Best Skillet For Bacon

best skillet for bacon

Have you ever wondered what is the best skillet for bacon? I certainly have and there are actually quite a few different ones to choose from. The first and most important rule of thumb, though, is that you want something with a relatively high cooking temperature and a thickening ingredient such as flour. There is nothing more delicious than the first slice of delicious bacon. It just has to be good!

For my first experiment with baking soda, I decided that my best skillet for bacon was going to be the one with the brush attachment. This seemed to be the easiest and least fuss free way to use baking soda. I made my roux as normal, except that I added a teaspoon of baking soda instead of oil. Then, just like that, my best skillet for bacon was ready! The only problem was that the scent of the soda was somewhat overpowering and reminded me a bit of carbonated soda. Nonetheless, I stuck with it and the soda did help to brown the bacon much better.

My next trip to the kitchen pantry yielded another interesting discovery. Instead of the baking soda, I found white vinegar. I guess it was the extra spice in my cooking that allowed me to overlook the baking soda and white vinegar. The result was a delicious and authentic flavored bacon skillet that my guests were bound to love!

When choosing a skillet for bacon, there are many different options available to you. You have your choice between cast iron and aluminum pans. Aluminum pans are usually made of the cheaper metal and they tend to react with acidic foods, making them less than appealing. They also can rust easily. Cast iron pans tend to be heavier and they are well-suited for cooking a variety of dishes, not just bacon.

Another advantage that you may want to consider is one of the most overlooked parts of cooking with a skillet. That is the seasoning you will need to put into the pans before you actually begin to cook. Some of the cheaper pans don’t have very much seasoning to speak of. If you want to be able to prepare your meals with flair, then you will definitely want to look for one of the best players out there.

Here’s yet another advantage to preparing your meals with a skillet for bacon. Not only is it nice and healthy, but it’s also extremely economical! I usually put onions, bell pepper, mushrooms and garlic into my skillet and let them go to work. Once they are done, I throw a couple of eggs on and bake my vegetables for an extra hour or so.

So, what about you? How would you like to try a skillet for bacon with vegetables? First, get a skillet and some vegetable chunks or pieces. Second, cook your vegetables on one side while putting the bacon on the other side. This makes it easy to turn up the heat as needed and allows the vegetables to get cooked faster!

There you have it! My three favorite kitchen appliances! Which would your best skillet for bacon! I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any ideas or suggestions for content you’d like us to present on this topic please feel free to contact us via email or via the website listed below.