Best Professional Skillet

You have probably read many articles in magazines and cookware reviews where the claim is that the DeWalt Best Professional Skillet Chef’s Skillet is the best professional skillet available. This may be a reference to the company but the fact remains that this skillet is one of the most popular professional cookware brands on the market. This means that there are many other professional chefs who have made it their personal challenge to find a skillet that will be able to perform as well as the DeWalt. The question then becomes, which of the two is the best? We will explore the advantages of each and see which of the two stands up to the test. But first let’s talk about the differences between these two famous brands.

best professional skillet

When it comes to the material, the DeWalt Professional Skillet is actually aluminum. This is much different than the aluminum used by the Best Professional skillet. The DeWalt skillet can also be found in cast iron but this does not mean that professional chefs who prefer aluminum cooking utensils will not enjoy them. In fact, the cast iron professional skillet is often preferred by professional chefs who like to make traditional baked foods that require a higher heat for better flavor.

The DeWalt Professional Skillet brand is a bit more expensive than the skillet manufactured by another top name in professional cooking. However, this is simply because the company places a premium on quality. The skillet is actually eight inches wide and seven inches tall, a difference that is very minor when you compare the other products on the market. The DeWalt Professional Skillet has a polished cast aluminum exterior. While it has a polished finish, the outside is left bare so that the consumer can truly appreciate the beauty of this skillet’s construction.

In terms of design, this is a match made in heaven. The DeWalt Professional Skillet features a patented cooking surface that allows the user to control the heat and transfer the sauce efficiently. This allows the chef to have complete control over the color of the finished product. The skillet is available in a variety of different finishes including black, blue, champagne and many others. This allows the user to match the skillet to the dish they are baking without having to compromise the taste of the final result.

The handle of the professional skillet is also constructed with a steel construction so it will hold up for years to come. While there is a little give when it comes to grip on the skillet, the DeWalt Professional Skillet is still a large enough skillet that the fingers are well protected from the hot burner. The handle is designed so that the user can lift it without much effort which makes it the best professional skillet to choose for baking, frying and other cooking tasks.

The other advantage to using a professional skillet that is manufactured by a well known company is the warranty. DeWalt offers a one year limited warranty for any manufacturing defects or heat damage. This warranty does not cover heat set or roasting issues as those can be determined by the manufacturer. If there are other issues with the equipment, such as it needing repairs, these can be performed by the manufacturer for a fee.

While a non-professional may be able to use a similar skillet, the difference is the quality of the heat it produces. Most professional chefs prefer a heavy skillet that produces a lot of heat for their cooking needs. They want something durable and reliable, so that their cooking supplies will last them for several years. These heaters are also usually made of cast iron, which has proven to be strong and rust resistant. Some professional chefs prefer to use a heavy skillet for special recipes that require a lot of oil or are highly seasoned.

Choosing the right professional skillet is a decision that only a serious cook can make. A professional should consider the overall look of the set as well as how well it performs the job it is intended for. There are many excellent skillet models available, so no matter what the cook’s needs are, there is likely a skillet available to suit them. It simply takes a little research to find the professional skillet that will best meet each individual’s needs.