Best Tongs- A Complete Guide Of Top 10 Models [Updated]

Tongs are like a second set of hands in the kitchen. These are like invincible hands when you cannot put your own into a vessel of oil or a grill grate. Best Tongs will allow you to lift, grab, flip and move various objects in the kitchen with ease. You can also use them to open wine bottles, toss salad. Other uses include picking up packets stored at heights, hold hot pots, flip meat on the pantry and grilling. Today, these kitchen utilities have become your go-to objects. This article will guide you through the 10 top models of best tongs, which one to buy, along with essential features to look upon before purchasing.

What are Tongs?

Tongs are a type of tool comprising of two narrow segments of metals joined together at one end. It is designed to help the users with their everyday kitchen chores, including to grip, flip, and pick up objects. People also use these tools to serve salads and pick up things stored at a higher reach. The earliest were wooden and were primarily used for tasks like chopping and moving heavy objects. Manufacturers use metal and steel to make these tongs, and people use them for just about anything. 

It is a basic design of tongs used in the kitchen; still, many different types are available to make various chores convenient for the users. There are multiple kitchen tongs adapted to their specific use and widely vary in their construction material. For further information, about these kitchen utilities, refer here. 

Types of Best Tongs

Tongs might be visible as simple tools, but the audience uses them for a lot of things. As pointed out above, there are many varieties you can found in the market. Each of them has its distinctive style and design for numerous occasions.

Utility Tongs

Most widely used and all-rounder, utility tongs are appropriate for flipping, picking up items, grabbing, turning foods during cooking, handling. People sometimes also use them for removing food from hot water, oven, or grill. These are made up of metal, stainless till and plastic. They have scalloped tips to provide users with a better grip, though some have silicone tips to avoid any damage to non-stick pans. Talking of non-stick cookware, don’t forget to look at our best tongs with non-stick cookware here.

Barbeque Tongs

These are the right pair of tongs, 16- 18 inch long because they ensure a tight grip on the meat, steaks, and burgers on the grill and protects your hands from the heat of the grill. These are made up of objects like metal or aluminum with silicone tips to avoid any damage from the heat. Thus, they are perfect for handling your barbeque meals for your vacations. Therefore, we have organized a list of the best bbq tongs for you.

Pom Tongs

Firstly, Users consider them as a treasure when picking up or serving salad to people. Pom tongs are made up of steel, comprised of curved pincers with jagged edges, which will help you grab food items with thin margins, flipping bacon and serving salad. For additional information, do not forget to check out our listing of the best salad tongs

Stainless Steel Tongs

I specifically find these valuable and apt because they provide a firm grip on cooking food. In addition, these tongs can be used for a long time. These are most commonly used because stainless steel is the most common material used in modern times. Keeping this in mind, our experts have endeavored to present the best products, so check out our expert listing of the best stainless steel tongs. 

Silicone Tongs

Similarly, as pointed earlier, tongs with silicone covering are perfect for cooking as they are the hottest material and can easily resist the hottest temperatures. They are best suited when working with non-stick pans because they will not damage the pan or leave any scratch marks on the surface. Therefore, do not forget to check out our listing of the best silicone tongs for additional information.

Pasta Tongs

Who does not love pasta? Pasta is the most favorite cheat food of everybody. Long and flat, pasta tongs are certainly best suited and appropriate for mixing, grabbing, serving, stirring, and transferring pasta strings without damaging the food items or the cooking pan. These are like your ultimate spaghetti scoopers. It has a teeth-like structure which ensures a firm grip for handling pasta. If you and your family love pasta nights, then these are perfect for you. Do have a look at our expert listing of the best tongs for pasta.

Ice Tongs

Perfect during hot and humid temperatures, ice tongs, as the name suggests, are used for transferring ice cubes from buckets to glass. I like these as they are my go-to ones when I want something cold during hot temperatures. Manufacturers design them to use with moving ice only, making it difficult to use them with other food items. Finding a perfect pair for yourself, do check out our listing of the best ice tongs.

Bamboo Tongs

Long-lasting and environment friendly, bamboo tongs are a specialty of Japanese restaurants. People use these to serve various appetizers, handling cocktails, and taking out the toast from the toaster. Although, sometimes, people use them at parties for serving multiple food items and desserts. For further information, visit our post on the best bamboo toast tongs and pick the appropriate one for you.

Did You Know?

