What New Recipes Americans Cooked During Covid-19? [Map]


The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a drastic change in everyone’s lifestyle. With stay at home orders all around the world, this additional time has resulted in people nurturing old hobbies and developing new ones. With the closure of restaurants or the fear of ordering from outside, cooking and trying out new recipes found on the internet was one of the most common past times picked up by people. 

Research Methodology:

To understand what new recipes individuals have learned to cook during the Covid-19 pandemic analysing data from Google.com would be accurate as it’s the most commonly used search engine across the US.

Google’s search predictions for the query “Recipe for” can be used to analyse the popularity of searches based on the geographical location. Search Prediction takes into consideration the most commonly searched phrases when a word is typed out. To understand the most popular recipe of each state in America, the geographic location of Google search engine result page (SERP) should be changed. This can be done by choosing the geographic location of each state by manually entering the longitude and latitude coordinates (this can be found on Google Maps). The topmost suggestion from Google was taken into consideration for each state for the search query “Recipe For “.

For example, while typing “recipe for ” in Google search box from Arizona, we get the following results:

Arizona Screenshot


The additional free time in the quarantine has resulted in people trying to find activities that take a long time. Recipes that are time-intensive are likely to be more popular. Baked goods like bread, cake, cookies, etc. are more likely to be searched on Google.com. 

Research Data:

# State Recipe Suggested by Google
1 Alabama SOS (Creamy Hamburger Sauce)
2 Alaska Banana Bread
3 Arizona Scones
4 Arkansas Banana Bread
5 California Hamburgers
6 Colorado Meatloaf
7 Connecticut Scones
8 Delaware Scones
9 Florida Scones
10 Georgia Scones
11 Hawaii Scones
12 Idaho Potato Bread
13 Illinois Banana Bread
14 Indiana Scones
15 Iowa Banana Bread
16 Kansas Scones
17 Kentucky Scones
18 Louisiana Scones
19 Maine Scones
20 Maryland Banana Bread
21 Massachusetts Meatloaf
22 Michigan Meatloaf
23 Minnesota Banana Bread
24 Mississippi Scones
25 Missouri Scones
26 Montana Scones
27 Nebraska Apple Crisp
28 Nevada Banana Bread
29 New Hampshire Banana Bread
30 New Jersey Banana Bread
31 New Mexico Scones
32 New York Scones
33 North Carolina Scones
34 North Dakota Scones
35 Ohio Bread
36 Oklahoma Banana Bread
37 Oregon Bread
38 Pennsylvania Bread
39 Rhode Island Banana Bread
40 South Carolina Banana Bread
41 South Dakota Banana Bread
42 Tennessee Banana Bread
43 Texas Banana Bread
44 Utah Banana Bread
45 Vermont Banana Bread
46 Virginia Banana Bread
47 Washington Banana Bread
48 West Virginia Scones
49 Wisconsin Scones
50 Wyoming Pancakes

Research Results:

Data collected from every state mostly indicates a trend where recipes for pastries and baked goods are the most searched. Few interesting observations:

  • The most popular recipe searched was for Scones, with the top autocompleted search in states like Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, New York, etc. Scones were the topmost predicted search for the term ‘recipe for’ in 20 different states. 
  • Bread and its different variants were fairly popular, having the most predicted search in 23 different states. ‘Banana Bread’ was the most popular searched term associated with bread with a total of 19 searches, followed by the term ‘bread’ with 3 searches and ‘potato bread’ being the most searched recipe in the state of Idaho. 
  • The recipe for Pancakes was the most popular in the state of Wyoming.
  • Nebraska, a state famous for its apple orchards had apple crisps as the most popular searched recipe on Google.
  • Meatloaf was popular in states like Colorado, Michigan and Massachusetts.
  • Certain states differed from the trend of breakfast foods and baked goods like in Alaska the top searched recipe of Creamy Hamburger Sauce or SOS and Hamburgers were the top searched recipe in California.

Original research done by Deepthishree Yethirajyam for sproutandpress.com, posted by Isabelle Johhson

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