Best Induction Skillet

Choosing the best induction skillet for your kitchen is a personal choice depending on what you are looking for. The most basic of all kitchen tool and appliances is an ordinary frying pan with no special abilities. If you need a frying pan with a warming ability then a basic non-induction skillet is good enough. If you are looking for a frying pan with a non-stick ability, preferably with an aluminum or enamel coating then an induction set is for you. It is worth noting that the word “invention” has been overused in the past decade but these kitchen tools have a long history to them and they continue to increase in popularity.

best induction skillet

One of the most unique aspects of the induction set is that it is heated through induction, a process that involves a heating element contained within the metal. It can take many forms but basically they are metal trays or pans with a heating element built into one or both sides of the pan. The element releases heat gradually over time as it conducts electricity through conductive pads which melt the fat or oil to be fried into a crispy brown mass. Some induction sets have individual parts that flick from side to side but overall they work very much like an oven or range hood.

I have tried induction set frying pans with many different brands over the years and I would describe them as fast and accurate. My earliest memory of frying a fish stick is from my mother who probably cooked ours in one of these popular devices. My mother lovingly referred to them as her “invisible frying pan”. While I do not know her exact method, I do know that she was using one of these induction set cookers long before microwave technology even existed.

The advantage of an induction skillet is that the heat is uniformly distributed. This is particularly important if you are using a cast iron skillet that will become rust over time. Another advantage is the extended shelf life provided by this type of cooking device. Your skillet will last for many more years than conventional cooking irons because it doesn’t conduct heat evenly. In other words, one part of the skillet is hot and will touch the bottom while the other part is not so hot and will touch the other part of the food.

An induction set makes it easy to change the temperature for any food that you are cooking. It’s also a really good idea to use this cookware when you are cooking large numbers of dishes at once. The slipperiness is one of the highlights. The induction set makes it very easy to turn the burner on the lowest setting without waiting. You can also use the burners simultaneously for browning meat or to cook large numbers of potatoes or French fries without the risk of burning them. My mother still uses her induction set every time she makes some of her special meals.

I also want to mention that induction cooktops are very versatile. If you happen to live in an apartment that has little to no overhead room, you can get a three burner induction skillet with a removable drip tray. These types of grills take up very little room. They are very efficient and the best induction skillet is sure to please even the most seasoned chef.

A word of caution about electric induction sets: Don’t go too cheap on them. The cheap electric ones that you buy from discount stores don’t do a very good job of heating the skillet. You will probably spend more on repairs and you will have to deal with those wobbly parts of metal that won’t stay still. I would suggest getting a mid priced skillet that has the capacity to handle medium to large sized frying jobs. Once you start using it regularly, you will find that buying a high end electric skillet is much better value for your money.

Overall, an induction set is the best induction skillet on the market today. If you are looking to invest a lot of money into a new kitchen appliance, I would strongly recommend that you go all out and purchase a good quality induction set. They are dependable, efficient, and will save you a lot of time. A good quality electric induction skillet is a great kitchen tool.