Best Can Opener- Top 5 Picks With Buyer’s Guide And Reviews (Latest)

Undoubtedly, every cook needs the best can opener in their kitchen. Even if you rely on fresh vegetables and fruits, there often comes a time when we crave some canned food. Canned good holds a cue to all the quick delicious dishes. With this, I can have some quick and mouthwatering pasta, buttery smooth hummus, flavoursome ham, and much more. However, opening these cans sometimes is not as simple as the canned food. So without a doubt, a can opener comes in here as your saviour.

Confusing and clumsy can openers can complicate the task. Moreover, a dull or old can opener can make your errand more tedious and time-taking. Thus, a manual can opener is a frequent choice among users for their kitchen chores. This one is easy to use and fits anywhere quite seamlessly. Furthermore, I find electric openers more authentic and attractive for my canned goods. In addition, you can also check out our listings on the best electric can opener. But, ultimately, it is a matter more of your personal choice. These days, different brands are now coming up with innovative and advanced gadgets.

Thus, I am here with some best can openers in this post to eliminate your worries and confusion. So, whether you are finding a one with a handle easy to hold with arthritis or an electric can opener to do your work. I have found the right one for all of your needs with excellent prices. In addition, you can find openers with long and firm handles to carry with your weak or arthritic hands. So, no more stress due to heavy handles, and buy one for your comfort and ease. For more options in cans for arthritis, you can glance at the best can opener for arthritis.  Furthermore, I have also discussed buying guides, reviews, and features of the products.

Best Can Openers – Then and Now

This kitchen utility is a handy tool to open up different cans. However, choosing one from the lot is not that easy today as compared to older times. Earlier, the primary purpose of the can opener is to unbolt the cans. Innovatively, you can use this kitchen tool now as a knife sharpener, tool holder along with essential purpose. It looks like this gadget is becoming a more and more salient part of our kitchen. Blissfully, you can also found a touch-free can opener available in the market. In addition, to buy one for yourself, look at the best touch-free can opener options we have collated for you.

A fascinating detail I came through is that people do not use can opener for a long time. Why? Earlier, cans were made of rigid materials, making it difficult to open them. That is why this tool came after 50 years of discovery of the can. However, after the discovery, this gadget becomes the heart of various chores. This tool is a competition for others in the market. It is my go-to gadget as I can use it with many tasks beyond unlocking the can.

Since the discovery, this tool has gone through many changes to reduce human effort and time by increasing efficiency. I found two common types used in the kitchen: manual and electric. A manual can opener is an easy-to-use tool with other fantastic features. Mostly, the manual opener has rubber handles to provide you with a firm and comfortable grip. Moreover, it is easy in your pocket and comes in a compact design. Get a collated list of manual ones on the best manual can opener. However, other models of can opener haven’t been changed at all in the design. This category of the tool includes p-38, appropriate for army use. With advanced technology, people are coming up with a modern opener with breathtaking features. Thus, let’s see some different types of the gadget and its uses.

Types of Can Openers

People use can openers since early times as kitchen utensils. It is the best kitchen utility for your delicious and quick canned meals. Earlier, it was a variation of knives, majorly for opening cans. But today, you can use the modern can openers beyond the fundamental purpose.

There are many types available in the market today, depending on your needs and kitchen chores. It comes in different sizes and price ranges as well. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular ones:

1. Butterfly Can Opener

First, there is an opener that resembles and works like a bunker opener. It comes with a spinning wheel so that you can break open the lid of the can. Furthermore, you can gradually open the can by spinning the cover. I liked its property of a key and tongs that come along with the tool. Both the “key” and “tongs” helps turn the can cautiously. This whole process allows the wheel to open the can quickly and effortlessly.

This tool does its job professionally and can give your a luxurious feel. Furthermore, it looks like I hit the jackpot with this in terms of execution. The tongs and key make this one easy to use and handy. The downside of this kind is people find it challenging to use with weak hands.

Nevertheless, I prefer this type for my tin cans as the butterfly opener performs better than others. However, make sure to be careful as it needs a bit more precision.

