Best Cast Iron Tea Kettle – List of Top 5 With Full Buying Guide (Latest)

Here is a list of the top 5 cast iron tea kettles that you should not miss! Boiling water in the kitchen is a basic chore. As a result, the list of the top cast iron tea kettles can help you in selecting a practical tea kettle for regular use. If you enjoy tea, you will be interested in learning more about cast iron tea kettles. You must be bored of looking for efficient tea kettles with cutting-edge technology. These cast iron tea kettles will undoubtedly speed up the entire tea-brewing process, allowing you to enjoy exquisite tea time.

Though there are numerous materials for teapots, cast iron is currently the most popular due to its attractive appearance and durability. Cast iron tea kettles are now found in a variety of cafes and restaurants. In this article, we’ll look at the finest cast iron kettles so you may pick the perfect cast-iron kettle for your house or for travel at your leisure. People who travel a lot and just can’t skip tea can take a look around at the best kettle for travel. Before we can do that, we need to understand a few fundamentals regarding cast iron tea kettles.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cast Iron Kettles

The advantages of choosing cast iron tea kettles over a plastic one can be many. First of all, cast iron is much more durable than plastic. Second, it is also lighter, which will make brewing a pot of tea much easier on your back and arms. I recommend purchasing a non-plastic tea kettle that has no plastic elements that come into contact with the water, or at the very least one that is BPA-free. 

You can also boil water on the programmable tea kettle as well, without having to add much extra water or worry about it heating up the kitchen. If you want to make tea, but don’t like sitting on the stove, this is one of the best choices for you. Take a look at our post for more options.

However, cast iron tea kettles can also have disadvantages. One of the first disadvantages of tea kettles made of cast iron is that they can rust easily. The best solution to this problem is to purchase a kettle that is cast iron that has a cover.

Another disadvantage of cast iron tea kettles is that they can be flimsy at the handles. It might be flimsy because you are not trying to make the kettle as strong as possible. This might actually cause the handle to break as you are wading through tea leaves. The best Cast Iron tea kettles handles are made from glass or wood, and they do not crack easily. 

You can also use a clay kettle as it has several advantages over metal kettles. Clay pots are ideal for boiling water and for making teas. Check out our expert listing of the best clay kettles for your needs.

Did You Know?

Cast iron has been used in cookware for thousands of years and is non-toxic. You don’t have to worry about drinking toxic chemicals along with your tea when you heat water in a Tetsubin. You can know more regarding the history of Tetsubin by clicking here.

If you don’t want the hassle of putting a kettle on the cooktop and remove it and then serve, you can check out our post on the best cordless tea kettles.

How to Clean a Cast Iron Tea Kettle

After learning about the advantages, you may be asking how you can extend the life of your cast iron tea kettles. It can only be done with proper care. You may take care of your cast iron tea kettles by following these steps:

  • To kill the microscopic living germs of the tea kettle, you must boil water in it. Bacteria can grow in damp, dark places like a cast iron tea kettle, so this step is critical.
  • To clean the kettle properly, you must remove the lid and diffuser from the teapot.
  • Swish the boiling water around to ensure that it comes into contact with all of the kettle’s sections.
  • Then you must pour out the water and wait for the kettle to cool down. Then thoroughly dry any leftover moisture. If necessary, use a dry cloth.
  • Invert the cast-iron kettle. If there is any excess water within the pot, wipe it clean immediately to avoid rust.
  • Last but not least, you must clean the diffuser correctly since a brew will not be as good if the diffuser is not clean.

You can get yourself a beautiful glass kettle if cleaning troubles you. Glass kettles are easier to clean as compared to cast iron kettles. You can refer to best glass kettles for more options.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Cast Iron Tea Kettle – A Buyer Guide

You can put your trust in cast iron tea kettles when it comes to the best cookware for brewing tea. Not only can you prepare your tea with a traditional touch, but you can also offer your body a healthy boost of minerals with these cast iron tea kettles. You can also look at our expert listings of the best tea kettle and buy the one according to your needs.