Egyptians use tongs or metal rods to hold objects while cooking dated around 1450 BC. Initially, these were just wooden sticks that evolved into metal sticks around 3000 BC.

Advantages of Tongs

Tongs have various advantages that made them more popular among users and put them on the market. These do your cooking and serving easier. let’s look at the benefits these tools have to offer-

  • Tongs help you to pick and serve easier than doing it with hands or other traditional methods.
  • Most tongs are durable, and you can use them on many occasions. 
  • It helps you hold, grab, pick food items without hurting your hand from the heat of the grill or oven.
  • They provide a way to rotate, turn and move the food with delicate precision.

Did You Know?

Tongs are often called a pair of tongs, and the word has come from the old English ‘Tange’ or ‘Tang’, which means ‘that which bites’.

Summary list of the best tongs

#1. Rosle Stainless Steel Lock and Release Click Tongs – Perfect choice for grilling and have space-saving storage in locked positions. This model will indeed sweep you off your feet with its intelligently designed and masterfully crafted grills.

#2. Stainless Steel Grill Tongs Korean and Japanese BBQ Tongs – It comprises a unique self-standing feature that makes it easy to use, store, and is durable. In addition, these are handy for you indoors as well as outdoors.

#3. Kitchen Tongs, U-Taste 7/9/12 inches Cooking Tongs – U-Taste Store is one of the trusted brands for kitchenware appliances, and undoubtedly their kitchen gadgets are fantastic.

#4. Aqua Sky Silicone Cooking Tongs - Set Of 3 Kitchen Locking Tongs – It features sturdy stainless steel construction with top-grade silicone tips. Remarkably, these are best suited for the grill, oven baking, pasta, and fish serving. This set can make your chores easy in the kitchen.

#5. Buffet Tongs Salad Tongs – If you are finding something versatile to meet your needs, then this is a perfect choice. Moreover, these tongs are suitable for holding all kinds of foods.

#6. Tribal Cooking Kitchen Tongs - Metal Kitchen Tong Set – Tribal Cooking Store brings you quality cooking tongs that are versatile and can be used as salad and grilling tongs.

#7. HINMAY Scissor Tongs 11-Inch – These are known for their formability and resistance to corrosion, making them perfect for professional use. It is undoubtedly an excellent pick for your kitchen.

#8. Chefright 1 Piece Elevated Nylon Magnetic Locking Tongs – The Chefright Magnetic Tongs are easy to use and safe with non-stick containers. These only need one finger to lock and unlock the tool.

#9. Hotec Premium Stainless Steel Locking Kitchen Tongs – Hotec Store brings you high-quality stainless steel tongs, sturdy and are resistant to heat. Moreover, it is a reputed brand that will give a consistency of kitchenware every time.

#10. Small Nonstick High Heat Resistant Waffle Tongs – They are easy to clean, do not crush your waffles. Additionally, these are easy on your pocket.

Best Tongs for your Kitchen- Features and Ratings

#1. Rosle Stainless Steel Lock and Release Click Tongs

Rosle Stainless Steel Lock and Release Click Tongs, 17-inch
  • Made of 18/10 Stainless Steel, 16" in length which guarantees safe distance from hot charcoals or flame.
  • Smart locking mechanism for space saving storage. Great for turning steaks, sausages, vegetables and much more.
  • Convenient locking mechamnism for one hand locking and releasing operation
  • Ergonomic Design for safe and cofortable handling
  • Easy and Hygenic cleaning in the dishwaher

My list begins with this Rosle Stainless Steel, which comprises 18/10 stainless steel. These are 16″ in length, which allows you to keep a safe distance from the griller to avoid any hot flame or charcoal. In other words, this product is for you if you find it challenging to grill meat, steaks, and sausages. Click on the best tongs for grilling hot dogs to check out our listing. Above all, Rosle provides its users with such an intelligently designed and masterfully crafted tool along with functional and elegant accessories.

 The two pieces are easy to grip around, safe, and most importantly, have comfortable handling through their ergonomic design. Moreover, you can open and lock them with just one hand. Its space-saving feature, as a result, prompted me to list these tongs here. 

User Experience

Users are pretty impressed with its length and high quality. Firstly, users were explicitly impressed with the locking and unlocking mechanism. Secondly, its heavyweight proves its vital feature as many users can lift the wine bottles efficiently. But, some users were unhappy with the high price. And their locking mechanism can be at fault sometimes.