2. Church Key Opener

Second, there is a church-key opener, incredibly easy to use due to its straightforward design. I liked its basic structure, commonly used to open the flat top of the beer cans. Furthermore, you can use this fascinating tool to open the cork of glass bottles. This type of tool is in use since 1892 in many houses for varied services. Unfortunately, it has sharp edges that pierce the cover and poke through the top. Unfortunately, this type is becoming more and rare due to modern gadgets available in the market.

Furthermore, this tool is like magic for campers and alcohol drinkers. It has a key-like design that can easily open up your camping drinks and wine bottles. However, in my opinion, use this type cautiously as it can hurt and pierce your fingers. I also found that you can only use it with cans that contain liquid. So, make sure not to use it with a can of bean dips or other solid food.

Nevertheless, I consider it as an outstanding tool with my prepper food closet. You can find the best can opener for camping available in the market. Check out our expert listings on the best camping can opener to see more options in the camping tool.

3. Electric Can Opener

I always wondered about having something I can open my cans without much effort. Thus, this kind will turn my fantasy into a reality. Electric can opener makes sure there is minimum human effort involved. With this tool, you will not flounder about opening your canned goods. Thus, if you need a quick and delicious dinner on lazy nights, this one will be like your jackpot!

Moreover, it is effortless to use electric ones. You have to press the button or flip the switch, and voila! Your canned food items are ready to eat.

You can also find a cabinet model or a countertop model commonly in the market. So, don’t wait and purchase one for yourself and make your chores jubilant. Furthermore, it is outstanding for people who don’t have much strength in arms or upper limbs. I also found many busy seniors using this type for their kitchen errands. Finally, you can look at some best models for seniors on our collated list and find the best can opener for seniors.

4. Bunker Can Opener

This type is a simple brilliance of design, style, and technology. I found people use it in their routine and with everyday kitchen errands. This one will never stop surprising you with its exceedingly sound performance with any can. The handle of the gadget looks like cutting pliers, and there is a wheel and key too. I liked the feature that it works smoothly and pretty efficiently. In my opinion, it can enrich your experience with can openers.

Moreover, the kitchen utility provides a solid and comfortable grip to hold. An exciting advantage is that you can use it with one hand as well. Thus, I liked the fact that I can also do other tasks while opening my canned goods.

5. Countertop Opener

If you are busy with your work and rely on canned goods for your meals, this is the right one. Countertop openers, as the name suggests, sits on your kitchen counter to open your cans quickly. I prefer this one specifically for restaurant-sized or with large tall cans. It has a vacuum base or other mounting so that you can attach it to kitchen counters. It is like a magical tool with all of your large tall cans.

Moreover, now kids can also use this gadget without any damage. You can open the lid smoothly without hurting your fingers. Thus, you can say goodbye to your worries and let the kids work independently. What’s interesting is that you only need one light touch, and voila! You have an open can.

Additionally, you do not need to move it here and there. Fix it in one place, and you are good to go for years.

6. Manual Can Opener

If you are on a budget and finding it challenging to choose one opener from an expensive lot, then a manual can opener will be the right product for your kitchen. It is an ideal choice for budget-conscious buyers. You can find it available on the market at low and affordable prices. Moreover, I also found some best manual can opener for under 25 dollars that are pocket-friendly yet efficient. So, see some of the best can openers under 25 dollars on our website meticulously collated by our experts.

With these six different types of can openers, there is no reason why you should not find the best one for your needs. So, read this post and select a perfect one for yourself!

Did You Know?
In 1858, Ezra Warner of Waterbury, Connecticut, invented the first can opener. Moreover, the U.S. military used it during the Civil War.

Why need a Can Opener

When it comes to kitchen tools, we always lack in exploring them beyond the obvious use. Thus, the can openers also have exciting and unique benefits. So, let’s take a look below at the following-

  • With this type of gadget, you can have a quick and flavoursome meal. I find myself lazy on Sunday nights, so canned goods are my saviour that day. Thus, a good can opener will allow you to slice open the cans with ease and mastery. Additionally, to know more about various canned dishes for an easy meal, take a look here.
  • Are you finding a knife sharpener for your knife closet? Then, you can find a can opener that can act as a multi-tasker for you. Its feature of working as a knife sharpener as well blows up my mind. Moreover, you can also find a rust-resistant can opener, making it perfect to act as a sharpener.
  • Furthermore, I also use this tool sometimes to scrape my barbeque grill. Thus, if you do not have a spatula, you can use a can opener for scraping. It will make your scraping from the bowl simplistic.
  • I was surprised to see that I can use it for jobs beyond my kitchen as well. For example, you can use it for cutting the tape on packed boxes. Most importantly, the tool is a must if you own a restaurant or other related business. Check out the options for the commercial tools in this article.