However, there are various factors to consider before purchasing the best-cast iron tea kettle. Which one will fit in your cupboard? How much money are you willing to spend on a tea kettle? What type of handles will you like best? Once you consider all of these things, you will have a much easier time picking out the right cast-iron kettle for you.


You should think about the quality of a cast-iron kettle before buying one. The quality of the product is determined by the manufacturing site. You can purchase cast iron kettles from any store, but the quality will be inferior to an original cast iron tea kettle. Japan produces the best cast-iron tea kettles. The art of making cast iron tea kettles has been mastered by the Japanese.

You can also use an eco-friendly tea kettle to make a tea that remains flavorful and leaves you feeling refreshed. Don’t forget to check out our expert listing of eco-friendly tea kettles.


Check the origin of a cast iron tea kettle before purchasing it. Tea kettles made of cast iron were initially produced in Japan and China. As a result, the best cast-iron tea kettles are made naturally in these two countries. If you’re looking for the best cast-iron kettle for your cooktop or wood stove, be sure the seller provides you with accurate information about its origin.

Many people enjoy drinking Turkish coffee. Not only does it taste great, but it also has many health benefits. Check out our expert listing of the best Turkish tea kettles for more options.

Alternatively, for beverages ranging from black tea and chocolate to French press and baby formula, consider an electric kettle with temperature control settings.


Design is a crucial factor. Because the cast iron tea kettles are handcrafted, they have a great deal of attention to detail. Cast iron tea kettles are elegantly made with attractive flat handles and eggshell finishes, ranging from plain to extravagant. These tea kettles can also be embellished with traditional Japanese emblems or designs such as the Imperial Dragon.

A cast iron tea kettle will undoubtedly enhance the appearance of your kitchen. In addition, it will reflect your personality. You may also purchase the entire cast iron tea set with the tea kettle to make the tea serving process easier.

These kettles look more traditional than anything in the house. Want more aesthetic looks? Refer to our listing of the best enamel tea kettle to catch the eyes of your guests.


You must evaluate the tea kettle’s durability before selecting it to ensure its longevity. Even so, cast iron tea kettles are durable enough to withstand any damages. To prevent rusting and oxidation, several manufacturers coat the cast iron tea kettles with enamel. It ensures the cast iron tea kettle’s durability. The best cast-iron tea kettle is also going to be the most durable. A tea kettle made from cast iron will last for years without deteriorating. You can pour boiling water on top of the tea kettle, and it will not rust or damage the kettle. A tea kettle made from glass is going to be durable, but it will not last as long as the cast iron tea kettle. Well, if you are a college student and are looking for something compact and efficient, we have got a list of the best kettle for college students.

Another thing that you should look at when trying to determine which cast iron tea kettle is the best is how long the handle will last. The longer the handle is, the more likely it is to last. Of course, you will want a tea kettle that does not rust easily. The best Cast Iron tea kettle will not rust or become stained. 

You can also take a look at our list of modern tea kettles for some amazing modern-looking kettles.


Another key factor to consider before selecting a cast iron tea kettle is the capacity. Cast iron tea kettles come in a variety of sizes, from little to large. Looking for a 3 quarts tea kettle? Our experts have prepared a list to help you out.

You must select your cast iron tea kettle based on your needs. A 14 ounce cast iron tea kettle, for example, will be enough if you boil a cup of tea for yourself in the morning and evening. You must choose the larger sizes if you have a large family.

I found many restaurant owners using an electric kettle, backed by its quick rate to make tea for the customers. If you are looking for an electric kettle for your restaurant, our experts are here to help you out.

Did You Know?

Cast iron is virtually indestructible. With the proper care, a cast iron tea kettle could last forever.

Best Cast Iron Tea Kettle – A Summary List

#1 Primula Blue Floral Cast Iron Teapot – This item, which features a stunning floral design in a rich purple-blue color, will make every cup of tea a memorable experience.