  • The excellent length consequently makes it easier to keep a safe distance from the grill.
  • These are heavily weighted.
  • Moreover, it has a lifetime warranty
  • There is a safe and comfortable handling


  • Expensive
  • Locking and unlocking mechanism can be flawed sometimes
  • Longer sized tongs sometimes become difficult to handle 

 My Verdict: If you are looking for an easy to use and elegant, this product is the right one. Features of the product undoubtedly exceed the price. In addition, it has a lifetime warranty. 

#2. Stainless Steel Grill Tongs Korean and Japanese BBQ Tongs 

Korean and Japanese BBQ Tongs Self-Standing Grill Tongs Non-Slip Cooking Utensils Stainless Steel Tongs for Serving Food, Salad, Camping, Barbecue, Buffet, Oven with Support Stand (Silver,4 Pieces)
  • Self-standing design: the oven serving tong is designed with a support stand, allows it to stand alone without the need for spoon rest, which is convenient to...
  • Proper size: these Korean Japanese BBQ tongs measure approx. 24.5 x 3 cm/ 10 x 1.2 inch, the long handle can keep your hands clean while clamping the meat,...
  • Reliable quality: these kitchen tongs are made of stainless steel with nice resistance to rust and heat, sturdy and safe to use, durable and reusable; With...
  • Convenient to use: designed with a non-slip handle and slim clip, the serving tong enables a tight grasp of small and slippery foods without adding much...
  • Multiple applications: the small serving tongs are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, practical for flipping fish, grasping roast meat, kitchen tasks, grilling...

If you are looking for easy to clean tongs, you need Korean stainless steel grill tongs. These are made up of stainless steel, heat-resistant, and do not easily corrode or get rusted. You can use them conveniently in your kitchen; in other words, it is an ideal tool for flipping bacon, shrimp, and chicken. If you are looking for more Korean ones, check out the best tongs for Korean bbq. 

Having this in your kitchen makes handling and serving food items more effortless than ever. Above all, a vital feature is that you can easily wash these by hand in warm water, saving your efforts and time. 

User Experience

Users were explicitly happy with the quality of the product as the brand pictured it. These are durable and easy to use, while flipping makes them more applauded among the audience. But, on the downside, some users find it expensive compared to the features provided by the product.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • In addition, these do not get rusted or corrode easily


  • However, they are Expensive. 

My Verdict- It is a lightweight, durable and versatile tongs. Therefore, a big thumbs up from my side for this. 

#3. Kitchen Tongs, U-Taste 7/9/12 inches Cooking Tongs

Kitchen Tongs, U-Taste 7/9/12 inches Cooking Tongs, with 600ºF High Heat-Resistant Non-Stick Silicone Tips, 18/8 Stainless Steel Handle, for Food Grill, Salad, BBQ, Frying, Serving, Pack of 3(Teal)
  • [Not just make it, we upgrade it!] We are a professional kitchenware producer who have been focused on customer experience. In order to offer better and...
  • [18/8 Stainless steel handles & BPA free silicone] 7.89% reviews have received items with poor material and workmanship. Thus, we upgraded the material to 18/8...
  • [Easy & ergonomic locking mechanism] You may have noticed that many tongs are too stiff to open and close, and the grasping is so weak that food always slip...
  • [High heat resistant silicone tips without melting & odor] You definitely don't want tongs with metal tips to scratch your pans or tongs with inferior silicone...
  • [Dishwasher safe & easy to store] Food will not stick to the tong so that you can use a quick wipe and rinse it with hot soapy water or just throw them in the...

U-taste store is a well-known professional branded store making kitchenware appliances. As a result of own emotional experience of the founder of the brand, these kitchen tools become more popular among the users. In addition, these are made of certified food-grade material that makes the product safe and healthy for the user’s sake. U-taste Kitchen Tongs are heat resistant up to 600° F, making them more appreciated among the audience.

These gadgets do not scratch up non-stick pans, meeting buyer’s needs (16.9%). The brand has perfectly sealed the silicone so that it does not crumble on the food items. The feature which makes it more exclusive is its smooth movement on the lock and unlocks without any damage. What’s more, throw in the dishwasher or rinse off underwater, and you are good to use it again. These are also suitable for grilling your favorite food items. Check out our expert listing of the best grill tongs. 

User Experience

There is a highly positive experience of users with this product. Users are happy with its integrated rubber ends, consequently making it easier to clear from the inside. Its durability, purple color, and price for the quality provided are the most discussed among users. But, some users found its downsides, as heat-resistant silicone is not strong, and they started cracking.