Best Can Opener Summarized

#1. Black & Decker EC600 Spacemaker Under-Counter Can OpenerA well-known brand for its high quality and reputed products. Undoubtedly, the features surpass the prices.

#2. Met Lux 18 Inch Heavy-Duty Industrial Can Opener– A perfect mid-range masher for all your industrial uses. Moreover, this one is an excellent match with your large cans. It is a great product!

#3. Westmark 19802260 Can OpenerAn innovative product for opening your cans, backed by german technology. It is a multi-tasker that can brighten up your kitchen.

#4. Kitchen Automatic Safety Cordless One Tin Touch Electric Can OpenerNow, you can carry this opener while travelling, camping, or hiking. It is one which you should not miss!

#5. OXO Good Grips Locking Can Opener with Lid Catch– This opener is best in class. Now, you can have your delicious canned food. Moreover, it is accessible in your pocket!

Best Can Opener- Features and Reviews

#1. Black & Decker EC600 Spacemaker Under-Counter Can Opener - Best for every kitchen

Black & Decker EC600 Spacemaker Under-Counter Can Opener
91 Reviews
Black & Decker EC600 Spacemaker Under-Counter Can Opener
  • Mounts under cabinet to prevent counter clutter
  • Face pulls open for use and closes to save space
  • Blade assembly pops free for dishwasher-safe cleaning
  • 7-1/4 inches wide by 5 inches high by 6 inches deep

If you couldn’t care less about style and need one sturdy enough that will last for years, this is the right one. The Black and Decker can opener is a must-have product for small kitchens. It is the effortless brilliance of technology and functions. Blissfully, it adds elegance to your kitchen with its white colour. In addition, I was pretty impressed with its top-class space-saving features. Innovatively, you can mount this tool under your cabinet where space is wasted anyway. Furthermore, this one comes with a compact model and gets fixed underneath a cabinet, saving you from all the space floundering.

Furthermore, I found this kitchen utility will make the best gift choice for chefs and home cooks. Using this product is as simple as a cakewalk. Just pulls down the opener’s face and then snaps back it, and voila! You have an opened can. Unfortunately, electric can openers can take up significant space on a kitchen counter. Moreover, manual can openers can take area in your drawer or silverware tray. Thus, in these scenarios, black and decker will come as your rescuer.

I liked the material of the product that comprises gleaming white plastic. I find that the tool is barely noticeable under your cabinet. Furthermore, it looks good and elegant when you notice it underneath. To my surprise, this one will be on top of your easy to wash list. For cleanup, pushing the button will pop off the blade assembly. Thus, you can put it in the dishwasher or hand wash it. In addition, this one will pass your durability and quality test.

User Experience

Users were in total admiration of the product for its utility and functions. This brand never stops surprising users with its valuable products. Some even regretted not buying this kitchen utility before. I found many reviews praising it for its top quality and dishwasher-safe property. Moreover, many customers were happy after gifting it to their close ones. They adore its space-saving feature and how it gets fixed under the cabinet. Other buyers were also pleased with the material and design of the tool.

However, on the flip side, I found some buyers were concerned about its inefficient drive wheel. Some others find that the unit was defective, and it is not easily foldable as pictured. Nevertheless, the faulty issues can be taken care of by the warranty feature of the product.


  • It has a space-saving feature
  • This one has a great design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Moreover, it comes in an elegant white colour
  • It can be an exciting gift for others.
  • Durable and top quality material
  • A perfect combination of design and technology
  • In addition, it is easy-to-use


  • However, some users found it defective.
  • Inefficient drive wheels
  • This one is not easily foldable.
  • Expensive

My Verdict- It can make your kitchen looks clean and tidy along with performing its job well. Undoubtedly, the features of the product surpass the price. Thus, a thumbs up from my side!

Moreover, find some excellent choices for this type on our expert listings on the best under cabinet can opener.

