Raised on Ramen website (raisedonramen.com) has been acquired by SproutandPress.com

RaisedonRamen.com has been acquired by SproutandPress.com, in a deal that brings SAP into an extended market of wellness and health. The press has been informed on the acquisition, and the development has started a new era in SAP’s directory. 

Raised on Ramen is a website where the writer, Kesha, talks about wellness and recipes for better living. She provides her audience with functional, healthy lifestyle changes, specific to food and detox drinks. Her wellness challenges are known all over, and her website has information to help people reach their goals related to fitness and better living. The site runs under the idea of promoting physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. 

“Raised on Ramen’s research and ideas for better living are exactly what we need to get into the lifestyle game. With the healthy recipes and drinks on our website, we can see a larger range of audience.”, said a spokesperson for the SAP. “The website is our way to get into fitness and health, and from here, there’s no stopping us.”, he added. 

So what does this acquisition bring to the table? The benefit of SAP is the growth in the field of health and wellness. The website is already known nationwide as the best Amazon affiliate for juicers and buyers guides for the same. With better ideas on lifestyle changes, the site can become a single collection of ideas for healthy living. As for Raisedonramen.com, the website will have much greater reach and be exposed to an audience far more significant than their own. 

By providing convenient ways for customers to purchase juicers and blenders, SproutandPress.com is a kitchen convenience website. From the best ways to buy a blender to what you need to look for, the information provided on the site is useful to everyone. We find unique products that you would not easily see on Amazon, and as a verified Amazon Affiliate, we provide you with information and reviews on the same. 

On an ending note, Kesha from RaisedonRamen.com is looking forward to having her ideas and research brought to a broader audience. More details on the acquisition relating to how the parties will be moving forward are soon to be disclosed. 

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