  • Durability
  • Are safe and healthy to use
  • Silicone does not crumble in the food.
  • Moreover, these are easy to use and wash
  • Smooth movement of lock and unlock feature. 


  • However, silicone crack after using it sometime
  • Sloppy construction

My Verdict– If you want value for money and a safe and healthy utensil for your kitchen, this is a perfect choice.

#4. Aqua Sky Silicone Cooking Tongs - Set Of 3 Kitchen Locking Tongs 

Its heat-resistant feature makes it one of the products on my list. Whether you are throwing a BBq party or a grilling session with juicy steaks, bacon, and meatballs, then this one will be your go-to item. For further information, check out the article on best tongs for serving meatballs. Unlike the others, these Tongs have an easy mechanism of locking and unlocking them.

Aqua Sky Silicone Tongs comprised of stainless steel and silicone that is helpful for users to use with non-stick utensils. Furthermore, these make your kitchen stay mess-free as you can elegantly serve your guests. Their length is appropriate, making effortless reach into the oven from a distance. What’s more, is that it keeps your food safe and is BPA-free.

User Experience

Users are highly impressed with its lock/unlock feature and easy washability. Users have appreciated it for its soft and rubbery texture that helps grab foods of all kinds. Moreover, Its versatility and firm grip have enriched the experience of users. On the downside, some users were not satisfied with the quality of the product as silicone is roughly cut, making silicone crumbling/ falling on the food. Some users pointed out that these tongs are not durable.


  • Easy locking/unlocking Mechanism
  • Versatile
  • Strong grip
  • Heat resistant
  • Affordable


  • Silicone is crumbling off and fall on the food
  • But, these are not durable

My verdict– If you are looking for something versatile that you can use on certain occasions with affordability, this is a perfect choice.

#5. Buffet Tongs Salad Tongs

Buffet Tongs Salad Tongs Food Tongs Desserts Tongs Kitchen Tongs Stainless Steel Catering Serving Tongs Cake Tongs Bread Tongs (Set of 2,10.3”)
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】10.3" stainless steel buffet pliers, scissors structure. No deformation. Light weight, easy to operate.
  • 【EXQUISITE DESIGN】Thickening tongs, wide area of clamp, thickened material, better food tongs. Strengthen rivet, strengthen rivet at the center point, which...
  • 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】Ergonomic scissors shape makes the salad tongs easier to hold and prevent slippage, The handle is smooth , and the grip radian fits the...
  • 【FEATURES】Salad tongs are the perfect combination of forks, spoons and scissors. They are suitable for holding all kinds of food, such as bread, salad,...
  • 【EASY TO Storage】Buffet tongs are easy to clean and storage. It meets most of our daily needs. After use, put these tongs in the dishwasher and they will be...

Another exceptional product on our list is the Toonev’s buffet and salad tongs. If you want something elegant, fashionable, and decorative style, then this is the one that meets all of these needs. These are a perfect combination of scissors, a fork and a spoon. This quality also makes it ideal for handling delicacies as cake, bread and super easy to use. For a detailed listing of the best kitchen utilities for cake, check out our best cake tongs. 

 It has a thickening split, a broader area, and better food clamping, which prompted me to put it on this list. Firstly, it comes in a set of two suitable for salad and buffet with a lock nail design. These are easy to use and safe to hold while being flexible. Their most exclusive feature is that they can be used anywhere to serve, in a hotel, cafeteria, or with a family on dinners.

User Experience

Once again, this is highly rated and popular among users. Users are highly impressed with its firm and comfortable grip in hands, smooth handles, and excellent quality. Its feature of easy to clean makes the users specifically choose it among others. But, some users found them a bit heavy while serving. But, overall, it is a good product.


  • excellent quality for the price
  • firm and comfortable grip
  • Moreover, these are easy to clean


  • These are a bit heavy.

My Verdict- Bit heavy, but perfect for your bbq parties and buffet.