#2. Met Lux 18 Inch Heavy-Duty Best Industrial Can Opener

Met Lux 18 Inch Commercial Can Opener, 1 Heavy-Duty Industrial Can Opener - Screw-Down Base, Ergonomic Handle, Iron Table Top Can Opener, Built-In Blade, For Opening Food Cans - Restaurantware
24 Reviews
Met Lux 18 Inch Commercial Can Opener, 1 Heavy-Duty Industrial Can Opener - Screw-Down Base, Ergonomic Handle, Iron Table Top Can Opener, Built-In Blade, For Opening Food Cans - Restaurantware
  • SCREW-DOWN BASE: The base of this manual can opener securely mounts to countertops, making it easily accessible for whenever you need it. Plus, it offers an...
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Comfortably open multiple cans without hand fatigue! This opener with base features a sturdy handle that allows you to effortlessly open cans...
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Built to maintain its exceptional design! Crafted from high-quality iron, this commercial can opener is naturally durable and...
  • REMOVABLE BLADE: With an easy-to-remove blade, this can opener with handle allows you to thoroughly clean the blade after use.
  • 1 CAN OPENER PER ORDER: Measuring 8.5 inches wide by 18 inches tall, this mounted can opener has a sharp blade that seamlessly opens canned foods. Each order...

If you want to find one for your staff members to ease up the work, this is a great tool. In addition, it is an excellent one for your hotels, restaurants, cafes, and other industrial settings. You can open any type, size, or shape of the can with this versatile product. Furthermore, it will act as a backbone for all your unlocking and unbolting kitchen chores.

With a screw-down base, this heavy-duty opener allows you to open cans comfortably and effortlessly. You can also use it for your large cans and have delicious food. I was specifically impressed with its ergonomic handles that provide a firm and comfortable grip. So, if you want something easy to use during busy shifts, do hang out on this top-grade gadget. Features a durable blade; it can slice open up all of your cans consecutively. With its features, it looks like you have hit the jackpot in here!

What else to expect from this device? Well, its dishwasher-safe property is quite a winner, especially in the industrial setting. You can remove the blade and clean it thoroughly to avoid any contamination of the food. Another feature that caught my eye is its high-quality iron material. This material is rust-resistant, enhancing its endurance to rigorous use. Moreover, the space-saving feature is complementary.

User Experience

This one has positive and satisfying reviews. Users have explicitly found it best with industrial settings. Many users were impressed with the tool’s durability and can last if maintained with care. In addition, the brand never stops surprising with its qualitative kitchenware. Most users find the device elegant, stylish, and easy to use. It is undoubtedly a hotel staff’s delight! However, on the downside, some buyers had issues with the product. Many were concerned with the sturdiness of the product. Others find this one a little flimsy. Nevertheless, in my opinion, these downsides aren’t an absolute dealbreaker.


  • Best for industrial settings.
  • In addition, you can use it for your large cans,
  • Space-saving features come as complementary.
  • This one has ergonomic handles that provide a firm grip.
  • Durable
  • Easy-to-use


  • However, it lacks sturdiness
  • This one is a little flimsy

My Verdict- It can make your kitchen chores easy and elegant. Moreover, it is perfect for industrial settings, majorly hotels and restaurants. Therefore, it’s a good buy!

The size of the cans used in the industrial environment can vary substantially from small to extra-large. Hence, do not forget to check out some great options for the best can opener for large cans.

#3. Westmark 19802260 Top grade Can Opener

westmark 19802260 Can Opener, Commercial, Stainless Steel
63 Reviews
westmark 19802260 Can Opener, Commercial, Stainless Steel
  • Westmark Clou 30 Commercial Grade Can opener Made in Germany
  • Can opener for professional and industrial use.
  • With ceramic elements; outstanding surface finish; excellent stability of profiles and edges; great wear resistance ; extreme hardness (almost diamond-hard);
  • Handwash
  • Backed by the Westmark

Backed by German technology, this is among the best can opener ever in the world. Furthermore, the brand is rated to be one of the best kitchenware brands today. Westmark Germany Store is well-known for its professional and luxurious craftsmanship of kitchen tools. I was quite a fan of this tool as it has all the must-have features. So if you would instead not crank at all, invest in this one and let it do all work.

