Jitter Bean Girl’s Website (jitterbeangirl.com) has been acquired by SproutAndPress.com

Press Release: 27 April, 2020 | New York

The Jitter Bean Girl website, jitterbeangirl.com, has been officially acquired by SproutandPress.com. The developments are part of the expanding strategy SAP has been undertaking during the last year. jitterbeangirl.com shall become a part of sproutandpress.com, and the official site shall be shut down.

Jitter Bean Girl, a website related to the work of a happy individual, is a collection of relatable stories. Her stories are well known and bring a sense of wellbeing to readers. The stories are from her experiences in life, especially her time in Alaska. The stories are both motivational and inspirational. They also have a sense of humor that keeps readers on the edge of their seats throughout the read.

“SAP is not just juices and machines. We want to bring our reads more stories on wellbeing and how to improve life in every aspect.” explains a spokesperson for SproutandPress.com. “Jitter Bean Girl’s website is one of the best additions to our collection because of the stories and gripping motivation that she brings to the table.”, he added.

The acquisition brings benefits to both parties. Jitter Bean Girls’ story will reach a worldwide audience with SAP. The website will bring more people to Sproutandpress.com, which allows the company to grow as a health and wellness site as well. The content currently will enable readers to improve their real living, but this will benefit them mentally.

SproutandPress.com is a convenience and information provider that works by helping you find the best products online for juicing and daily use. The website offers a buyers guide and reviews to help you navigate through the Amazon list of products. The site is an amazon affiliate and provides information about new products that will help people use it easily.

To conclude, SproutandPress.com will soon become a one-stop website for all products related to wellness and convenience. This acquisition opens the doors to make possibilities, and we are fully prepared to head into the future with JitterBeanGirl.com under our website.

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