Best Cold Press Juicers

If you’re in the market for a new cold press juicer, you need to consider several important things before you buy. Cold pressed juice is made by using fresh, raw fruits and vegetables and pressing them using a press made of metal, wood, or stone. You can purchase one of many different types of cold presses available today. Here are 6 of the best cold press juicers available today.

best cold press juicer

The Bio-Cultured Elite Cold Press Juice Extractor is one of the best cold press juicers available today. It has a unique harvesting method that allows it to extract the maximum amount of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins from fruits and vegetables. The extract is infused with the nutrients using ionic technology to give you an energizing, delicious drink. It is equipped with a high-precision stainless steel press that minimizes waste and is designed for maximum productivity.

The Aicok Queen Cold Press Juicer features a handcrafted aluminum frame, an icon-queen style counter-top, and comes complete with two vegetable pusher and one centrifugal juice extractor. The outer part of the frame has a beaded window and has been crafted out of black, rugged-looking chrome. In addition, this unit has integrated circuit boards that eliminate clean up and allow easy replacement. It is equipped with a 16-ounce trays for cutting vegetables and fruits.

The Biomass Bio-Cultured Compact Cold Press Juice Extractor is an all purpose, multipurpose juicer. It is perfect for both juicing combined. It has powerful centrifugal capabilities and comes with four individual trays, each with its own removable leaf basket. It is designed to yield the highest quality of raw juice.

The Biomass Bio-Cultured Cold Press Juice Extractor includes a stainless steel body, along with a beehive glass chute, which is used to extract the pulp and juice quickly. The Biomass cold press juicer is also fully equipped with a peel and save trays for easy cleaning. There is a separate feed chute for easier juice extraction from vegetables. It is an energy-efficient machine that runs on three 12-volt power units and is ideal for vegetable-only juicing.

The Biomass Bio-Cultured Professional Automatic Press Juice Extractor has all the features you need for juicing with vegetable. It has a durable, heavy-duty stainless steel body, with a peel and save trays, and a separate feed chute for juicing multi-content vegetable blends. It offers maximum juice production and comes with a three year limited warranty. This unit is designed to last longer than most juicers in its class, and is able to yield high quality, fresh, crisp, clean, and crisp juices that retain their vitamins and minerals for a longer amount of time.

The Biomass Bio-Cultured Professional Automatic Press Juice Extractor with the optional vertical models has been especially engineered to help extract thicker juices that will cut down on waste and allow you to use less pulp during your juicing process. The best cold-pressed juice comes from the pulp that is extracted from the fruits and vegetables that are juiced. The Biomass Bio-Cultured Vertical Juicer fits into a countertop and comes with three interchangeable spouts, allowing you to extract juice as needed. It can also juice wheatgrass, carrots, beets, leafy greens, romaine lettuce, and much more.

The Biomass Bio-Cultured Vertical Juicer and all the other popular Biomass juicers are well-known for their long lasting durability and their ability to perform even under high pressure. These juicers have an industry standard for being able to perform well even under extreme conditions, so you know that you’re getting a good juicer when you buy one of these. The company has spent a lot of time improving their juicer models over the years, and it shows. When you buy a Biomass juicer, you know that you’re getting a quality machine that will last you a long time and perform every time you need it to. With the warranty on the horizontal juicers, you know that there is not going to be any problems with them, either.