Moreover, the material of the tool is quite fascinating and caught my eye. Manufacturers design this product using high-quality tempered steel. That is why this one is rust-resistant and will stay with you for decades. Thus, you do not have to go back to your drawer and find another tool. I was pretty swayed by the firm handles alongside fine chrome plating.

This product is par excellence for your kitchen chores. Due to its small size, you can tuck it in your pockets, lunch, or picnic basket. Furthermore, this brand does not limit its features with this tool. It provides you with an easy-to-wash property, so use soap and pour water, and you are good to go. As a bonus, you get a 5-year warranty with this product. Thus, return it if you do not like it even after using it for some time.

User Experience

Users praised it for its ergonomic handles and easy-to-use design. The German can opener has made a place in the user’s heart.  Moreover, many appreciated the fact that the chores were easy and fun to do. Many buyers consider it as the best can opener in the market. Others also liked the material of the product and recommended it to others to use the tool. Several customers have made this product their kitchen tool of choice for the smooth unlocking of the lid.

Furthermore, buyers were pleased with comfort while using the tool, and it doesn’t hurt your wrists. However, I found some downsides to this product. Many customers find it challenging to use with weak hands.


  • It is a German brand.
  • This one has a high-quality material.
  • Moreover, the handles provide a firm grip.
  • Users have rated the brand as one of the best.
  • Easy-to-wash
  • In addition, it comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • This product is rust-resistant.
  • Furthermore, you can take it anywhere due to its small size.


  • However, it is a little problematic to use with weak hands.

My Verdict- It is an indispensable product for your kitchen with captivating features. Its feature of dishwasher safe and backed by german technology impressed me. So, go for it without any doubt!

In the meantime, for more options in the German category, we have some of the best german made can openers for you.

#4. Automatic With Good Safety Cordless One Tin Touch Electric Can Opener with best technology

Kitchen Automatic Safety Cordless One Tin Touch Electric Can Opener& Bangrui Intellectual Electric Can Opener:Smooth Edge,Stop Automatically,a Good Helper in Cooking!(Purple)
  • Smart design: It is easy to use, it can start opening the can at the touch of a button and stop automatically when the task is completed. It works with cans of...
  • Innovative technology: With the latest technology, the can opener cuts the inner side of the lid safely, it keeps the can lid with smooth and perfectly sealed...
  • Made of durable, safe and solid ABS and alloy steel; wear-resistant accessories; safety grooves and sliding gears help to prevent accidental bruising of your...
  • Comfortable and portable: It is compact and comfortable to use. The product is friendly to both left-handed and right-handed users and seniors with arthritis....
  • Professional safety electric can opener is an ideal tool for all dining rooms and picnics. Bangrui can opener is packaged in high-quality materials to make it a...

A cleverly mechanical design is a path for your smooth cutting of cans. A cordless and automatic opener is a great product to have in your kitchen. It provides you with a non-slip, firm, and comfortable grip. Moreover, I liked this brand as it never stops surprising you with its fantastic products. I liked its mechanical design and how it can save you from struggles with your old gadget. Innovatively, with one-touch, it starts working and stops when the task is completed. So, if you are a fan of design and technology, this is the correct product for you! To have more incredible options, look at the best automatic can opener.

With this tool, there is no wait for eating your uncanned goods. With its innovative technology, you can safely open the lid with ease. Furthermore, this product keeps the edges smooth to avoid any cuts and preserve your food. Finally, I liked its easy to clean feature. You do not need water; wipe it with a cloth, and use it again. Moreover, it is cordless, and you can use it anywhere. Thus, you can take it outside with you and add charm to your picnics.

I was pretty swayed by its ease of use feature that allows for both left and right-handed usage. Moreover, you can easily tuck it into your drawer without occupying much space. I was pretty impressed with the tool’s quality, design, and technology. This one will be your best friend in the dining room, picnic, outdoor parties, etc. Furthermore, you get it in a beautiful package, perfect for gifting. Thus, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have this unique and practical tool for just under $35.

User Experience

There were excellent and positive reviews about this product. Moreover, I found many users pleased with its attractive packaging, firm and comfortable grip. They adored its easy-to-use and wash feature. In addition, others were delighted with the gorgeous design, intelligent technology, and well-built. Many vouch for this product with confidence. However, some people were concerned regarding its other details. Many had issues with the durability. They found that the tool stops working after some time. Nevertheless, the warranty can take care of these issues.