#6. Tribal Cooking Kitchen Tongs - Metal Kitchen Tong Set

Tribal Cooking Kitchen Tongs - Stainless Steel tongs for cooking - 9" and 12" Tongs With Silicone Rubber Grips, Small and Large - Metal Food, Chef, BBQ Tongs - Non-Stick, Locking, Heat Resistant
  • State-of-the-art tongs for cooking - Quality cooking tongs are beneficial kitchen tools that should not be overlooked. Whether you use them for salad tongs,...
  • A second set of hands - Our kitchen tongs grip, flip, move, and jostle foods with great precision. Resistant to wear and tear, our premium steel provides rust...
  • Finesse meets function - Stainless steel tongs come in a 2 pack. Small tongs for many kitchen needs. Long tongs to keep hands away from the heat while grilling,...
  • Dependable and built to last - Heavy duty spring gives tongs extra-responsive hold. Industrial quality 430 steel ensures longevity. Superior heat resistance,...
  • Experience the Tribal difference - We are dedicated to creating elevated, high-functioning kitchen tools that balance practicality and elegance, while standing...

With these, you can flip, move, jostle food items, or keep your hands away from the heat while frying, smoking, or grilling your food items. Tribal Cooking Kitchen Tongs comes to your rescue as they come in a set of two. Moreover, it comes in a group of two. The smaller one will meet your everyday kitchen needs and another one to avoid any damage while grilling for a party brunch. You can also use them for serving meatballs, chicken and while handling the charcoal. Check out the best tongs for handling charcoal

The brand has crafted them out of industrial quality 430 steel. These are anti-rust and scratch-proof. It makes them extra sturdy to become the daredevil and hold up regular kitchen wear and tear. Stainless steel tongs are easy to hold, and handles are fully covered with silicone for extra heat protection and a firm grip. Moreover, Lockable rings make it more adored among the users for its easy storage.

User Experience

As a result, feedback from users is swamped with positive reviews. It is also visible in the average rating by global Amazon customers that is 4.8 out of 5. Moreover, users are happy with the product overall, and this product seems to have a pretty good fan-following. But, the only issue experienced by some users is the quality of the pin that holds the tongs. Nonetheless, this product has quite impressed the audience.


  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic design
  • Non-stick and heat resistant
  • Easy to store
  • In addition, the set includes 2x tongs


  • But, pins holding the tool are easily breakable.

My Verdict– A great buy for price and quality. Subsequently, excellent user reviews mark confidence in the product. There is a big thumbs up for purchase from my side.

#7. HINMAY Scissor Tongs 11-Inch

HINMAY Scissor Tongs 11-Inch Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Scissor Cooking Tongs
  • ★【PROFESSIONAL CHEF QUALITY TOUGH STAINLESS STEEL】HINMAY Scissor Tongs are manufactured from premium 18/8(304) Austenitic Stainless Steel. Austenitic...
  • ★【COMFORTABLE GRIP, EASY ON YOUR HANDS】The old version of the scissor tongs handles are too small, not large enough to comfortably hold. We released a...
  • ★【MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS】The heads are designed as square with some thread on the tip, great for grilling in the kitchen or outdoor barbecue. Works well...
  • ★【PACKAGE CONTENT】1 × 11-Inch Scissor Tong with Off-set Working Ends
  • ★【CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR #1 PRIORITY】When you purchase this specialty scissor wire tong 11 Inch Tool, you're offered a 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION...

It comes from a well-known brand Hinmay; Scissor tongs comprised of premium Austenitic stainless steel. Most importantly, these are known for their resistance to corrosion, rust, and lead, cadmium free with low levels of carbon. Additionally, these come with offset working ends, making it easier to put meat and bacon on any and every kind of grill or frying container. Do not forget to check out our listing of the best tongs for bacon for further information. 

They also have an imprint of metal on the grip, which ensures to prevent food slippage. These tongs appear on my list due to their upgraded quality with more robust stainless steel and rivet, which makes them non-polluted and rust-resistant. These kitchen tools meet most of your daily needs. They can be used with grilling, turning, and lifting fish, cake, pastry, taco, burger, chicken, turkey and much more.

User Experience

The review of this simple tool is quite outstanding; Users found it helpful in, for instance, preventing the heat from traveling and damaging your hands. Moreover, many users found it as heavy-duty, opens and closes accurately, and the grips of the handles are firm and comfortable. But, some users find them over-priced and wobble a little bit.


  • Low levels of carbon, anti-pollutant
  • resistant to rust
  • metal grip prevents slipping of food
  • In addition, it meets most of your daily needs


  • Over-priced
  • However, it wobbles a little bit

My Verdict- If you are looking for a comfortable, elegant, and durable product, this is the right product. 

