Bink Wines website ( has been acquired by

Press Release:

Bink Wines website has been acquired by They have informed the Press about the development today.

Under this development, the website will be shut down & moved under the umbrella of

Bink Wines is a group of Californias most acclaimed wine artisans. Their knowledge, stories, and information about the entire wine process is unique and deserves to be shared with the world. They provide their customers with the opportunity to taste wines and offer the sale of wine with a special discount for their regulars. By growing premium grapes for exquisite wine, the Bink Wines club is a haven for wine lovers. Their vineyards are in Yorkville Highlands, Mendocino County. 

“Sprout and Press is expanding, and we want to provide more information to our reader than just juice pressers and convenience tips,” explains a spokesperson for SAP. “We are affiliated with Amazon, and Bink wines need more exposure for their delicious wine. With outreach, we can take Bink Wines to the world.”, he added. 

Bink Wines use environmentally friendly techniques to harvest their grapes. Members of the Bink Wines club have premium benefits, which includes barrel tasting, a chance to host tasting parties, and Special seasonal promotions. From the acquisition, the membership club can expand with more members from across the country. This will give Bink Wines with national recognition. 

Sprout and Press is a health and kitchen website providing it’s audience tips for convenience in the early mornings and for detailed information on juicing fruits, vegetables, and much more. The site is specifically designed as an amazon affiliate to help users find the best juicers for different requirements. Fitness enthusiasts, parents, and for people who juice every day, we have a solution to any problem you may face. 

Furthermore, from this acquisition, Bink Wine and SAP (Sprout and Press) will now be providing more information on wines, vineyards, and natural processes to help readers understand wine better. Both parties look forward to the new development.  

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