#2 Camp Chef Cast Iron Tea Pot – It is tiny and easy to carry, measuring 5” in height and 7” in diameter, but it is a little heavy, weighing 6.5 pounds when empty.

#3 Sotya Tetsubin Japanese Tea Kettle – This model is distinguished by a beautiful cherry-flower pattern that harkens back to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

#4 TOWA Cast Iron Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser – This model may be put on the range because it has a large bottom and a heat-compatible structure, as long as the heat is kept at a low to moderate intensity.

#5 TOPTIER Cast Iron Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser – If you’d like to start your day off right with a great cup of tea, the TOPTIER cast iron tea kettle is the way to go. These kettles are large enough to make a large quantity of tea for your guests or for a family gathering.

List of Top 5 Cast Iron Tea Kettles

#1 Primula Blue Floral Cast Iron Teapot

Primula Blue Floral Cast Iron Teapot Japanese Tetsubin Stainless Steel Infuser for Loose Leaf Tea, Durable Construction, Enameled Interior, 34 oz
  • SET INCLUDES - (1) Blue floral 34 oz. Primula cast iron teapot with lid, (1) stainless steel infuser, use and care included in the package.
  • SUPERIOR FILTRATION SYSTEM - The stainless steel fine mesh infuser filter is perfect for loose leaf teas, keeping sediment out of your cup. Ideal teapot for...
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The inside of this cast iron teapot is coated with enamel, making this teapot very easy to clean, and does not require seasoning like other cast...
  • CAST IRON CONSTRUCTION - The heavy-duty cast iron construction offers superior heat retention, ensuring your tea will stay hot for hours of enjoyment.
  • BEAUTIFUL FLORAL DESIGN – the perfect tea accessory. Great gift idea for teachers, moms, the tea lover in your life, they are sure to appreciate the unique...

It has a 1-quart capacity and can keep water hot for a long time, so you don’t have to rush through your routine; instead, pour yourself another cup of tea if you feel like it.

The spout is S-shaped and generally straight, ensuring not just drip-free pouring but also a consistent water flow. The enamel-lined interior retains heat better and is easier to clean because it won’t rust over time. It also ensures that the iron does not contaminate the water, allowing you to benefit from the infusion’s qualities without ingesting any potentially harmful chemicals.

With this model, convenience is at its height, since it includes a stainless brewer, allowing you to put the tea leaves straight into the pot and let the brewing take place under ideal conditions. 

User Experience 

This is an excellent teapot; both very attractive and functional. Users were happy with this purchase. They liked that the build quality is very good and the kettle holds plenty of tea for four if you are having reasonably sized servings. One customer commented that she gets great-tasting tea and easy cleanup plus it’s so pretty which I agree to. Some users were complaining that the paint was coming off.


  • Gorgeous design makes it a nice functional décor piece
  • Easy to handle as it is more lightweight than other models
  • Enamel inner coating keeps the water chemical-free
  • Contains a stainless brewer for easy full-leaf tea steeping
  • Large spout offers excellent precision when transferring the water


  • Should not expose directly to heat
  • It has a rather low volume

My Verdict: It has a gorgeous classic-style design with cherry blossom flowers that may be used as the central focus of any tea set. The stainless brewer will save you time and effort when it comes to making tea. Go with this kettle without a doubt.

You can use this kettle to make awesome green tea for your morning. Check out our expert listing of the best green tea kettles for similar options.

#2 Camp Chef Cast Iron Tea Pot

Camp Chef Cast Iron Tea Pot
  • True Seasoned Finish cast iron pot with Enamel coated interior
  • Large metal handle for convenient pouring/carrying
  • Easy pour spout
  • Height: 5" - Diameter: 7" - Weight: 6 lb 5 oz
  • Holds 2 qt of liquid

It has a flat bottom, which makes it a perfect gas stove kettle or over an open fire without having to suspend it above the flame. It is made of black cast iron on the outside and enamel inlaid on the inside, and it is extremely corrosive-resistant while ensuring that the water remains clean and safe. 

