Clever Household Uses of Vinegar – Explained in 7 Infographics

Vinegar has been a staple in various households for ages and is essentially considered as an elixir that is being used for many household uses. It is high in acetic acid, also known as ethanoic acid. Acetic acid is often used as a natural preservative, antibacterial substance  and is a common ingredient in many medicines, cleaning products, pickling agents, etc. This acetic acid when combined with various ingredients like oil, lemon,etc. can create new products that can be used as a  substitute to store bought products. This blog looks at the different aspects of vinegar and how it can be used to clean your house, kill weeds and even freshen up your furniture.

Uses of Vinegar for your Kitchen 

When it comes to the kitchen, vinegar is often viewed as an ingredient often found in salad dressings and chinese cuisine. Vinegar, known for its cleaning and sanitising properties can be used to clean various gadgets present in the kitchen. From cleaning kitchen shears to cleaning your refrigerator, the following are a few of the creative ways in which vinegar can be used to spruce up your kitchen.


Uses of Vinegar for your Bathroom

Bathrooms are a great spot for growing mold and bacteria. The highly acidic nature of vinegar is a great tool that can be used to loosen mineral deposits, clean mold, dissolve soap scum, etc. Vinegar also acts as a powerful disinfectant and a deodorizer. Finding the perfect combination of vinegar and other ingredients will help clean and disinfect the entire bathroom. The following infographic provides a deep insight to bathroom cleaning solutions. 

Uses of Vinegar to take care of your Pets

Natural remedies are a new trend amongst pet owners. Vinegar as an ingredient can be used as a solution to solve these problems. Cleaning the fur of a dog to help soothe their digestive tract, different types of vinegar can be used to help pets. Apple cider vinegar, white distilled vinegar, etc. and their combinations can be used to not only help pets but also clean your home by removing bird droppings, pee stains, etc. 

Uses of Vinegar for Gardening

Harsh chemical laden insecticides and pesticides can ruin the quality and longevity of a plant. Using organic ingredients like vinegar can reduce the cost of materials spent on gardening but also improve the quality. Vinegar when diluted with water can be used as a growth inducing elixir, but can also be used for cleaning pots, gravel, etc. Finding a proper combination of vinegar along with other ingredients can greatly improve the quality of a garden.

Uses of Vinegar for Home Repairs

Owning a home requires constant upkeep to maintain its quality. Repairing various aspects of a home can be deemed as expensive, therefore resorting to home remedies is commonplace amongst home owners. From removing screws to removing wallpapers, vinegar can help aid in various home repair practices. Vinegar being a great disinfect helps remove various permanent stains of concrete, paint, etc. 

Uses of Vinegar for Self Care

Vinegar is a great ingredient that can be used in skincare as it helps maintain the skin’s  pH balance. Acetic acid has various anti-inflammatory properties that has been applauded by many in the skincare industry and dermatologists. Vinegar can help improve the quality of an individual’s hair, skin, teeth, etc. Medically, vinegar can also be used to improve a person’s overall health. 

Uses of Vinegar for Home Maintenance

The chemical properties of vinegar make it useful to maintain various parts of a house. Maintaining aspects of the house is important as it wears down with use. Vinegar can be used to help restore couches, blinds, appliances like washing machines, etc. Vinegar can be used to restore other crucial things that help improve a person’s life like their car, spectacles, etc. The following infographic mentions the various tricks that can be implemented to increase longevity.

We hope you enjoyed our post on household uses of vinegar. By knowing the uses of vinegar, you will find it easy to keep your home clean and fresh. So what are you waiting for? Start using vinegar for household needs and make your home a cleaner place!

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