Best Skillet For Frying Fish

best skillet for frying fish

What is the best skillet for frying fish? This can be a trick question to answer as there are so many different kinds of skillet. The uses vary and the skillet itself varies as well. Even within a skillet there can be different materials used and different temperatures.

Probably the easiest way to classify a skillet is by size. You have your frying pan, which is what you use to cook the fish, and you have your basting brushes that are used to coat the fish with the cooking mixture so that it cooks properly. The size of the skillet will depend on the fish you are frying. Large fish will require a skillet that has much more depth than smaller fish.

A deep pot or skillet is used for large fish that will need to cook for a longer period of time. The depth of this type of skillet is greater and it has a wider bottom to keep the food from sinking. Larger fish tend to come in shapes other than the traditional rectangular shape. Some fish like shrimp will come in round shapes, while others may come in heart-shaped.

When choosing a frying pan, you should also consider how long you plan to use it. A deep pot will have more depth so the batter will rise in temperature. The cast iron skillet I use has a very good coating but it is not too heavy. A thinner skillet may be easier to use when batter is not too thick. If you are planning to use a skillet that has a lot of depth for frying large fish you should buy a skillet that will hold the heat for a long period of time.

One of the advantages of using a skillet for frying fish is that it gives you a choice of temperature and depth. You can choose to sear the fish in one of the many different temperature settings or you can cook the fish quickly in one of the various depths available. It depends on what kind of fish you are preparing, how you are prepared and how the fish will be served.

Most people prefer to use a skillet with a lid so that they can turn the fish when it is cooked to ensure that there are no areas where the food is overcooked. Another advantage is that with a skillet you do not have to worry about turning the fish while it is cooking. You just put the lid on and turn the fish as it cooks.

Most people prefer to cook fish in a skillet that has hot oil over medium heat. This allows the oil to sear the fish while it cooks. If you prefer fish that is not well done you can still cook the batter but you may need to wait for the fish to be fully cooked before removing it from the skillet. You can make the batter hot by using a cast iron skillet with a hot oil coating or you can use a wok with a thin layer of oil over medium heat. Either way both kinds of skillets work well for frying food.

One last thing you should know about using a skillet for cooking fish is to make sure you remove it from the heat once it is done cooking if it does not fit the rest of your meal. Otherwise it will be a hot and unattractive piece of kitchen equipment. Using it to serve food is fine but make sure you follow the directions for cooking in it. The best skillet for frying fish is not always the most expensive or the prettiest looking skillet. It is simply the one that will provide you and your family with delicious fish whenever you have time to prepare it.