The handle is strong and folds on both sides, making it easy to clean and fill the pot while holding it. It’s best to lock the handle at a perpendicular angle when heating it so it doesn’t touch the body. It can hold around 2 quarts of water, thus it has a significant volume that makes it suitable for a variety of kitchen tasks that requires hot water.

Because the nozzle is short and wide, you’ll be able to transfer water without producing any leaks. What’s more concerning is its weight, which at 6.5 pounds (empty) may make it difficult to handle.

User Experience 

Users liked the fact that this is a cast iron kettle with a ceramic lining to prevent rust on the inside. They loved the enameled interior. A customer commented that this teapot is heavy-duty, adds to their cottage decor, and gives them the humidity they hoped for. Some customers were having trouble with the installation of the handle.


  • Large enough to boil water for diverse household needs
  • Thick walls maintain the warmth inside
  • The handle turns for easy filling and wiping
  • You can use it on gas and fire cooktops without a problem
  • Resistant to deterioration


  • It is relatively weighty, making the pouring operation pretty difficult
  • The whole body gets hot, counting the handle

My Verdict: It’s compact, but it’s got a good handle and a removable lid that makes cleaning and refilling a breeze.

Looking for something to take along on camping? This is the best option for you. Our experts have made a detailed list of the best kettles for camping if you want more options.

#3 Sotya Tetsubin Japanese Tea Kettle

Cast Iron Teapot, Sotya Tetsubin Japanese Tea Kettle (1200ml, Black)
  • ★ 【BEST TEAPOT】 Cast iron teapots are all made of high quality cast iron, durable, beautiful and healthy.The best teapot/tea kettle for making flavored...
  • ★ 【PERFECT TEAPOT SIZE】 The size and weight of this iron teapot is just right. Full water capacity 1200ml/30oz,suitable for all kinds of scented tea and...
  • ★ 【BEAUTIFUL DESIGN】 SOTYA iron teapot - a traditional Japanese design, It is a masterful collection for tea lovers,with floral pattern reminiscent of...
  • ★ 【EASY TO CLEAN】 The inside of this cast iron teapot is coated with enamel, making this teapot very easy to clean, and does not require seasoning like...
  • ★ 【NOTE】If you have any problem after receiving the package, you can contact us at your free time. We will help solve your issues or ship a brand new...

It has a volume of 1,200 mL (30 oz. ), which is enough for one or two persons to make tea, and the material used in its construction ensures that the water stays hot for a long period. You can put it on the hotplate even if it’s a Tetsubin model, but you’ll have to keep an eye on the flames to make sure they don’t get too huge if you’re using a gas model or keep the heat within reasonable limits for other stove kinds.

The nozzle is S-shaped and short, allowing for drip-free pouring, and the holder is not only collapsible, allowing you to store the pot out of the way, but it also keeps the pot cool to the touch thanks to its rope grip. Plus, by following a few simple measures, such as cleaning and toweling the pot after each use, you can keep it in mint condition. 

User Experience 

Users liked that it came with a pamphlet on the history of this product and instructions on how to properly use it. They also commented that it’s absolutely amazing and gives a luxurious feeling when you make tea in this and mentioned that it looks more expensive than what it actually costs. One of the users commented that it’s an excellent product, and large enough to make 4-5 cups of tea. Some users, on the other hand, were complaining that the paint was chipping off and they faced trouble with the installation of the handle.


  • Cold-to-touch handle
  • Classic design
  • Brewer included
  • Easy to clean


  • The volume is not very generous
  • The tea strainer is prone to develop rust over time

My Verdict: It’s an excellent choice for brewing your morning tea because you can use it to both heat water and prepare the infusion. It is well-made and, because of its lightweight design, you can use it quickly.