#8. Chefright 1 Piece Elevated Nylon Magnetic Locking Tongs

Chefright 1 Piece Elevated Nylon Magnetic Locking Tongs, 9 Inch, Colors May Vary (Red/Black/Steel)
  • 1 finger to lock and unlock tongs
  • Ultra thin rigid nylon edge is high temp and non-stick safe
  • Compact design
  • Off-surface rest stands maintain counters hygienic
  • Soft grips are gentle on the hands

Next on my list are Chefright Elevated Nylon Magnetic Locking tongs for when you want your kitchen to look clean, elegant, and hygienic. In addition, its off-surface rest stands make the counter of your kitchen looks more hygienic. Now you can easily use them with just one hand while doing your other chores. The high-temperature nylon heads have a razor-thin edge vital for precision, which you do not get with silicone ones. These tools with magnetic locking are very easy with storage as well as transport. 


People have a mixed review about them overall but are pretty impressed with their specific features. Subsequently, many users adored them for their magnetic locking, easy storage, and sturdy construction. But, on the downside, users found the magnet is too weak and could not hold them closed. Another limitation is that they are not handy with left-handed users.


  • Firstly, it has Magnetic Locking.
  • Secondly, it comes with a Compact design.
  • Thirdly, Keep the kitchen hygienic.
  • Moreover, it has a Sturdy construction.


  • On the other hand, magnets are not strong enough to hold them closed.
  • Not handy with left-handed people

My Verdict– An excellent buy for the price and features. This one is especially for those who have limited storage space in the kitchen.

For more such tongs, you can check out our best magnetic locking tongs


#9. Hotec Premium Stainless Steel Locking Kitchen Tongs 

HOTEC Premium Stainless Steel Locking Kitchen Tongs with Silicon Tips, Set of 2-9" and 12"
  • TOP QUALITY: Hotec kitchen tongs are constructed with high quality stainless steel, sturdy, heat resistance, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, light weight, easy to...
  • EASY TO STORE: These kitchen tongs have locking mechanism, pull the ring for lock and push for unlock, super easy operation. Hang them with the hanging loop...
  • ENGINEERING FOR SAFETY: Updated new design pattern for the handle, better protects your hands from cutting by the edge when you grip the handle. Easy to control...
  • EASY TO USE: The handle is cushioned with silicon, good for thumb rest and ensures good grip and control. The silicon tong tip is heat resistance and less prone...
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: Basic kitchen utensil, perfect for basic kitchen tasks, indoor or outdoor use, great for grilling corn, flipping burgers, serving salad,...

This product is another multi-tasker on this list, but the unique part about it is its tips are BPA free silicone which better protects your cookware. Additionally, they come in two, which makes them very handy for everyday chores and unique grilling during parties and vacations. Undoubtedly, Hotec Premium Stainless Steel Tools comes as a rescuer for all your favourite food while flipping burgers, corn, serving salad and serving pork. These come in 9 and 12 inches which is a perfect choice for your kitchen tasks.

The product comprises stainless steel, which makes it much more durable and resistant to rust. The handle is firmly covered with silicone, primarily to ensure a solid and good grip. These kitchen gadgets require a single pull for lock and a push for unlocking. Furthermore, they come with a ring, so hang them anywhere you want and keep your kitchen mess-free.

User Experience

Indeed, its super-easy locking mechanism has proven to be helpful for users because some of them were frustrated while understanding the locking mechanism of other tongs. Another feature that many people found useful is that it comes in two, making it easy and breezy to use in everyday cooking chores. However, some users complain about its design of the main bars. Because the inner side of the bar is hollow, which makes it difficult to clean from the inside.  


  • Come in a set of two (small and large)
  • A super easy and user-friendly locking mechanism
  • Moreover, better protect your cookware
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Indeed, it has silicone to ensure a firm grip


  • However, cleaning from inside is difficult.

My Verdict- The set of two, super easy locking mechanism, and ability to protect your cookware makes this product an attractive buy.

For tongs for pork, do not forget to check out our listing of the best tongs for serving pulled pork.

#10. Small Nonstick High Heat Resistant Waffle Tongs 

Small Nonstick High Heat Resistant Waffle Tongs,Little Pancakes Spaghetti Food Serving Tongs (8inch waffle tongs)
  • Easy to use,the small waffle tongs get into the waffle iron easily and lift the waffle without crushing.
  • Small size,8 inch little tongs good for serving waffles of all sizes.
  • Stay-cool handles with thumb and finger indentations for nonslip control.
  • Prevent scratches to nonstick plates.
  • Easy to clean,Dishwasher-safe.

