Best Chinese Chef’s Knife

Wondering whether or not purchasing a Chinese chef’s knife from today’s market would be worth your buck? The Chinese chef’s knife is an all around versatile tool that cuts, chops, shreds, crush, minces, scoopes, and pounds of food, all the while the handle end is used for grinding and bashing. These awesome tools have existed for centuries, but only recently have westerners caught on to their amazing potential. While you’re at it, why not invest in a Japanese chef’s knife or any number of Asian cutlery to complement your Chinese kitchenware?

best chinese chefs knife

For starters, before reviewing each of the benefits of owning a Chinese chef knife (or any other type of Asian knife for that matter), let’s examine the differences between a standard kitchen cleaver and a Chinese chopper. In terms of strength, a kitchen knife, when compared to a chopper, is not quite as formidable. It is true that the handle makes a little more grip when holding a Chinese cleaver, and that a standard cleaver blade is much longer than that of a traditional Japanese knife. But if one needs to chop hard and fast with very little room to swing a cleaver (or even hold it), then a traditional Japanese knife is probably the best option.

So, what are the advantages of owning a Chinese chef’s knife? For starters, they are much more affordable than authentic Japanese knives. If you do a lot of research online, you’ll find many vendors selling imitation Japanese knives for prices as low as $30. This makes them absolutely perfect for people who love Japanese cuisine but can’t afford the real thing. You can also save money by shopping at vendors in your area that specialize in kitchenware. These vendors will often use these Chinese choppers as a way to sell their other Chinese cooking supplies, because they are so popular!

One of the other major advantages of these cutlery items is their incredible knife skills. Some chefs can perform slicing and chopping on a single-edge blade. However, most seasoned cooks agree that true Chinese chef knives have the ability to perform such tasks as slicing, grating, and even piercing. They possess the flexibility to slice, chop, press and bend at will. This versatility makes Chinese chef knives an absolute must have when preparing and/or serving Chinese food.

The next advantage is that they are extremely sharp. The best Chinese knives will have a solid, sturdy blade that is made of a high carbon steel. This is extremely important, as the high carbon content helps to ensure good sharpness. A good blade will remain razor sharp for a lifetime, which ensures good quality and a safe cut with every meal.

The actual handle of the knife should also be of a good quality and come complete with a full tang. The full tang allows the user to control the angle of the blade with ease while cutting. Plus, a full tang has a strong grip and ensures good hand support all the way through the cut. Many people who prefer traditional style knives might not enjoy the full tang of the Chinese cleavers, but either way, both styles are equally good.

Lastly, it is important to focus on the edge of the knife. This part is crucial, as it will determine whether or not the chef can cut and dice his/her vegetables with ease, as well as making the cut with ease when chopping raw meat. The edge of a Chinese cleaver is traditionally made from a diamond shaped cutting edge that is ground to make a smooth surface. To ensure that the edges of the blades stay sharp and that they are as sharp as possible, make sure to periodically polish and inspect the blades, paying special attention to the cutting edges.

Choosing a great Chinese chef’s knife is easy when done with these basic steps. And best of all, it all begins with choosing the right type of handle, which should be comfortable and sturdy. With a durable, comfortable grip, a good blade, a stylish handle, and a quality handle, any chef’s knife can be made to serve for many years.