to the side for easy filling and can be...
  • ✔ FINE MESH TEA INFUSER: This stylish porcelain tea pot with integrated stainless steel strainer fits exactly into the teapot and has very small holes so that...
  • ✔PORCELAIN TEA POT : This durable japanese teapot itself is dishwasher safe. Please remove the wooden handle before putting it in the dishwasher. it is...
  • ✔ BEST TEAPOT GIFT: With an elegant and safe gift package that is very welcome to the tea lover and fits your modern home in a minimalist style. Ideal gift...

The best thing I liked about this gadget is its ceramic material. Its ceramic coating will not mix or blend the different flavors of drinks altogether. Instead, you can make different flavors of beverages in one pot. Thus, boil the water, add the leaves, and voila! You can get a perfectly brewed, delicious tea. Moreover, ceramic is a mixture of clay, making it eco-friendly and food-safe. It is rust-free and will stay with you for a long time. Another feature that pleased me is the excellent heat retention and transmission. So, you can make a delicious tea in few minutes and serve it at your tea parties. Furthermore, this kettle comes with a vast capacity of 800ml, suitable for 2-3 people.

What’s more to expect from the product? It will offer you an elegant and attractive look with a golden handle design. Thus, it can become a centerpiece of your favorite kitchenware collection. This Zens teakettle will also make you applaud for its sturdy and robust texture. Therefore, it can withstand all the wear and tear without getting damaged. Moreover, the handle can turn 90 degrees to the side of easy filling and pouring. Furthermore, it can make your work easy by boiling the water and brewing tea in the same utensil. In turn, it saves your money.

Additionally, it will make a fantastic choice for gifting to your close ones. It can fulfill both the needs- functional and decorative. Thus, buy or give this one and explore its unlimited uses in your kitchen. Moreover, it is easy to clean by rinsing under hot water. If you love to have different tea flavors every day, this kettle will be your best bud.  So, don’t think twice and purchase this ceramic kitchen tool.

User Experience

Many people share their experiences with this kettle and how it stays with them for a longer time. Some users were quite happy with its price, quality, and durability. It has a firm grip, and users adored its excellent material. Furthermore, I found people loving its sturdy and robust texture. In addition, they were happy with the price and color of the tool. Above all, this brand has a reputed history and is praised by the audience. However, some pointed out that the handle gets very hot on the flip side, making it difficult to carry the gadget. Nevertheless, this isn’t a deal-breaker.


  • It comes in a pure white color with great golden handles.
  • Ceramic coated
  • Easy to wash and use
  • Moreover, it comes at an affordable price.
  • Sturdy and robust texture.
  • In addition, it is a great tool to gift.


  • However, the handle gets hot after some use.

My Verdict- This ceramic coated Zens tea kettle is here to make your kitchen chores easier. Buy this ceramic clay kettle before it goes out of stock. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity!

#5. Authentic Yixing Teapot Dragon Clay Tea Set Kettle

Authentic Yixing Teapot Dragon and Phoenix Tea Pot Big Capacity Purple Clay Tea Set Kettle Kung Fu Teapot (Black)
  • Very gorgeous tea pot grapping on hand,special design purple clay material,my father very cherish it
  • 510ML,durable,handmade purely
  • Kungfu tea priority choice tea pot,Tradictional chiness style
  • High level Drinkware Type: Coffee & Tea Sets
  • Tea good for help,and it good for tea

The Tongyou’s Clay tea kettle will be the best pick if you need a multi-purpose product. You can use it to brew different flavors of tea. Because of its ample space, it is appropriate to make 3-4 cups of tea at one time. Moreover, a feature that is quite impressive is its handmade feature. It has a gorgeous design with pure brown color and comes with beautiful cravings. I was pretty delighted with its clay material that enriches the flavor of your tea. Thus, drink a luscious shot of tea on summer evenings. You can even make gongfu tea (a Chinese method) and enjoy it with your buddies and family.

The beautiful looks and elegant handle can delight you every day. In comparison to other clay kettles, it has gorgeous-looking handles. I was pretty impressed with the slightly curved spout that offers easy pouring and firm grip while serving tea. This clay kettle is engraved with a dragon-like pattern which symbolizes natural simplicity and purity. Moreover, it has an internal filter, perfect for offering you a healthy and tasty beverage.

