Whole Food Diary’s website (wholefooddiary.com) has been acquired by SproutandPress.com

Press Release: 27 April, 2020 | New York

SproutandPress.com has acquired the Swedish Vegetarian Recipe Website, wholefooddiary.com. The move is part of SAP’s expansion into lifestyle and health, which includes healthy food recipes and more.

The writings of the London-based interior designer that bring happiness, and a whole list of recipes are collected under the name Whole Food Diary. The website gives readers a detailed description and instruction for preparing the best vegetarian dishes that anyone can make anywhere. The author trusts in organic and fresh foods preparing meals, which include mushroom pasta and baked pizza.

“We are beginning a new stage at SproutandPress.com, where we want to include more healthy diet tips and recipes for our readers. We want to be identified as a website for improving health – physically and mentally.”, said a spokesperson for the SAP. “Wholefooddiary.com is a great addition and can help us serve our vegetarian readers. We believe that everyone should be valued and provided the necessary information for better living.”, he added.

When asked about the benefits this could bring, SproutandPress.com expressly stated that it could help them boost their audience and provide better information for convenience and kitchen. WholeFoodDiary.com will also benefit by having a broader reach, and having the recipes help people on an international platform.

Kitchen convenience and health are the two words that describe SproutandPress.com. The website is the ultimate buyers guide for blenders and juice pressers, for people who wish to purchase one for everyday use. Fitness enthusiasts often find different juicers that they can carry to a workout. Parents often look to the website for better ways to get juice for their kids and usually find something better than they wanted.

In the end, by adding recipes from scratch, Whole Food Diary is an excellent addition to the website. When looking at the bigger picture, the acquisition helps SproutandPress.com see a broader view of how to proceed with health and wellness tips. In the long run, Whole Food Diary will play a vital role in the expansion.

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