Best Skillet For Tikka Masala

If you want to know what the best skillet for tikka masala is, look no further. After all, nothing goes better with the great taste of Indian and Pakistani foods than a good old-fashioned skillet cooked in this one favorite dish. There are many advantages to be had from this type of skillet. For starters, tikka masala is one dish that is absolutely perfect to serve on its own or with some curried meat or vegetable Preparation. It is also one of the easiest dishes to make and it is certainly easy enough to prepare even for a beginner.

best skillet for tikka masala

There are two types of tikka masala skillet. The first is the cast iron skillet, which is a very well-known Indian cookware. Although it is quite heavy, it is rust proof and hence ideal for the outdoors or camping. This type of skillet is best used for all kinds of preparations but especially, chicken or mutton curry.

This is the preferred skillet for tikka masala in Northern India. In fact, it is the choice of every Indian housewife because of its ability to withstand high temperatures. The second type of skillet is clay skillet. This is made of clay or fired clay. In fact, many traditional Indian houses have this in their pantry.

Both these types of slabs have the same composition. They contain minerals like magnetite and titanium that help increase the cooking temperature as well as retain the heat longer. This makes them very versatile as well as a very good choice for preparing the best skillet for tikka masala. However, there is a major difference between these two cooking utensils. While the clay tikka masala is fried, the clay tikka skillet is baked.

This type of cooking utensil is used when meat is to be roasted. It is also used in various Indian curries and serves a dual purpose – the first is to retain the heat of the tikka masala for roasting and the second is to protect the meat from the intense burn of the tikka masala. Thus, it is used when cooking the meat directly or to be roasted.

If you are looking for the best skillet for tikka masala, then you must consider one that can handle both hot and cold dishes easily. For example, the Calphalon skillet is perfect for both. It is well-known for its non-stick performance, which makes it one of the best pieces of kitchen equipment for cooking. There is no wonder then that the name has stuck.

If you are looking for something that goes beyond tikka, there is a new item that is quite popular as well. The Calphalon Kaju Katli is similar to tikka masala in appearance. It is made of cast iron and is very light, thin and well-suited for being used on the move. The item has an indented design that adds flavor to the food as it cooks. The ketchup is thick enough to add a flavorful punch to the food as well.

Thus, if you wish to get the best skillet for tikka masala, you should go for one that can handle both hot and cold dishes and preferably made of cast iron. Such a skillet will surely please even the most discerning palate. It also needs to be taken care of properly to avoid any damage or the loss of its flavor. Those who wish to take up cooking are advised to start with this tried and tested recipe to enhance their skill at the kitchen.

The tikka masala that is prepared with this skillet is said to taste very well and perfectly combine with other ingredients. You can use all kinds of meat for preparing the masala. Chicken, beef, pork, shrimp and even fish can be used. You may choose to serve it either with or without rice.

For the authentic Indian flavor, you should not forget the spices. The Indian spices like red chilies, coriander seeds and cardamom are key to give you a perfect tikka masala. In fact, it is these spicy masalas that make this dish so popular. They add to the distinct flavor and aroma of the masala while they are being prepared.

Those who wish to explore more on how to prepare tikka masala, the best skillet for that specific dish, may also try out the other Indian cooking styles. It includes the North Indian style of cooking as well as the South Indian one. The ingredients used in each of the Indian cuisines can blend well with the masalas. Thus, a tikka masala is surely a wonderful starter dish or side dish that you can enjoy with family and friends.