Looking for a kettle with an infuser? Don’t worry, we got your back. Our experts have collated a list of electric kettles with infusers just for you.

#4 TOWA Cast Iron Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser

TOWA Workshop Japanese Tetsubin Tea Kettle Cast Iron Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser (900ml)
  • ✔Cast Iron Teapot - Towa Workshop Teapot FULL-LOAD CAPACITY: 30 oz / 900 ml, RECOMMENDED BOILING CAPACITY: 25 oz / 750 ml. The cast iron tea kettle allows...
  • ✔Convenient to Store - SERVE for 2-3 people, 3-4 cups WHEN the teapot is FULL-LOADED. The cast iron teapot material is sturdy and protects the teapot from...
  • ✔Unique Design - The ACTUAL teapot LOOKS SMALLER and suggested NOT LOADING MORE THAN 25 oz / 750 ml of WATER for BOILING. The stainless-steel infuser helps...
  • ✔Make A Healthy Gift - Christmas decorations. Towa Workshop cast iron teapot, pack safely in a well-wrapped box. It is a nice gift for housewarming, wedding...
  • ✔Towa Workshop - If you're anything less than amazed by our Towa Workshop Tea Kettle, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked. To see how...

Because the interior is lined with an enamel coating, the water will boil quickly and will not become contaminated with iron. When the water is hot enough for tea, insert the leaves in the stainless infuser that comes with it and set it aside until the tea is ready. The pot will keep the inside temperature constant, creating ideal circumstances.

The lid has a protrusion that makes it easy to open, however you shouldn’t do so right away if the pot has just been removed from the burner. The handle, on the other hand, has a hands-on design with a rope looped around it that keeps the pot cool while allowing you to raise it safely. Moreover, the whistle alerts you when the water is boiled. We have more options ready for you if you are looking for the best whistling kettles.

User Experience 

The customers loved this teapot and mentioned that it’s a beautiful cast-iron kettle without any paint or enamel. They also mentioned that the pot is well made, sturdy and exactly what you would wish for in a cast iron teapot. They were happy that the lid is heavy, solid, and well made. Few of the customers mentioned that the paint was chipping after a while and the pot also got some rust on the outside.


  • Hardwearing design
  • Safe inner enamel sheet
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel brewer included


  • Low volume
  • The rope on the handle will degrade in time but you can replace it

My Verdict: It has a large capacity, and the cool-to-touch holder allows you to keep a firm grip on it while also allowing you to move it whenever you want without burning your hands.

This kind of kettle works best on a gas stove. It heats up pretty quickly and boils up the water faster than electric stovetops. Our experts have collated a list of the best glass stove kettles just for you.

#5 TOPTIER Cast Iron Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser

Tea Kettle, TOPTIER Japanese Cast Iron Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser, Cast Iron Tea Kettle Stovetop Safe, Leaf Design Teapot Coated with Enameled Interior for 32 Ounce (950 ml), Light Green
  • 🍃 Cast Iron Teapot - Teapot FULL-LOAD CAPACITY: 32 oz / 950 ml, RECOMMENDED BOILING CAPACITY: 25 oz / 750 ml. The cast iron tea kettle allows gradual and...
  • 🍃 Convenient to Store - SERVE for 2-3 people, 3-4 cups WHEN the teapot is FULL-LOADED. The material of cast iron tea kettle is sturdy and protects the teapot...
  • 🍃 Unique Design - The ACTUAL teapot LOOKS SMALLER and suggested NOT LOADING MORE THAN 25 oz / 750 ml of WATER for BOILING on stove top. The stainless-steel...
  • 🍃 Better Gift - The aqua cast iron teapot is crafted with a retro green leaf pattern on its surface, which is a symbol of natural simplicity and purity....
  • 🍃 What You Get - Toptier stovetop cast iron teapot, welcome guide, and friendly customer service. To see how TOPTIER's stove top cast iron tea kettle can...