What’s more to expect? You will get a clay teapot and a manual guide with the package. I was pretty pleased with this guide as it will give a clear idea of using the product. Moreover, you will get friendly customer service alongside a warranty. So, read its specifications and click to “Add to cart now” before it goes out of stock.

User Experience

Users were impressed with its vast, flat base and high-quality clay material. Additionally, customers were delighted with its advanced properties and beautiful brown color. Many buyers applaud its heavy-duty, which is the right match for all your tea parties. I found many users delighted with the idea of gifting this product to their friends and family. However, their concern is the slipping handles. Besides this, it is a great product to have!


  • A large size
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to wash and use
  • Moreover, it has a beautiful brown color
  • This clay kettle is perfect for gifting.
  • Furthermore, you will get a manual guide.
  • This kettle is perfect for gongfu brewing.
  • In addition, you will get friendly customer service.


  • However, the handles are slipping.

My Verdict- A great buy for price and quality. Subsequently, excellent user reviews mark confidence in the product. As a result, there is a big thumbs up for purchase from my side.

Best Clay Tea Kettle- Buying Guide

1. Stovetop vs. Electric tea kettle

Using an electric or stovetop kettle has its pros and cons. Thus a significant decision firstly is choosing between a stovetop kettle or an electric one for yourself. If you are looking for more convenience in tea-making, an electric one will be the right choice. Moreover, it comes with different modern features like controlling the temperature, auto-shutoff, and LED light features. It can make your tea at a quick rate with a delicious taste. Furthermore, we have collated a listing of the best electric tea kettle to enhance your options. However, it can be more expensive than any other product and will take more space on your countertop.

In contrast, you can go for a stovetop kettle if looking for an affordable product. It can offer you more designs, sizes, and colors. Moreover, the stovetop product is easier to find in the market than the electric kettle. Thus, you have enormous options in the market for your tea-time. Ask yourself which one you prefer? Specify your needs and daily time to use the kettle and choose accordingly. For more alternatives, check out the best tea kettle for gas stove.

2. Size 

It is another vital consideration to look at before buying the product. You can buy a large clay tea kettle if you are looking for ease in cleaning. Moreover, a large kettle equally distributes the heat and is perfect for a large family. I was pretty delighted with its use for brewing luscious gongfu tea. It brews gongfu tea, purely extracting the flavor without under/over brewing. Therefore, if you are a gongfu tea lover, a large kettle is the right match for you! Furthermore, you can look at some fantastic options of the best tea kettle for gongfu brewing.

However, I prefer to have a small tea kettle when going on camping or hiking. It is easier to carry around and making a tasty shot of tea while trekking. Thus, if you are a camping freak, buy a small one and drink tea sitting beside a bonfire. A small tea kettle is a par excellence tool for small family or friends groups. Thus, I am here with some fantastic choices to enrich your camping experiences.

3. Water absorption

The best clay tea kettle will be the one that is porous enough to absorb water quickly. Thus, this factor is crucial to check before making a purchase. If the water is not getting soaked, the clay is not of good quality. Moreover, there is 0% usage of plastic in a clay tea kettle. As, plastic does not absorb water, making it unsafe to brew tea or cook food. I prefer a kettle that absorbs the water and dry the kettle quickly, backed by its nonplastic usage. Are you worried about plastic use in your kettle? Keeping this in mind, our experts have endeavored to present the best products, so check out our expert listing of the best non plastic tea kettle.

4. Material

You can find many kettles in the market varying due to their material. I find materials like stainless steel, glass, copper, and enamel tea kettle. If you are looking for something that can stay for decades, go for stainless steel. It is known for its durability and lasts for a longer time. Moreover, it is a robust material and will not get damaged due to any scratches while using it. I consider stainless steel as my best friend in the kitchen. Are you looking for a steel kettle for yourself? Then I have my expert listings on the best stainless steel tea kettle to offer you products with durability and sturdy texture.

Another material that you can go with is a glass tea kettle. It can make you smile every day with its beautiful and elegant looks. Moreover, it is the right one to use for your tea parties. I was pretty delighted with seeing my water boil from the glass kettle and making tea accordingly. Moreover, glass is best for brewing iced tea, oolong tea, and black tea. Therefore, if you are a fan of elegant products, go for this product. To have some alternatives, check out our post on the best glass tea kettle.