  • It can provide you with smooth edges after cutting.
  • Easy-to-wash
  • Moreover, it automatically stops after completing the task
  • This one has positive reviews
  • Additionally, it comes with a warranty
  • This one comes as a cordless tool


  • However, the tool stops working after some time.

My Verdict- It can make your kitchen chores easy and elegant. Moreover, it is an excellent combination of style and technology. Therefore, you can go for this one!

If you need such a cordless can opener, you can look up the list of the best cordless can opener to make your chores fun and easy.

#5. OXO best Grips Locking Can Opener with Lid Catch

OXO Good Grips Locking Can Opener with Lid Catch
2,356 Reviews
OXO Good Grips Locking Can Opener with Lid Catch
  • Sharp, hardened stainless steel cutting wheel turns smoothly
  • Window to easily align Opener with can
  • Soft, non-slip handles lock shut and release with the press of a button
  • Magnetic arm locks on to lid for no-touch removal
  • Oversized knob is comfortable and easy to turn

Earlier, accidentally, I used to drop the lid in my food, making it contaminated. However, with this product, save yourself from all the mess while working on canned items. This product comes with a lid catch that lifts the lid with ease for hands-free disposal. Moreover, it comes with a magnet under the opener that ensures the cut lids won’t fall into the cans. So, I can open my canned goods with less fuss and mess with this OXO can opener. So, avoid any mess in your kitchen, and find an excellent option for yourself on the best can opener with lid catch.

What’s more, it comes with non-slip, comfortable, and soft handles. I was pretty dazzled by its locking mechanism to keep it closed while working and vice versa. Interestingly, the turning knob rotates smoothly, and it is oversized for better performance. The material is sturdy and heavy enough, ensuring that you can use it for many years. I was pretty delighted with its multi-purpose quality. I can now use it with any type of can, including all the mini ones.

Along with the quality of the product, the excellent service, and the risk-free purchase can give you a 100% satisfactory experience. The tool has an extensive window to align the opener with the can quickly. In addition, it is dishwasher-safe as well as easy to clean under tap water. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent kitchen utility at such a nominal price.

User Experience

Users were impressed with its sturdy design and high-quality material. Additionally, customers were delighted with its property of using it with mini cans. Many buyers applaud its sharp, stainless steel wheel, durability, and perfect size. I also found that many users were happy with its versatility and comfortable grip. However, some were concerned about the slipping of cans while opening them. Other customers were disappointed with its plastic handles and locking mechanism.


  • It comes with a lid catch
  • Easy to wash and dishwasher safe
  • Moreover, it has a window to align with can
  • Immense fan following
  • In addition, the brand has a higher reputation
  • Affordable price
  • You can use it with all cans, including mini ones
  • Furthermore, it provides you with versatility


  • However, it slips while opening the cans
  • low quality plastic handles
  • Problems in the locking mechanism

My Verdict- This is a perfect choice for avoiding any mess and fuss in the kitchen. And, it provides easy to clean and unique design property.

For more such options to make your kitchen graceful, visit the best mini can opener.

Buying Guide for Best Can Opener

Choosing an opener is not an easy task because there are many varieties available all around you. Thus, when it comes to selecting the best can opener on the market, there are several things that you will need to take into consideration-

1. Multi-functional needs

It is a vital detail to check before making a purchase. You can now find numerous types with advanced technology and design. You can use them as knife sharpeners, tool holders beyond opening your cans. Thus, the best can opener is one that can serve all your multi-functional needs. If you do not know which can opener works best for you, buying a multifunctional can opener is advisable. You can also find wall-mounted can openers to avoid any damages. Moreover, you can use this one in varied settings like school, home, hospital, and others.

2. Price and Warranty

You should also check price and reliability before buying any can opener. Many cheap can openers in the market, but only a few are durable and have good quality. You can find a manual can opener at a more reasonable rate. It can run anywhere between $10 to $60. Thus, understand what you want of the product before buying one.

If you want to keep the hassles at bay, go for an electrical product, which is a little more expensive than a manual one. However, I prefer an electric one as it is durable and effortless to use. Moreover, you can check the warranty feature of the product. I like the tool that has a warranty to use it without any worries.