It has a capacity of 950 ml/32 oz, thus it can supply enough hot water for two or three persons. It also comes with a stainless brewer for keeping the tea leaves confined. Because the lid is removable, you can fold it down to clean the kettle or refill it with water whenever you want. The spout is short and S-shaped, allowing for precision pouring and preventing leaks.

The kettle has an enamel inside as well as a cast-iron exterior. It has a wonderful leaf design and a light green tint that gives it an antique appearance. It comes in nine different colors, so you can choose the one that best matches your kitchen decor. 

User Experience 

Users liked that the kettle was beautiful and sturdy. They also commented that it’s very pretty and pours without dripping, and keeps the tea hot longer than a ceramic pot. One of the customers commented that she adores this fancy teapot. She mentions that it’s a generous 2-3 tea drinker size, pours beautifully, and retains heat for a good while, and easy to clean. Some users were disappointed with its size and stated it’s very small for them. Others were complaining about the paint chipping issue they faced.


  • Several color choices
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Stainless brewer included
  • Makes for a pretty gift


  • The mesh infuser is rather short

My Verdict: This kettle makes an excellent choice without a doubt. It is both functional and adaptable, with a variety of color schemes and sizes to pick from. It will keep the water hot for an extended period of time, allowing you to refill it whenever you desire.

This kettle has stainless steel infuser, which makes it highly sturdy and appealing on your countertop. For more stainless steel kettles, refer to our detailed listing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are the red spots inside a cast iron tea kettle?

The red sports that appear within a cast iron kettle are there because of high iron concentration.

What do the white dots on the inside of a cast iron tea kettle mean?

The white spots are quite normal. Minerals that concentrate from evaporating water are visible in these spots.

Is it possible to microwave the cast iron tea kettle?

A strong no. Your cast iron tea kettle will not work in a microwave. These tea kettles are only appropriate for use on a cooktop or over an open fire. You’re missing out on flavor if you’re boiling water in the microwave for your favorite loose-leaf or pour-over coffee. Water warmed to just the appropriate steeping temperature in a good kettle makes a more rich cup. Check out the best electric kettle with tea steep for more options.

What is the best way to remove rust from a cast iron tea kettle?

To remove rust from your cast iron tea kettle, fill it halfway with tea leaves and bring it to a boil. The tannic acid in tea aids in the removal of rust and also acts as a natural barrier to prevent a recurrence.

You can get a copper tea kettle to avoid rust problems. A copper tea kettle will surprise you with its beautiful looks alongside high quality and utility. Our experts have a list of picks for you at the best copper tea kettle.

Is it safe to wash the cast-iron kettle in the dishwasher?

You should not wash cast iron tea kettles in the dishwasher. You should wash your cast iron kettle in warm, soapy water with your hands. The tea kettle should then be thoroughly cleaned and placed upside down to dry.

Which kettle is better- stovetop kettle or electric kettle?

Electric kettles are much more energy-efficient than electric stovetops or a microwave. An electric kettle with higher wattage heats up water at a much faster rate than using an electric stove. You can refer to the best electric tea kettles for more options.

Stovetop tea kettles, on the other hand, are low-cost, low-tech, and easy to use — there is no learning curve. They’re as attractive as they are functional, and they provide a genuine Gongfu brewing experience. When it comes to tea, or “cha”, “gong-fu” simply describes the traditional Chinese method of tea making. Click here for more options for your perfect gong fu brewing.


The models we’ve chosen are both long-lasting and attractive, so you have two compelling reasons to buy one for your kitchen. They are among the safest on the market, with enamel coatings to prevent water contamination on all of them. They also have eye-catching designs and companies make them entirely of the cast iron, so you can’t go wrong with any of them. The only considerations you should make are their volume and stove compatibility.

You can also get yourself a wifi tea kettle! Yes, you heard it right. If you’re living in a smart home, and control your lights and other fittings with your phone or your voice, why not get a brew boiling without having to stand up and do it yourself?