5. Other advanced features

Who does not like to buy tools that can ease up our chores? Thus, this is a vital pointer to check before purchasing a clay tea kettle. You can find many advanced tea kettles in the market to offer you comfort and a delicious drink. You can find some kettles with a wifi feature that allows you to link with your phone and control from anywhere, anytime. I liked the wifi kitchen tool as it offers you unique technology advanced features. You can take a look at our listings of the best wifi tea kettle.

Moreover, I prefer to have a cordless kettle in my kitchen. Amazingly, you do not have to plug this in and brew tea anytime, anywhere! Moreover, a cordless tool can give you some higher functions and sleek designs. It is a simple brilliance of utility, design, looks, and advanced features. It is specifically designed to cater to the needs of people who are busy with their work schedules. Read our article about the best cordless tea kettle for some great options.

Tea Steeper?

You can find several electric tea kettles with a tea steeper. Steeping is the process of extracting flavor from the solids to make a flavorsome tea. You can brew a delicious iced tea as well with the help of a tea steeper. Thus, decide beforehand if you want a kettle with tea steep or not? I prefer a tea steeper with my kettle to extract all the exotic and pure flavors from the leaves. If you are looking for kettles with tea steeper to enjoy your summer evenings. Here’s your ready reckoner of the best electric kettle with tea steep.

Other types

You can find other types of material of clay tea kettles on the market. Thus, choose according to your needs and analyzing the pros and cons of all the material. You can find a cast iron tea kettle in the lot. A cast iron tea kettle will keep the water warm for longer than a glass or stainless steel kettle. Moreover, it helps you steep the tea leaves evenly, extracting the pure flavor. I liked a cast-iron kettle as it distributes the water better than any other kettle. Thus, to provide you with an enriching brewing experience, I have a listing of the best cast iron tea kettle.


1. Can I make oolong tea with a clay tea kettle?

Yes, a clay tea kettle is an ideal choice to brew oolong tea. Moreover, you can make green, white, and gongfu tea as well in the clay tool. Clay kettle retains heat at a quick rate, great for making a perfectly brewed tea. Moreover, it keeps the tea hot for a more extended time. For more information on how to make oolong tea, read this article and enjoy your tea time.

2. How to wash and maintain a clay tea kettle?

Washing and maintaining the tea kettle is an easy-peasy task. To get clean instructions on how to do the same, look at the following-

  • Firstly, remove the wasted tea leaves from the kettle. You can use tweezers if the gadget is still hot.
  • After removing, rinse and fill the whole kettle with the lid in warm water for around 20 minutes.
  • After keeping it for 20 mins, dry the kettle with a towel along with the lid.

To have more clean instructions, you can read the manual first before using the product.

3. Which is the best kettle to use for restaurants?

I will highly recommend you to go for an electric kettle for your restaurants. It can make tea at a quick rate without comprising in flavors and taste. Moreover, it comes with several advanced features that can make your work easier. I am highly delighted with its auto-shut-off quality, which indirectly helps in saving the electricity bill. Thus, if you are looking for more such options, I am here with my expert listings of the best electric tea kettle for restaurants.

4. Can I control the temperature of my tea according to my needs?

Yes, undoubtedly, you can change the temperature according to your needs. You can find numerous tea kettles with a temperature control feature that can ease up your work. Moreover, with this feature, sit in your comfort and measure the temperature of your beverage. To make your tea adventures more enriching, I am here with my expert listings of the best tea kettle with temperature control.



To sum it up, I suggest you look at your needs and requirements before making a purchase. All the kettles mentioned above are of good quality and have high durability. Along with keeping top brands, I have also included affordable products. Overall, I would highly suggest you go for RUIKA Japanese Cast Iron Teapot Dragon Kettle My second favorite is Cuisinart Peak Porcelain Enamel on Steel Tea Kettle, White. Both are good products in terms of their quality and utility.

Now, you have an enormous list of the best clay tea kettle to select. So, don’t wait and choose a perfect one for yourself and make your tea making easier and vibrant.