The next one on my list is from IBenzkka. If you are a sweet tooth and love to eat waffles but finds it difficult, then these waffle tongs will come to your rescue. These have a spatula on one side and a nylon fork on the other, which ensures that the user can carry the waffle with ease without crushing it, though keeping a solid grip. 

One of their vital features is that they can hold and serve every size of waffles. Now you can make waffles from your waffle iron, serve it with them, and have a perfect breakfast. These kitchen utilites also have stay-cool handles. Its features make it easier for the user to hold and operate with them. For additional information, check out our experts listing of the best waffle tongs

User Experience

Although many users were happy and impressed with its design, durability, and its anti-scratching tip. There are some limitations to the product. Users were a little unhappy with the quality of the product as they are hard plastic. 


  • Importantly, they are easy and safe to handle
  • You can use them with any size of the waffle serving
  • It has a nylon fork which ensures that tongs do not crush waffle.
  • Additionally, it’s a good deal for the price.


  • Quality is not best as these are hard plastics
  • Silicone is thick compared to others

My Verdict– It can be an excellent buy for the price and durability. Excellent user reviews mark a full recommendation to buy this product.

My selection Criteria for the best Tongs

When you go to the market to buy a pair for yourself, many varieties can confuse you about which one to buy. Therefore, before buying, I suggest you keep some factors in mind before making a final purchase. 

1. Hanging

Tongs are those type of tools, which we use while doing anything in the kitchen. So, if you want those handy and easily accessible in your kitchen and want them to take less space in your kitchen, do not forget to keep this factor in your mind before buying. 

2. Appropriately priced and meet all the purposes.

To determine the best ones to buy, you need to understand the best tongs for your hand. When you are looking at ones for your hand, you have to determine how much you plan to use these tools. Once you have decided, you can then go and find the perfect one for you. In most cases, the best will be the ones you have found the cheapest, but that will also serve their best purposes.

3. Locking Mechanism

While multitasking, tongs with a locking mechanism can prove to be very helpful. You can lift and use them with just one hand. Therefore, buy those that have a proper and smooth locking and unlocking Mechanism.

4. Durability and Warranty

The best tongs for your money are ones that you can buy that are durable and ones that have a guarantee. Moreover, by purchasing a product with a warranty, you will get ensured that you will receive your money back if there is a fault with them.

5. Length of the tongs

Most importantly, while buying a pair of tongs, do not forget to check out their length. Try to look for a comfortable pair holding and using for your everyday kitchen errands. 


1. Which type of tongs to use with non-stick pans?

Tongs made up of metal, and stainless steel can work with non-stick pans. Moreover, before buying non-stick pans, keep in mind that their tips should be silicone coated, preventing them from scratching the cookware.

2. Which tongs are much better, silicone or nylon?

Both have their pros and cons, but silicone tongs will be a better choice for you when working with high temperatures. As silicone ones are heat-resistant up to 600°, F and nylon tongs might melt when they reach up to 400° F.

3. What are wooden tongs used for?

The wooden tongs are very convenient. You can take them to different locations in the house, and then you can use them on various items. If you want to, you can use these to pick up things from other tables. The wooden ones are very versatile, and you can use them in many different ways. These are going to last for years if you take good care of them. For further information, you can check our listing of the best wooden tongs.

4. Which is the best tool to use for a candy buffet?

You can use candy Buffet tongs for arranging a perfect candy dessert buffet. These can also be used with other desserts like ice cream and many more. Want to find an ideal pair for yourself, then visit the best tongs for candy buffet. 


Some interesting ways to use Kitchen tongs


To sum up, I suggest you purchase those that meet all of your requirements and budget. Undoubtedly, there are numerous models of the best tongs you can find in the market. Nevertheless, I attempt to include all the best ones while balancing the price, quality, features and comfort. As a result, I will recommend you go for Tribal Cooking Kitchen Tongs - Metal Kitchen Tong Set, which will provide you with a fantastic experience with its distinctive features. Additionally, you also have the Hotec Premium Stainless Steel Locking Kitchen Tongs, which is super easy, user-friendly and protect your cookware better. Besides, I have also included other best, which are also of good quality and affordable.

Therefore, you have an enormous list for choosing your pair, so don’t wait and select those that meet your needs and make your cooking more enjoyable and more manageable.