3. Size

It will be frustrating if you will not have enough space to keep a large product. Thus, look at this point before buying one for your kitchen. You can find a small can opener, little enough to fit in your utensil drawer. If you have ample countertop space, you can go for a large or countertop gadget. I prefer a small one more as I can carry it anywhere with me. Moreover, it is a handy tool for me while camping or fishing.

You can find manual can openers specifically in small sizes. It is easy to use and store. However, a large electric one also has its benefits and features. Thus, ask for what needs and purpose you want the tool for? Furthermore, check the space you have to put your gadget. For your convenience, I have added some options of the best small can opener for small cans

4. Easy to use

All the beginner cooks know how bustling it is to explore and use a new gadget for your chores. So, this is a critical consideration I have included in my buying guide. Check that the product is easy to use while doing other tasks as well. Moreover, also look at whether you can use it with your left hand. As most tools are made for right-hand users thus, it is a vital detail to look at before buying. So, if you are a lefty, here is a listing of the best left-handed can opener.

5. Safety

A product will be remarkable if it ensures safety while doing its absolute job. Many traditional gadgets leave a sharp edge on the lid that can be dangerous. Moreover, others can hurt your fingers. Thus, choose the one that ensures your safety and provides a smooth edge. I prefer countertop and electric can openers in terms of safety and ease to use. You can also buy them if you have kids in your house to avoid any mishap.

6. Material

Earlier, I changed 2-3 openers as they broke off quickly due to the soft material. However, whenever I used my tool, it does not provide me with sturdiness and firm grip. Therefore, it is a crucial factor to look at before finding one for your kitchen. I prefer the stainless steel material as it is durable, highly resistant to corrosion, and safe. However, it will be a bit expensive than plastic ones. Plastic ones are easier to handle because they are lightweight and have a spring-loaded action. However, steel will exceed the plastic one in terms of quality and durability.

Moreover, make sure to do some research about different brands and kinds of can openers. I have also included the products keeping the factor in mind. In addition, you can also take a glance at the best stainless steel can opener.


1. Which can opener has easy and firm handles?

The compact kitchen tool comes with an easy-twist handle. This gadget does away with all the cumbersome and challenging handles of other products. Instead, you can firmly grip it in your hands and unlock any can. For more options, look at the best compact can opener and enrich your kitchen experience.

2. Can I use a can opener on a soda can?

Yes, undoubtedly, this tool is a perfect gadget for opening a soda can. It will unbolt the lid and turns the can into a perfect cup to drink from. Moreover, it will not hurt your fingers or lip. Thus, to complement your summer drinks time, check out our listings of the best soda can opener.

3. How to maintain the can opener for a long time?

To maintain your gadget for an extended period, look at the following instructions-

  • Firstly, mix a tablespoon of bleach with hot water and make a blended texture.
  • Now, spritz your tool (including the wheels, handles, key) with the mixture.
  • Please wait for some time and let it sit to disinfect and remove stuck-up food.
  • In the end, wipe it and dry it thoroughly to use again after some time.

4. Do I need an opener for my pop-top cans?

Earlier, there was no need to use a tool with pop-top cans. As it has a pop-up, so you can easily open it with your hands. But, sometimes, it can be dangerous and discomforting for the user. Therefore, to avoid any mishap, I prefer to use a pop-top can opener. In addition, an elderly or person with weaker hands can use this tool to ease their chores. To gain further information, see what the researchers have to say about the pop-top opener.

5. Which is the best can opener to purchase? 

As per my review, I would suggest that Kitchen Automatic Safety Cordless One Tin Touch Electric Can Opener is the best can opener for you. It is based on the latest technology and automation. Also, since it is cordless, you can take it with you anywhere you want. Thus, it is best for both indoor and outdoor use.


A can opener is a must-have tool for people who love canned goods and drinks. It is the list I have gathered for you, including all the top brands. Along with keeping top brands, I have included products that are affordable and easy on your pocket.

Overall, In my opinion, I would highly suggest you go for Kitchen Automatic Safety Cordless One Tin Touch Electric Can Opener and Westmark 19802260 Can Opener. Both are good products in terms of their prices and utility. However, Others on my list are also affordable and of good quality.

Now that you have an enormous list for choosing your perfect gadget don’t wait and select the one that meets your needs.